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In this Issue: NBAA requesting additional routes around Bedminster TFR during president's August vacation and more.
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 Aug. 7, 2017 Subscribe to NBAA Update  

NBAA Requesting Additional Routes Around Bedminster TFR During President's August Vacation

NBAA Requesting Additional Routes Around Bedminster TFR During President's August Vacation
With a TFR in place most of August over the president’s New Jersey residence, NBAA has requested that the FAA develop additional supplementary routes in and out of the New York City area when weather or traffic volume impedes the flow of traffic. Most TFRs affect airports, said Dean Snell, manager of NBAA Air Traffic Services. “This one is primarily an airspace problem because it shuts down many of the route options in and out of New York City. It’s like a six-lane freeway with construction closing the center three lanes."  Read more about the TFRs.


Oklahoma Congressman Joins Other Elected Officials in Opposing ATC Privatization
Opposition continues to mount against H.R. 2997, which would privatize ATC services in the U.S., with Rep. Tom Cole (R-4-OK) the latest lawmaker to echo concerns expressed by NBAA and hundreds of other stakeholders. In a post titled, "If the FAA's Not Broke, Don't Try to Fix It,” Cole emphasized the importance of congressional authority over ATC, and cited significant concerns about granting authority over the ATC system to a corporate-like entity. The congressman is among a diverse group of elected officials, business leaders, consumer groups and citizens raising concerns over the concept. Read more about Cole’s comments.

NBAA Has Three Ways to Simplify the Process of Acquiring LOAs
While listening to membership feedback, representatives of NBAA’s Domestic Operations Committee noticed one commonly reported issue: the complex, often challenging process of acquiring Letters of Authorization. In NBAA’s new resource, Simplifying Special Authorizations, the committee provides practical advice to make this process easier and more likely to result in an authorization meeting the operator’s needs. Learn more about NBAA’s new resource.


Podcast: Business Aviation's Past is the Key to Its Future
Jay Mesinger, president and CEO of Mesinger Jet Sales and a past NBAA board member, has been in the industry for four decades. He remembers the years of prosperity until the dot-com bubble burst, followed by the impact 9/11 had on aviation and the Great Recession of 2008. At the Sept. 7 NBAA Regional Forum in Morristown, NJ, Mesinger will look back at the industry’s past and provide a forecast for the future.

NBAA's Steve Brown to Highlight Advocacy in CBAA Keynote Address
International policies affecting business aviation, and the importance of grassroots advocacy for the industry, will be among the topics addressed by NBAA Chief Operating Officer Steve Brown at the Canadian Business Aviation Association’s annual convention, this week in Abbotsford, British Columbia.

Annual Corporate Angel Network Fundraiser Gets New Look at NBAA-BACE
Industry professionals looking to give back will have that opportunity at a “Fund an Angel” cocktail reception on Oct. 11 hosted by the Corporate Angel Network (CAN), and held in conjunction with NBAA’s Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE). “The new reception gives guests the opportunity to network with leaders in the industry and support an important humanitarian initiative,” said CAN Executive Director Gina Russo.

NBAA Welcomes Confirmation of Robert Sumwalt to Lead NTSB
NBAA last week applauded the Senate’s approval of Robert L. Sumwalt III to be the 14th chair of the NTSB, stating that Sumwalt’s extensive career in aviation makes him a compelling choice for heading an organization that is dedicated to improving aviation safety. His conformation means he will lead the NTSB for a two-year period as its chair.

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