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In This Issue: 3 tips for flying in areas of volcanic activity and more.
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 June 11, 2018 Subscribe to NBAA Update  

3 Tips for Flying in Areas of Volcanic Activity

3 Tips for Flying in Areas of Volcanic Activity
Are you up to speed on flying in areas of volcanic activity? With several volcanoes currently active, including Kilauea in Hawaii and Fuego in Guatemala, now is a good time to brush up on your knowledge. Here are three tips for flying in areas of volcanic ash. “If you’re operating in an area with known volcanic activity, even if you plan your flight for a wide berth around volcanic ash, review company procedures and aircraft manufacturer recommendations regarding volcanic ash so you’re prepared for an unexpected encounter,” said John Kosak, program manager of weather for NBAA Air Traffic Services. Learn more.

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Point of Impact: 'NextGen' Visible at Van Nuys, Among Other Places
NBAA and member operators worked with the FAA and data comm contractor Harris Corp. to add California’s Van Nuys Airport (VNY) to the list of U.S. airports where controller pilot datalink communications (CPDLC) has been deployed. Pre-departure clearance operations will begin June 12 at Van Nuys, and full departure clearance (DCL) capabilities at VNY begin Aug. 20. The addition of these capabilities will further contribute to implementation of NextGen technologies that NBAA and business aviation have embraced. Read more.

Podcast: Aviation Manager Talks Benefits of NBAA Scholarships
Kellie Rittenhouse, director of aviation at Hangar Aviation Management, received an NBAA scholarship more than 20 years ago, and it changed the direction of her career. She was working as a receptionist at a flight school, while studying to be an English teacher, when she realized that she wanted to pursue a career in aviation. “It definitely was a catalyst for my career because it also opened up other opportunities and it was important for me to give back to the industry, so I set my sights on additional education,” said Rittenhouse, who shares her story in this week’s NBAA Flight Plan podcast.


NBAA Salutes RTCA President Margaret Jenny for Her Tireless Service to Aviation
NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen commended RTCA President Margaret Jenny on her successful tenure at the organization, marked by an emphasis on raising the bar for providing data-driven aviation analysis, and fostering an environment that promotes the effective implementation of “NextGen,” the ongoing work to preserve America’s leadership in aviation. Ms. Jenny announced her retirement from the association on June 7.

NBAA Thanks Regional Rep. Stacy Howard for Dedicated Service, Welcomes Phillip Derner
Stacy Howard, NBAA’s Western regional representative, will retire on June 15, after six years of service on behalf of NBAA members in Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada and New Mexico. Noted aviation analyst and industry veteran Phillip Derner will succeed Howard as the new Western regional representative for NBAA.

NBAA Chair Newton, Other Business Aviation Leaders Among 2018 Hall of Fame Inductees
NBAA Board Chair Lloyd “Fig” Newton, NBAA American Spirit Award winner Bruce Whitman and Corporate Angel Network will be inducted into the International Air & Space Hall of Fame on Oct. 3 in a ceremony to be held at the museum, in San Diego, CA. NBAA was previously inducted into the International Air & Space Hall of Fame in 2013.

Office Depot/OfficeMax NBAA Member Benefit Webinar Set for June 19
NBAA members: are you using your Office Depot/OfficeMax member benefits? If not or if you think there’s room for improvement, join Office Depot/OfficeMax for a free 15-minute educational webinar on Tuesday, June 19 at 2 p.m. (EDT) to learn about the advantages of buying your office supplies through NBAA's member benefit program.

Office Depot Office Max Webinar

Learn Best Practices for Aircraft Dry LeasesBusiness Aviation Insider 
Learn Best Practices for Aircraft Dry Leases

There are many situations in which an operator may want to make its aircraft available to a third party. Usually this can be accomplished via a non-exclusive dry lease. With non-exclusive leases, the owner can furnish the aircraft to more than one lessee during the same lease term, with operational control switching between the lessor and each lessee on a flight-by-flight basis. Learn more in Business Aviation Insider.

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