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In This Issue: NBAA working with Las Vegas officials to ensure safety, security a premium at NBAA-BACE and more

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NBAA Update
 Oct. 2, 2017 Subscribe to NBAA Update  

NBAA Working With Las Vegas Officials to Ensure Safety, Security a Premium at NBAA-BACE

NBAA Working With Las Vegas Officials to Ensure Safety, Security a Premium at NBAA-BACE
NBAA’s thoughts and prayers are with the citizens of Las Vegas, in light of the horrific events that have taken place in the city. For any NBAA event, our top priority is the safety and security of all participants, and we are in coordination with federal, state and local officials to ensure that NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE) participants are in a safe, secure environment. Anyone with questions, or needing more information should contact 202-783-9000, or


Congress Approves Short-Term FAA Funding Extension
While NBAA has always supported passage of a long-term FAA reauthorization bill, “we appreciate that congressional leaders have taken this important step to provide an extension of FAA funding and operating authority, so that the agency can continue to have the resources needed for its critical safety, infrastructure and other programs,” NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen said last week, after Congress approved the bill just days before funding was set to expire on Sept. 30. The extension approved by Congress expires on March, 31, 2018, but leaves open the door for continued advancement of H.R. 2997, a highly controversial House bill to privatize air traffic control. Read more of Bolen’s statement on the FAA funding extension.

Santa Monica Runway Shortening Project Begins Oct. 9
Despite ongoing litigation by NBAA and other parties, the city of Santa Monica, CA is moving forward with a runway-shortening project at Santa Monica Municipal Airport (SMO), starting Monday, Oct. 9. SMO’s single runway will be reduced from 4,973 feet in length to 3,500 feet, with project completion expected by the end of this year. Phase 1 runway closures will take place Oct. 9 to Dec. 20. The airport will be closed to all aircraft, including helicopters, nightly from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m. local time, Monday through Friday, during this period. Read more about SMO.


Business Aviation Supporting Florida Keys, Puerto Rico Relief Efforts Following Hurricanes
Hundreds of business aircraft operators have stepped up to provide assistance in the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria. In some affected locations that were inaccessible by ground, the support that came by air was truly life-saving. According to Alan Staats, of AERObridge, efforts in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands are expected to last another two to three months, as most roads on those islands currently are impassable following Hurricane Maria.

Podcast: New Study Proves Business Aviation's Value; NBAA-BACE Education Session Looks Deeper at Results
A recent study from NEXA Advisors shows that America’s best companies rely on business aviation to succeed. The study found that S&P 500 companies using business aviation outperformed non-users by 70 percent. “I believe that there is greater and more significant confidence on the part of these companies and the individuals who sit on boards and the top executives, such as the CEO and CFO, that business aviation really works,” said Michael Dyment, of NEXA. Dyment will discuss the study in detail during an education session at NBAA-BACE, at 2 p.m. on Oct. 11 in the Innovation Zone.

LAX Runway 24R/6L 30-Day Closure Begins Oct. 2
Runway 24R/6L at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) will be closed for 30 days beginning Monday, Oct. 2 to accommodate warranty repairs associated with the 2015 rehabilitation project. Air traffic control initiatives are likely during this closure, due to a reduction in capacity.

Business Aviation's Future Workforce Issues in Focus During NBAA-BACE
As it becomes increasingly clear that a series of trends could impact the size and nature of the industry’s workforce in the years to come, NBAA recently conducted a survey of more than 1,300 pilots, with the aim of determining root causes of workforce development and retention challenges. The survey results will be unveiled Oct. 10 at NBAA-BACE, as part of an interactive panel titled “All Hands on Deck: Confronting the Personnel Shortage.”

Help Us Celebrate NBAA's 70th Anniversary at NBAA-BACE – Sign Our Sign, Visit Our DC-3
NBAA-BACE attendees will have many opportunities to celebrate the association’s 70th anniversary. A large, three-dimensional moving sign that says “NBAA70” will be on hand, along with commemorative markers, so people can leave messages on the sign. At the static display of aircraft at Henderson Executive Airport, a 1946 Douglas DC-3 business airplane and other vintage aircraft will be on display.

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