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In This Issue: FAA extends compliance date for expired navigation databases in minimum equipment lists and more
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 Nov. 6, 2017 Subscribe to NBAA Update  

NBAA Helping Local Group Preserve Detroit Airport

NBAA Helping Local Group Preserve Detroit Airport
The Coleman A. Young International Airport Education Association is waging an all-out effort, with NBAA’s support, to educate the community and local leaders about the importance of the Detroit airport, as city leaders explore options to repurpose the airfield for non-aviation purposes. "There was a lack of understanding about the airport's value, and that’s not a situation unique to DET,” said Air Eagle General Manager and Chief Pilot Michael Zabkiewicz. Read more about efforts to preserve DET.


FAA Extends Compliance Date for Expired Navigation Databases in Minimum Equipment Lists
The FAA has published revised guidance concerning expired databases and minimum equipment lists (MELs), which provides information about the FAA’s Aircraft Evaluation Division and aviation safety inspectors with MEL oversight responsibility, as well as to aircraft operators authorized to use MELs. The new guidance disallows MEL relief for expired navigation databases, but permits operators to implement procedures for using expired navigation databases in another manual. Learn more about the FAA’s revised guidance.

Podcast: Prepare Your Flight Department Now for Tax Filing
Fortune favors those who are prepared – especially for filing taxes. And now, according to experts, is the time for flight departments to work on their tax liability. “Maybe you need to have some more business flights in order to make sure you qualify for accelerated depreciation for example,” said CPA Sue Folkringa. “Now is the perfect time to look through those flight logs and do some planning for the next month and a half.” Learn more in this week’s NBAA Flight Plan podcast.


Bolen Discusses Fight Against ATC Privatization at SoCal Event
NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen brought a Washington, DC perspective to California last week when he discussed the industry’s concerns with so-called ATC privatization legislation. “The airlines are working harder than ever to take control of the country's air traffic control system so they can operate it for their own benefit,” Bolen told the Southern California Aviation Association and the Southern and Northern California Schedulers and Dispatchers Association.

Pilots Encouraged to Review Updated Training Module on Precision Runway Monitor Approaches
The FAA recently updated its training module for precision runway monitor (PRM) approaches. “Precision Runway Monitor (PRM) Pilot Procedures” replaces training videos with streamlined training material, and provides the most up-to-date information on how to conduct PRM approaches, which allow simultaneous, independent approaches in closely spaced, parallel runways.

NWS Begins Production of Extended Convective Forecast Product
The National Weather Service recently began production of the experimental version of the Extended Traffic Flow Management (TFM) Convective Forecast (TCF) product, which will make it easier to focus on areas of true concern. “We’re looking for storms that cover a certain amount of area before we will call attention to them, explained John Kosak, NBAA’s Air Traffic Services program manager for weather.

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Doctor's Orders: Mayo Clinic Sets Up Own Air Ambulance OperationBusiness Aviation Insider 
Doctor's Orders: Mayo Clinic Sets Up Own Air Ambulance Operation

Mayo Clinic’s top-ranked Rochester, MN hospital has had an air ambulance service since 1984, but in 2013, the facility applied for its own Part 135 certificate, instead of contracting with a vendor to manage flight operations. "Now we own the AOC (air operator's certificate), we own the aircraft and we employ the pilots," said Joel Kozlowski, director of aircraft operations for Mayo Clinic Medical Transport. Read more in Business Aviation Insider.

@AeroClubDC - 30 More 26 students from 3 DC high schools attend the Aero Club lunch last week. Thank you @NATCA, @NBAA, @CSSIInc and CAA for hosting students.