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In this Issue: Congressmen have concerns with ATC privatization proposal and more.
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 April 24, 2017 Subscribe to NBAA Update  

Congressmen Have Very Real Concerns with ATC Privatization Proposal

Congressmen Challenge Claims in Pro-ATC Privatization Newspaper Editorials
Concerns continue to be raised over a White House proposal for a privatized ATC system. In a joint April 18 letter published in The Washington Post, Reps. Peter DeFazio (D-4-OR) and Rick Larsen (D-2-WA) cited "very real concerns" over a privatized ATC network, and discussed these concerns in a recent letter to The Wall Street Journal. In a separate commentary to The Orlando Sentinel, former congressman Alan Grayson emphasized that the government's authority over the ATC system is paramount to other interests. Read more about lawmakers’ recent comments against a privatized ATC system.

Maintenance Conference 2017

Business Pilots Urged to Take Runway Incursion Survey
NBAA’s Safety Committee is encouraging association members to take part in a survey aimed at finding answers to the problem of runway incursions, which could help operators mitigate or avoid this risk. Participation by business pilots, alongside other general aviation pilots, is important in developing a comprehensive and accurate response for researchers. Learn more about NBAA runway safety resources and take the survey.

Podcast: What State Tax Considerations Are in View When Purchasing Business Aircraft?
Due to the complex interrelationship between federal tax planning, state tax planning and planning for regulatory compliance, “considering the state tax early in the transaction allows the buyer to make the most informed decisions about their ultimate tax cost,” said Jordan Miller, tax attorney at CenterPoint Aviation Law PLLC in Seattle, WA. Learn more about state aviation tax planning considerations, as well as NBAA state tax resources for members, in this week’s NBAA Flight Plan podcast.


User-Friendly Graphical Forecast Goes Live, Helping Enhance Safety, Efficiency
The National Weather Service has transitioned the Graphical Forecast for Aviation (GFA) from an experimental to an operational product. The GFA should make interpreting the information easier, said John Kosak, weather project manager at NBAA’s Air Traffic Services. The GFA will replace the old text-based area forecast product this fall, but only for the continental U.S. products.

Deadline Extended for NBAA, UND Business Aviation Fatigue Study
NBAA is coordinating with the University of North Dakota to conduct a survey on fatigue and crew-duty issues in business aviation. The study will not only look at aviators, but also maintenance personnel, cabin crew, schedulers and dispatchers and others in business aviation who work in safety-sensitive functions. The survey is open to NBAA members, and will conclude May 5.

Call to Action: Michigan Sales and Use Tax Bills Headed for Vote
The Michigan House of Representatives will soon vote on two sales and use tax bills related to aircraft parts and maintenance services. Currently, aircraft parts used in the repair of general aviation aircraft not based or registered in Michigan are exempt from state sales tax. House Bills 4350 and 4351 would extend that exemption to aircraft based or registered in Michigan.

New RNAV Arrival, Departure Procedures to be Implemented April 27 at Bermuda Airport
Two new RNAV arrival procedures and two new departure procedures will be implemented April 27 at Bermuda L.F. Wade International Airport (TXKF/BDA). The new performance based navigation procedures will assist New York Center during times when the Bermuda radar service is not operational.

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Schedulers and Dispatchers: Integral to SafetyBusiness Aviation Insider 
Schedulers and Dispatchers: Integral to Safety

Schedulers and licensed dispatchers play an important role in any safety program, and should be considered vital to the development of the safety culture. "Quite often the first line of defense when a trip is in the planning stages, these non-flying aviation professionals must identify potential hazards and manage risk," said Jo Damato, CAM, NBAA director of educational development and strategies. Read more in Business Aviation Insider.

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