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In this Issue: NBAA strongly challenges latest White House ATC privatization plan and more.
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 June 5, 2017 Subscribe to NBAA Update  

NBAA is disappointed in White House's focus on privatizing air traffic control

NBAA Strongly Challenges Latest White House ATC Privatization Plan
NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen said upgrading the nation’s ATC system, not privatization, should be the goal, in response to the Trump administration’s continuing call for privatizing the ATC system, which was included today in a set of transportation-infrastructure spending “principles” advanced by the president. “Unfortunately, the recent discussion about privatization is really about the airlines’ push to gain more control over our air traffic control system, so that they can run it for their own benefit, and is a sideshow to a serious and constructive discussion about building on the progress currently underway on NextGen,” Bolen said. Read more of Bolen’s statement against ATC privatization.


ADS-B Installation: The Deadline Is Looming – Here Are Some Tips
Dec. 31, 2019, may seem like a long way off, but it’s a hard deadline for operators to equip their aircraft with ADS-B capabilities. And with as many as 7,000 aircraft still unequipped, shop capacity will grow scarcer as the deadline approaches. “Shop space will fill up rapidly as 2020 approaches, and costs will likely rise as well,” said Dan Costa, who operates a Bombardier Challenger 604 and Beechcraft King Air 300 on behalf of a major clothing manufacturer. “You don't want your aircraft grounded for weeks or months at a time, waiting for a slot to open.” Read more about equipping aircraft with ADS-B capabilities.

NavCanada Suspends Implementation of New ICAO 'Climb/Descend Via' Clearance Phraseology
Citing its concern for altitude deviations and the resulting unforeseen controller workload increase, NavCanada has temporarily suspended implementation of new International Civil Aviation Organization “climb via SID” and “descend via STAR” phraseology it had adopted on April 27. The agency has reverted to the phraseology rules that were in place prior to this changeover, and these rules are expected to remain in place until Oct. 12. Learn more about NavCanada’s clearance phraseology.


Podcast: What Are the Top Three Priorities for Flight Attendants/Technicians?
As technology becomes increasingly complex, it’s no surprise that connectivity in the cabin is one of the chief priorities for flight crews. Crew safety, as well as fatigue, are the other main issues impacting flight attendants and technicians. These topics, and more, will be discussed at the upcoming NBAA Flight Attendants/Flight Technicians Conference, June 13-15 in Long Beach, CA. 

NBAA's Resources Assist Operators During Hurricane Season
Hurricane season began in the Pacific on May 16 and in the Atlantic on June 1, and NBAA Air Traffic Services (ATS) monitors storms from the FAA Command Center operations floor for potential impacts to U.S. territory or FAA equipment. Follow NBAA ATS for airspace alerts and other information business aircraft operators need during storms.

Registration Now Open for Industry's Biggest Event: NBAA-BACE
Join thousands of industry professionals for the three most important days in business aviation this year: the NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE). The show will be held Oct. 10-12, in Las Vegas, bringing together current and prospective aircraft owners, manufacturers and customers into one meeting place to get critical work accomplished. Register now for the biggest industry event of 2017.

St. Louis Forum to Discuss ATC Privatization Concerns
NBAA officials have been crossing the country in recent months, meeting with regional groups and business aviation advocates to discuss concerns about proposals to privatize the ATC system. The latest meeting to help galvanize stakeholder opposition to the plan will be held in St. Louis, MO on June 9. The event is sponsored by the Greater St. Louis Business Aviation Association.

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Pooling Data Allows Safety Experts to Identify TrendsBusiness Aviation Insider 
Pooling Data Allows Safety Experts to Identify Trends

A growing number of NBAA members are participating in the Aviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing (ASIAS) program, which serves as a conduit for exchanging safety information so that data can be aggregated and analyzed, and the results used to enhance safety across the industry. Learn more about ASIAS and the importance of sharing safety data in Business Aviation Insider.

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