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In this Issue: Business Leaders Who Are Also Pilots Say: Stand Strong Against ATC Privatization and more.
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 June 19, 2017 Subscribe to NBAA Update  


Business Leaders Who Are Also Pilots Say: Stand Strong Against ATC Privatization
Today, NBAA registered its support for a letter from more than 100 American business leaders – nearly all of whom are both pilots, as well as CEOs – to U.S. House and Senate leaders, stating their unified opposition to turning the nation’s ATC system over to an entity governed by a private board of directors. “Instead, we are committed to improving the ATC system with targeted solutions to identified challenges, and believe that is the appropriate way to enhance our aviation system,” the letter states. Read more about the letter.


Bolen Argues for ATC Modernization, Not an Airline Give-Away, at Industry Symposium
During RTCA’s 2017 Global Aviation Symposium, NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen reiterated the association’s serious concerns with proposals that would essentially hand over governance of the nation’s ATC system to a private board, noting that the system is a public asset that has always served a variety of stakeholders, and should continue to do so. Learn more about NBAA’s participation in the Global Aviation Symposium.

It Pays to Plan for ADS-B Equipage
Equipping a business aircraft with ADS-B capability can be time-consuming, however, Ed Hillman, of Mid-Ohio Aviation, found a way to minimize the impact. When the company's Cessna Citation Excel underwent its Phase 5 maintenance inspection, Hillman authorized the initial work toward supporting a future installation of ADS-B – ensuring the aircraft will be ready ahead of the January 2020 deadline. Learn more.


A Host of Newspapers Question Impact of ATC Privatization
News outlets across the country are questioning President Trump's call for privatizing the nation's ATC system, with numerous editorial boards voicing opposition to the concept, which would replace congressional oversight of the nation's airports and airspace with a private board dominated by the airlines.

Podcast: Scholarship Winner Gets First-Hand Look at NBAA Air Traffic Services
Deb Prosinski, head of Fortune 100 company’s scheduling department, recently spent time in Washington, DC taking advantage of a scholarship she won from NBAA’s Air Traffic Services (ATS). “It’s just mind boggling to me what goes on behind the scenes of our whole air traffic system,” she said. Prosinki said she plans to encourage others who work with her to apply for NBAA scholarships, so they too can see first-hand the work of NBAA’s ATS.

New Pilot Resource Answers Common Flight-Planning Questions
NBAA's ATS has released a pocket-sized resource for pilots that answers the most frequently asked questions about navigating the nation’s airspace. The new “Pocket Reference for Flight Planning in the U.S. National Airspace System” provides tips for filing flight plans, overcoming departure delays, responding to expect departure clearance times and more.

VFR Climb Request May Significantly Reduce Delays at Aspen
Pilots departing from Aspen/Pitkin County Airport (ASE) should request a VFR climb to 13,000 feet to avoid significant departure delays during peak operations at the Colorado airport. In May, the FAA eliminated the WRAP procedure associated with opposite-direction operations at Aspen, where mountains surrounding the airport require traffic to depart and arrive from the same direction.

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