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In this Issue: NBAA weighs in on House, Senate FAA reauthorization bills; NBAA calls on members to oppose H.R. 2997.
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 June 26, 2017 Subscribe to NBAA Update  


NBAA Weighs in on House, Senate FAA Reauthorization Bills
NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen last week welcomed a bipartisan Senate bill to authorize funding and programs for the FAA, which takes a consensus-driven approach to addressing modernization of the nation's ATC system – and does not include a proposal to privatize the system. At the same time, the association spoke out against a House bill that included a privatization provision, saying the legislation “proposes to essentially hand sweeping authority to a group of private parties, which will likely make decisions based on their business interests.” Read NBAA’s statements on the House bill and the Senate bill.


Bolen Issues Call to Action: Oppose H.R. 2997
NBAA members are encouraged to contact their elected officials in opposition to H.R. 2997, an FAA bill offered in the U.S. House of Representatives, which proposes to strip control of aviation-system oversight from the public’s elected representatives, and essentially hand control of the system over to a group of private parties, largely unaccountable to Congress. The association last week issued a call to action on the matter, requesting that everyone in the business aviation community make their voice heard on what amounts to a legislative threat to the industry. Read Bolen’s call to action, and use NBAA’s Contact Congress tool to say no to ATC privatization.

CNBC Poll Reaffirms Americans’ Opposition to Privatizing ATC
NBAA welcomed a survey, released by CNBC on June 19, revealing widespread opposition to a proposal for giving oversight of ATC to a new entity, governed by a private board of directors. CNBC’s “All America Economic Survey” asked 800 respondents about a host of issues related to the economy, government policy priorities and other matters. CNBC’s survey shows that 53 percent of survey respondents said privatizing ATC would be a “bad idea,” while only 33 percent felt it was a “good idea.” Read more about the CNBC poll.


Podcast: Taking a Closer Look at Preventing Loss of Control Inflight Accidents
One of most pervasive issues before NBAA’s Safety Committee is the issue of loss of control inflight (LOC-I) accidents and how to prevent them. Paul “BJ” Ransbury, the committee’s lead for its Loss of Control Working Group, said traditionally, the focus in preventing these accidents has been on distraction management and situational awareness. But, he said, the focus should also be on recovery training, and specifically stall threats.

Media Outlets Note Business Leaders’ Opposition to ATC Privatization Plan
More than 100 CEOs, many of whom are also pilots, sent letters to U.S. House and Senate leaders last week stating their unified opposition to turning the nation’s aviation system to a private board, prompting extensive coverage from a host of national, local, political and aviation-industry news outlets, which extensively covered the CEOs letter.

New NBAA Resource Offers Guidance on Selling Charter by the Seat
In NBAA’s new resource, Guide to Selling Charter by the Seat, members will find information on what operations are permitted under Part 135, the differences between FAA and DOT enforcement policies and specific regulatory considerations for scheduled, on-demand and public charter air transportation.

Traffic Management Initiatives Expected for Friedman Airport July 11-16
The annual Friedman Memorial Airport (SUN) Event is scheduled for July 11-16 in Sun Valley, ID. Significant air traffic demand is expected at the airport in Hailey, ID at that time. Due to possible parking constraints, it is recommended that operators contact the Atlantic Aviation FBO at SUN as early as possible to provide arrival and departure plans.

NBAA: SCOTUS Decision on East Hampton Airport Reflects Long-Held National Aviation Policy
In a resounding victory for public-use airports nationwide, the U.S. Supreme Court has denied a petition filed by the town of East Hampton, NY, which sought the court’s review of a 2016 decision of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.

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Safety Has Always Been an NBAA Top PriorityBusiness Aviation Insider 
Safety Has Always Been an NBAA Top Priority

Improving the safety of business aircraft operations has been a top priority of NBAA ever since the association was founded in 1947. The association's prestigious Flying Safety Awards program and its Safety Committee were both founded in the early 1950s and are just two ways NBAA has kept a focus on safety over the decades. Read more about NBAA's commitment to safety in Business Aviation Insider.

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