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In this Issue: Help NBAA redouble opposition to ATC privatization with a new, toll-free number and more.
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 July 10, 2017 Subscribe to NBAA Update  

Oppose ATC Privatization

Members: Help NBAA Redouble Opposition to ATC Privatization With a New, Toll-Free Number
NBAA is asking members to take another step in the fight against ATC privatization, with new resources to contact lawmakers on the issue. “We must redouble our work to reach Congress, and explain that privatizing ATC will reduce general aviation’s access to airports and airspace,” NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen said. “The system will be controlled by an unelected and unaccountable board, leaving expensive lawyers and lengthy legal proceedings as the only way for general aviation to challenge access restrictions.” Bolen also introduced new tools for reaching Congress, including a toll-free phone number: 855-265-9002, which is included in NBAA’s latest Call to Action on the issue.

Contact Congress

Bolen Makes Case Against ATC Privatization on Bloomberg Radio
NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen gave an interview to Bloomberg Radio and laid out the association’s position against ATC privatization. “Our ATC system is a monopoly,” Bolen said. “We would argue the public’s airspace belongs to the public and the monopoly should serve the public.” Bolen also discussed the airlines’ 20-year push for privatization and why there’s no logical comparison between how privatization works in other countries compared to the U.S. airspace system. Listen to Bolen’s full radio interview.

Point of Impact: Business Aviation Advocates Oppose ATC Privatization
Individuals and groups across the country continue mobilizing against ATC privatization. For example, Sean Lynch, a board member with the Love Field Pilots Association in Dallas, TX, recently used NBAA's Contact Congress resource to tell his elected officials to oppose H.R.2997 – a bill to privatize ATC. Similarly, David Belastock, president of the Teterboro Users Group in New Jersey, has told lawmakers a privatized ATC system would reduce his access to airport and airspace. Read Lynch’s comments and learn more about how Belastock used NBAA’s Contact Congress resource.


New GA Customs Facility at San Antonio Airport a Win for Business Aviation
U.S. Customs and Border Protection recently opened a customs clearing facility at San Antonio International Airport (SAT) dedicated to general aviation. The initiative to improve clearing options gained steam when local business aircraft operators made officials aware of safety challenges with the previous arrangement, in which general aviation was cleared in the same facility as commercial airlines.

Podcast: Bolen Sounds Urgent Call to Action to Stop ATC Privatization Bill
NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen is urging association members and other industry stakeholders to contact Congress now and speak out against H.R.2997, which would privatize ATC and minimize general aviation’s access to airspace. “This is a clear and a present danger, and the only way to repel that is for our community to stand up, speak out and get active,” Bolen said. Learn how NBAA can help you Contact Congress in this week’s NBAA Flight Plan podcast.

NBAA has created a series of infographics to share on Facebook and Twitter to show opposition to ATC privatization, and debunk the myths that are being spread about what such a system would mean to general aviation. Please download and share these images using the #NoPrivatizedATC to spread the word.

2017 Business Aviation insider Photo Contest Now Open
Share your passion for the industry by entering the 2017 Business Aviation Insider photo contest. Photo entries can show a day on the job, a recent mission or some other scene that highlights your business aircraft and flight operations. Submit photos through via NBAA’s website, Twitter or Instagram, and you’ll be entered in the Business Aviation Insider Photo Contest. The contest is open through Aug. 6.

NBAA-BACE Exhibit Floor Filling Up Fast, More Than 1,100 Vendors Expected
The 2017 NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE) exhibit floor will once again demonstrate the wide range of products and services in the business aviation industry. “The exhibit floor is an exciting place to be at each NBAA-BACE with vendors displaying a wide range of products, an enhanced static display and stimulating education sessions in the Innovation Zone,” said Linda Peters, NBAA’s vice president of exhibits.

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Hybrid Airplanes: Moving From Drawing Board to Flight Line

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