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In This Issue: NBAA Refutes CNBC's Misleading Look at Business Aviation and more.
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 April 2, 2018 Subscribe to NBAA Update  

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NBAA Refutes CNBC's Misleading Look at Business Aviation
Last week, CNBC published an online article offering an incomplete look at business aviation, failing to include a number of good reasons why entrepreneurs and companies, most of which are small and mid-size businesses, rely on an airplane to compete and succeed. “Our organization has commissioned many independent, data-based studies and surveys putting forth the facts in this matter and detailing how an airplane is a key competitive asset, like a laptop, smartphone or other business tool,” NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen wrote in a letter to CNBC. “It’s unfortunate that your story’s inadequate analysis led readers to believe otherwise.” Read more of Bolen’s letter.

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Podcast: The Problem With Clearances That Begin 'Climb Via'
The phraseology “climb via” was instituted as part of a larger effort to enact RNAV SIDs, but since it was introduced in 2014, there’s been some confusion on its correct usage. “I’ve come across pilots who very recently failed to adequately understand the difference between flying and climbing directly to the top altitude, and honoring the various altitude constraints along the way to that altitude,” said Dave Belastock, assistant chief pilot at Dassault Falcon Jet and president of the Teterboro Users Group. Learn more in this week’s NBAA Flight Plan podcast.

Operators: NBAA Provides New Resources for Understanding TALPA
The NBAA Access Committee has developed comprehensive educational resources to assist aircraft operators in becoming familiar with all aspects of the Takeoff and Landing Performance Assessment (TALPA), which became effective in 2016. TALPA incorporates the Runway Condition Matrix (RCAM) that airport operators use to assign runway condition codes of between zero and six for each third of the runway. Field conditions are disseminated via the NOTAM system. Aircraft operators use the pilot version of the RCAM to determine how their aircraft will perform. Review NBAA’s new TALPA resources.

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IRS Makes Adjustments to 2018 Federal Excise Tax Rates
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act revised the way the IRS calculates inflation adjusted changes to various tax rates. For the federal excise tax on air transportation of persons, the domestic segment fee has been changed to $4.10, and the head tax for flights beginning or ending in Alaska or Hawaii is now $9.10. The international head tax remains at $18.30 for calendar year 2018.

NBAA's Stacy Howard Participates in California, Hawaii Aviation Days
The importance of aviation to California and Hawaii was the focus of two recent events held for state legislators in Sacramento and Honolulu, respectively, and NBAA’s Western Regional Representative Stacy Howard was at both events representing the interests of business aviation and extolling the value it brings to those states.

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Connectivity Considerations: What Suits Your Needs?

Connectivity is no longer a luxury for most business aircraft operators, and as service providers increase their offerings, operators have more choices. When evaluating connectivity options, some factors to consider are the size of antenna an aircraft can support and in what regions the aircraft will operate. Learn more in the Quick Turns column in Business Aviation Insider.

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