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In this Issue: Certain types of aircraft financing more available, experts say and more.
NBAA Update
 Jan. 16, 2017 Subscribe to NBAA Update  

Certain Types of Aircraft Financing More Available, Experts Say
For many operators, getting a loan or lease for a business aircraft has been difficult since the 2008 recession, but several new finance providers have recently entered the market. Heading into 2017, aircraft financiers and attorneys who handle aircraft transactions see certain types of credit becoming more available, even as a “new normal” sets in for aircraft values. The aircraft financing market will be among the issues discussed at the NBAA 2017 Business Aircraft Finance, Registration & Legal Conference, set for March 5-7 in Bonita Springs, FL. Learn more about emerging aircraft financing options.

NBAA 2017 Security Conference

East Hampton Airport: Victory for Aviation, but Disputes Continue
At New York’s East Hampton Airport (HTO), a legal decision has come down squarely on the side of NBAA and other aviation stakeholders, which had argued that the town’s adoption of noise and access restrictions was a violation of federal law. In November 2016, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit issued a decision agreeing with NBAA that the Airport Noise and Capacity Act of 1990 applies to HTO, and on Jan. 11, the U.S. District Court entered an injunction prohibiting the enforcement of the curfews and other restrictions at issue for HTO. Read more about the court’s decision on HTO.

Red Cross and Citizens Highlight Santa Monica Airport’s Emergency-Response Role
Ten airplanes from five airports across Los Angeles County landed at Santa Monica Municipal Airport (SMO) on Jan. 14 to demonstrate the importance of the historic airfield in serving the community during times of crisis. In a simulated disaster-response exercise, pilots and volunteers in attendance showed how SMO, as formally confirmed in city records, serves as an irreplaceable hub for emergency response. “Our mission is to activate in an emergency, and act as an air bridge for the Red Cross and incident commanders,” said Dave Hopkins, vice president of the Santa Monica Airport Association. Learn more about the SMO drill.

West Palm Beach Regional Forum

NBAA Commends FAA on Final Third-Class Medical Rule
NBAA last week welcomed the issuance by the FAA of a final rule allowing private pilots, in certain instances, to use a driver’s license, along with medical exams, in lieu of an FAA-issued medical certificate. The new rule is contained in a broader package of updated requirements for third-class medical certification, which the agency has dubbed BasicMed.

TFRs in Place for Presidential Inauguration
TFRs will be in place for the Washington, DC area for the upcoming presidential Inauguration. Three separate TFRs will be active over a three-day period beginning on Thursday, Jan. 19 and running through Saturday, Jan. 21. The most restrictive TFR will be on Inauguration Day, Jan. 20, from 9 a.m.-7:30 p.m.

Managing Business Aircraft as an Asset: Strategies for Acquisition and Replacement
Do you manage your aircraft as an asset, ensuring its greatest value upon resale? “We think of aircraft as assets in a portfolio,” said Don Dwyer of Guardian Jet, an expert in fleet planning and aircraft acquisition. “An aircraft may not be as nimble as stock, but it needs to be as nimble as possible.” Dwyer will discuss this issue during an education session on Jan. 26 at the NBAA West Palm Beach Regional Forum.

NBAA Conference Will Focus on Communication Challenges in the Workplace
Communicating with colleagues can be challenging, especially when relaying negative information. When is it worth confronting a colleague with an issue? “Our dilemma is often, do we say something, or do we say nothing at all?” said author, communication expert and motivational speaker Sarita Maybin, who will discuss navigating conflict on Feb. 8 at the NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference in Fort Worth, TX.

Schedulers and Dispatchers Conference

NBAA: Celebrating 70 Years of Promoting, Protecting Business AviationBusiness Aviation Insider:
NBAA: Celebrating 70 Years of Promoting, Protecting Business Aviation

Imagine facing the prospect of possible airline domination of the ATC system without having an organization such as NBAA there to represent the interests of business aircraft operators. That was the scenario in 1947 when a group of operators got together to form an association that would advocate on their behalf. Read more about NBAA's activities and accomplishments over the last 70 years in the anniversary issue of Business Aviation Insider.

@NBAA Throwback Thursday: 70 years ago, the Corporation Aircraft Owners Association, forerunner of NBAA, launched. Happy anniversary NBAA! #NBAA70