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In This Issue: New EFB Advisory Circular redefines systems and software.
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 Nov. 20, 2017 Subscribe to NBAA Update  

NBAA Sets Record Straight on Misinformation About Business Aviation in Senate Tax Bill

NBAA Sets Record Straight on Misinformation About Business Aviation in Senate Tax Bill
When news outlets recently produced misleading coverage of a business aviation-related provision in the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” NBAA was quick to respond. The bill, passed Nov. 16 by the Senate Finance Committee, clarifies, but doesn’t change, existing law with regard to taxes on general aviation, particularly as related to aircraft-management service companies – a point highlighted in a letter the association is sending in response to any article mischaracterizing the situation. Learn more about the law and why it is not a “tax-break” for business aviation.


NTSB: General Aviation Fatal Accidents on the Decline
Accident rates among general aviation pilots are on the decline, as noted by the NTSB at a meeting to review progress made in addressing the agency’s 2017-18 Most Wanted List. Loss of Control In-Flight, the most significant category of fatal accidents, has been the focus of several government and industry collaboration efforts and remains on the NBAA Safety Committee’s list of Top Safety Focus Areas for business aviation Read more on the NTSB’s latest update.

New EFB Advisory Circular Redefines Systems and Software
A new FAA advisory circular (AC) on electronic flight bags (EFBs) has redefined what an EFB is, and its associated software, and harmonized those criteria with other regulatory authorities and the International Civil Aviation Organization. What do you need to know about the new guidance? Learn more about the EFB AC.


FAA InFO Addresses Special Procedures Flown by Unauthorized Pilots
A recent FAA notice warns instrument-rated pilots against using special instrument procedures without authorization. As the term implies, a special instrument procedure allows authorized operators to fly unique approaches or departures under certain conditions, or to a private runway or landing area lacking a standard instrument procedure.

Podcast: Embracing Diversity Is a Gateway to the Future
A diverse workforce is key to the business aviation industry being able to attract top talent in the future. “I do believe that diversity is something that can be achieved in this industry,” said Vanessa Jamison, board chair of the Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals, who recommended meeting with students of all backgrounds as early as middle school to help them develop an interest in the industry.

Study: Business Aviation Significantly Contributes to Canadian Economy
Business aviation operations and business aircraft manufacturing make a significant contribution to the Canadian economy, according to a recent study from the Canadian Business Aviation Association. The study complements findings from similar reports on business aviation value commissioned for the No Plane No Gain advocacy campaign, jointly sponsored by NBAA and the General Aviation Manufacturers Association.

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Rep. Ralph Abraham: A Hands-On Aviation ChampionBusiness Aviation Insider 
Rep. Ralph Abraham: A Hands-On Aviation Champion

Elected to Congress in 2014, Rep. Ralph Abraham (R-5-LA) had never before held public office and spent most of his life as a physician, veterinarian, pilot, farmer and veteran. Abraham has been a champion for the industry since his election, saying of his rural district "we rely on general aviation to provide a critical transportation lifeline to many smaller communities in the area." Read NBAA's Q&A with Abraham in Business Aviation Insider.

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