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In This Issue: NBAA coordinating with Red Cross, agencies in aftermath of Harvey - you can help
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 Aug. 28, 2017 Subscribe to NBAA Update  

Tropical Storm Harvey Expected to Impact Air Travel This Week

Tropical Storm Harvey Expected to Impact Air Travel This Week – NBAA's Website has the Latest Info
Catastrophic flooding is expected to impact Southeastern Texas as the storm is now located about 25 miles northeast of Port Connor, TX, with maximum sustained winds of 40 mph, according to the National Hurricane Center. TFRs for Tropical Storm Harvey rescue and recovery operations will start being issued today. TFR NOTAMs should contain a phone number for operators to obtain special permission to operate humanitarian relief flights into those areas. NBAA's Air Traffic Services will continue providing up-to-date information for business aviation operators. Learn more by visiting NBAA’s dedicated website resource with the latest information.


NBAA Coordinating With Red Cross, Agencies in Harvey's​ Aftermath - You Can Help
NBAA is in coordination with the Red Cross, federal agencies and volunteer aviation relief groups, regarding relief efforts when areas impacted by Tropical Storm Harvey are again made accessible. ​The association's HERO (Humanitarian Emergency Response Operator) database allows member companies to submit aircraft, personnel and other available assets, to be shared with relief organizations. "Business aviation has always provided critical support for natural disaster relief efforts, and I know our industry will respond in this time of need as well," said NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen. ​Register your company's assets for Harvey-response initiatives through NBAA's HERO database.

During August Congressional Recess, NBAA Calls for Continued Mobilization Against ATC Privatization
With Congress in recess throughout August, NBAA’s government affairs team has looked to the moment as an opportunity to engage with business aviation professionals across the country on the effort underway in Washington to privatize the nation’s ATC system. "As just one example, airport improvement program funds would be in jeopardy under the risky scheme before Congress,” said NBAA Vice President of Government Affairs Christa Lucas. “That really resonated with the airport managers and consultants in attendance at a meeting with Virginia stakeholders, because those grants are vital to maintaining Virginia's aviation infrastructure." Learn more about NBAA meetings with industry stakeholders.


Controller Pilot Data Link Communications Illustrates NextGen's Success
Demonstrating that the FAA’s NextGen program is delivering on its potential, Controller Pilot Data Link Communications-Departure Clearance, or Data Comm, switches some communication exchanges from voice to data, similar to text messaging. The FAA last year completed the rollout of the system at 55 airports. The agency remains on track to implement Data Comm at en route centers for high-altitude services starting in 2019.

Podcast: When Flying to Europe, Be Prepared for SAFA Checks
In recent months, NBAA has heard from U.S.-based members traveling overseas about their encounters with SAFA ramp inspectors at European airports. Due to differences in interpretation of ICAO rules, operators of U.S.-registered business aircraft may be questioned by an inspector about their knowledge of the aircraft’s maintenance and operations procedures.

DOT Releases SIFL Rates for Second Half of 2017
The U.S. Department of Transportation recently released Standard Industry Fare Level rates for the six-month period from July 1 to Dec. 31. The rates are necessary when applying the IRS aircraft valuation formula to compute values of non-business transportation aboard employer-provided aircraft.

Pilots Encouraged to Utilize VFR Climb Option to Expedite Aspen Departures
Following a request from NBAA, the FAA recently published a letter to airmen outlining a VFR climb procedure at Colorado's Aspen/Pitkin County Airport (ASE) that may enable business aircraft crews to avoid delays following suspension of the "Wrap" departure procedure from ASE’s Runway 33 earlier this year.

Innovation Zone at NBAA-BACE to Showcase Emerging Hot Topics
For NBAA-BACE attendees, one of the most popular areas of the show will be the Innovation Zone, which this year will host education sessions on enhanced data and facility security technologies, tech trends in business aviation and using new apps to increase operational efficiency.

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Some operators use training contracts to help retain pilots who they have invested in by providing them with company-paid training. The arrangement gives operators some assurance of a return on their investment. But enforceability of such contracts is questionable when a company requires contracts for recurrent training, which would keep a pilot continually indebted. Read more about training contracts in Business Aviation Insider.

@FAANews - #GApilots #Harvey is still an active storm system. Roads and #airport areas are flooded in #TX. Check the weather b4 driving/flying. #FlySafe