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In this Issue: Business aviation regional groups speak out against ATC privatization and more.
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 April 17, 2017 Subscribe to NBAA Update  

Business Aviation Regional Groups Speak Out Against ATC Privatization

Business Aviation Regional Groups Speak Out Against ATC Privatization
With the specter of ATC privatization looming once again, business aviation groups around the U.S. are voicing opposition to the plan. “Regional groups nationwide are speaking out, writing letters, holding meetings, hosting teleconferences and getting non-aviation organizations involved in the effort to halt the ATC privatization effort in its tracks,” said Steve Hadley, NBAA’s director of regional programs. Read more about the work being done by regional efforts to stop ATC privatization.

Maintenance Conference 2017

ABACE2017 Highlights Enthusiasm for Business Aviation
Organizers of the 2017 Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition (ABACE2017), which took place April 11-13 in Shanghai, China, reported that the sixth edition of the event was perhaps the strongest to date. “ABACE appears to have met or exceeded everyone’s expectations,” said NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen. “The industry continues to see opportunities in the region, as illustrated in part by the introduction of two aircraft models displayed for the first time in China.” Read more about ABACE2017.

Revised NBAA 'Climb/Descend Via' Guidance Precedes April 27 Nav Canada Changeover
NBAA has updated its resources detailing the proper use of “climb via” and “descend via” clearances ahead of Nav Canada’s upcoming implementation of International Civil Aviation Organization's (ICAO's) SID and STAR phraseology. In November 2016, ICAO’s Procedures for Navigation Services - Air Traffic Management adopted the “Climb Via SID” and “Descend Via STAR” clearances. With this change, the ICAO PANS ATM harmonizes climb via and descend via phraseology already in use, or pending, throughout the world. Nav Canada will adopt these procedures April 27. Learn more.


Short-Term Delays Begin April 27 as Part of Continuing SoCal Modernization Work
Operators can expect short-term delays due to ATC traffic management initiatives associated with the Southern California Metroplex Phase Three implementation on April 27. The initiatives are expected to last one to two weeks, as local controllers adjust to the airspace procedural changes.

Podcast: Business Owner Says ATC Privatization Would Hurt His Company
Scott Stevens, president of Glenville, NY-based Dimension Fabricators Inc., uses business aviation whenever practical to help customers quickly and efficiently. He is against privatizing the ATC system, noting, “There are just some things that industry does well, and things that government does well. I think our current ATC system is incredibly effective [and] remarkably well managed.”

NBAA Concerned About Proposed Restricted Areas in Alaska
NBAA has filed formal comments in opposition to new restricted areas proposed by the FAA in Fort Greely, AK, near Allen Army Airfield. The FAA is proposing the change at the request of the United States Army, which seeks this new restricted area to “conduct full spectrum helicopter gunnery training, longer range firing on target areas and integrated use of varied weapon types.”

European MEL Interpretation Challenges Non-Commercial Operators
In August 2016, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) formally implemented Part-NCC, which applies to non-commercial operators of complex aircraft based in an EU member state. However, implementation of Part-NCC has brought to light the difference between the FAA’s and EASA’s interpretations of International Civil Aviation Organization standards regarding deferring aircraft discrepancies.

Washington Post's Pro-ATC Privatization Editorial Challenged
In response to an opinion piece from the Washington Post published in the Manhattan Mercury under the headline, “FAA modernization is essential," flight instructor and NBAA member Charles Regan said that ATC privatization would hurt small communities in the U.S. "The air space in the United States belongs to all of the people and should be governed by their representatives in Congress," he wrote. "The real losers will be small cities without airline service that depend on general aviation to link them to the rest of the world."

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- And so the sun sets on another ABACE. Thanks for a great show! #ABACE17 #bizav