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In this Issue: NBAA requests appeals court review of SMO settlement agreement and more.
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 Feb. 20, 2017 Subscribe to NBAA Update  

Santa Monica Airport

NBAA Requests Appeals Court Review of SMO Settlement Agreement
NBAA has joined with five additional airport stakeholders to petition the U.S. Court of Appeals, District of Columbia Circuit, asking the court to review a recent decision by the FAA that negatively affects the future of California’s Santa Monica Municipal Airport (SMO). Last month, the FAA announced it had reached a settlement with the city of Santa Monica, which, in addition to permitting closure of the airfield at the end of 2028, would also allow the city to immediately begin the process of reducing the length of the SMO's sole runway to 3,500 feet. Read more about the petition.

Tahoe Airport District

Podcast: Majority of Voters Against ATC Privatization, Survey Shows
A majority of registered voters are against privatizing the ATC system, according to a new survey conducted for the Alliance for Aviation Across America, the Air Care Alliance and the League of Rural Voters. The survey of 800 registered voters found that 62 percent are against privatization, noted Selena Shilad, executive director of Alliance for Aviation Across America. “People generally feel that the FAA should be running air traffic control,” Shilad said. Learn more about the survey in this week’s NBAA Flight Plan podcast.

New, More Accurate Convective Forecast Product Now Available
The National Weather Service has implemented a new convective weather product – the Traffic Flow Management Convective Forecast (TCF) – which allows for a more accurate representation of forecasted convective weather. “The users will collaborate on the final product, which will allow a more accurate representation of the forecast convective weather,” said John Kosak, NBAA Air Traffic Services specialist and staff liaison for the NBAA Weather Subcommittee. Read more about the TCF.

Fort Worth, TX Regional Forum

Temporary ATC Delays Expected During Mar. 2 SoCal Metroplex Implementation
Significant changes to airspace procedures associated with the Southern California Metroplex Phase Two implementation on March 2 will likely cause delays for operators. The delays may be attributed to air traffic control traffic management initiatives for one to two weeks, as the local controllers adjust to the procedural airspace changes.

Security Experts Offer Three Considerations for International Ground Transportation
Ensuring the safety of passengers and crew doesn’t end when an aircraft reaches its destination. All parties must then be delivered securely to their final stop – a task that can be more challenging when traveling internationally. The factors that go into choosing ground transportation options are the subject of a March 13 panel discussion to be held at NBAA’s 2017 International Operators Conference.

Note: Feb. 24 is the Deadline to Participate in 2017 NBAA Compensation Survey
In an ever-evolving workforce market, NBAA members want to make smart decisions about hiring and retaining employees, and that’s where the association’s Compensation Survey proves to be a valuable resource. Conducted annually, the survey provides a review of aviation department personnel salaries and benefits to help member companies better evaluate their flight departments. Participants receive free online access to survey results.

Speaker Proposals for NBAA-BACE Due Feb. 28
NBAA is seeing speaker proposals for education sessions at the 2017 NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE), set for Oct. 10-12 in Las Vegas, NV. Education sessions will be scheduled for either 60 or 90 minutes. Proposals for presentations on topics such as business management, human resources, leadership, aircraft maintenance and facilities operations and operations are welcomed.

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Good Neighbors, Good Outcomes: Supporting Your AirportBusiness Aviation Insider:
Good Neighbors, Good Outcomes: Supporting Your Airport

It stands to reason that flight departments that have a cooperative relationship with the airports at which they are based or fly into frequently benefit from the relationship, as do the airports and surrounding communities. To learn more about working with your local airport, read NBAA's digital exclusive available only in the Business Aviation Insider mobile app.

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