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In this Issue: American Flyers ends nearly 50-year presence at SMO and more.
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 May 1, 2017 Subscribe to NBAA Update  

Point of Impact: American Flyers Ends Nearly 50-Year Presence at SMO

Point of Impact: American Flyers Ends Nearly 50-Year Presence at SMO
After almost 50 years and thousands of pilots trained, American Flyers is pulling up stakes at Santa Monica Municipal Airport (SMO). Like all other aviation businesses at SMO, American Flyers has been operating on a month-to-month lease, making it difficult for the flight school. “We’ve been in the flight training business for 77 years, at many airports, and at every other location they love having us there,” said Jill Cole, president of American Flyers. “Unfortunately, it didn’t make any sense for us to stay at Santa Monica, with the city trying to do everything it could to run us off the field.” Read more about American Flyers and SMO.

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Three Tips for Dealing with Hailstorms
Spring is finally here, bringing with it balmy temperatures – and hail the size of baseballs. From roughly May to September, hailstorms can occur regularly in certain areas of the United States, particularly in the Great Plains, where “Hail Alley” stretches through Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming. The best hailstorm strategy for business aircraft operators is the simplest: avoid it. But if it can’t be avoided, experts urge operators to take advantage of the latest technology, communicate with ATC regarding weather conditions and know what to do if your aircraft is damaged. Learn more about operating in hailstorms.

New RNAV Approaches Enable Greater Access to Santa Monica Airport
Despite SMO’s embattled status, three new RNAV approach procedures went into effect at the airport last week, ostensibly expanding access to the Southern California airfield in adverse weather conditions. The new procedures follow more than two years of engagement by NBAA with the FAA. Implementation of RNAV approaches into Santa Monica had been hindered by a required vertical descent angle that precluded straight-in approaches. Learn more about the new RNAV approaches.


Proposed UNLV Stadium Could Prove Problematic for Las Vegas-Area Operations
NBAA encourages business aviation stakeholders operating around Las Vegas, NV to weigh in on the FAA's evaluation of the impact on aviation of a proposed stadium less than a mile from McCarran International Airport (LAS). "The FAA's determination that this facility won't have an impact on existing or future approaches isn't accurate," said NBAA Access Committee member Keith Gordon.

Podcast: New Business Aviation Advocacy Group Forms in Kentucky
The industry has a new advocate in the Bluegrass State: the Kentucky Business Aviation Association (KBAA). The idea for the group emerged a few years ago, but with a looming threat of ATC privatization, it was the right time to mobilize, said KBAA President Joe Marthaler, an aviation instructor at Eastern Kentucky University. “It’s another venue to get everyone involved and speak as one voice.”

FAA Releases Air Traffic Procedures NOTAM for Kentucky Derby
For those with business taking them to the Louisville, KY area the first week of May, the FAA has released has released an air traffic procedures NOTAM for the Louisville, KY area for May 3-7. The NOTAM provides details on how the agency will manage the expected air traffic for the Kentucky Derby, which takes place May 6.

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Schedulers and Dispatchers: Integral to SafetyBusiness Aviation Insider 
Linking Business Aviation Safety and Professionalism

For many years, the link between safety and professionalism in business aviation was merely assumed, but now NBAA's Safety Committee and Business Aviation Management Committee have been working together to communicate how important it is to link these concepts. Learn more about how promoting professionalism in the flight department can improve its safety culture in the May/June 2017 issue of Business Aviation Insider.

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