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In this Issue: Corporate Angel Network is still moving forward after 35 years and more.
NBAA Update
 Dec. 26, 2016 Subscribe to NBAA Update  

Corporate Angel Network: Still Moving Forward After 35 Years
In December 1981, Safe Flight Instrument Corp. conducted the first Corporate Angel Network (CAN) flight from White Plains, NY to Detroit, MI, transporting a young cancer patient who had visited a bone cancer specialist in New York. Now, 35 years later, the organization serves thousands of cancer patients a year in need of transportation. CAN helps patients access the best treatment for their specific type of cancer by arranging free travel on business aircraft. “There is a great sense of satisfaction when you can help someone who is desperately in need of transportation to and from their medical treatments,” said Brett Ferrucci, manager of aircraft scheduling and dispatch for Honeywell, an early supporter of CAN. Read more about CAN and the organization’s future plans.

West Palm Beach Regional Forum

Year in Review: Top 10 Most-Read Articles on NBAA's Website in 2016
More than 1 million unique users visited NBAA’s website in 2016 to access resources, such as the NBAA member directory, fight department reference materials and information about NBAA events. In addition, NBAA published articles on a variety of topics including aircraft operations, advocacy and professional development. These stories were shared on NBAA’s official social media accounts and featured in the association’s weekly email newsletter, NBAA Update. The top most-read story of the year focused on the FAA’s plans to eliminate 308 VORs. See what other articles made the top 10 list for 2016.

As California Case Shows, For-Sale Aircraft May Be Exempt from Property Tax
Like many states, California assesses annual property tax on the value of aircraft. Also, like most states, California’s tax code provides a “business inventory exemption” for property that is held for sale. Generally, this exemption has been applied to aircraft dealers of light, piston-powered aircraft. In a recent Ventura County case however, NBAA Tax Committee Member George Rice successfully argued that signing an aircraft listing agreement could allow the aircraft to qualify as business inventory during the time it was for sale. Read more.

NBAA 2017 Security Conference

Operators: Review Deicing Protocols for Teterboro, Other Airports
Now that winter is here, pilots should review the deicing procedures for their destination airports, as failure to comply with established protocols at any airport that has specific requirements can lead to delays, which, in turn, could compromise safety.

FAA Publishes NOTAMs for Super Bowl LI in Houston, TX
Those with companies whose business could take them to Houston, TX between Feb. 2-6 will want to familiarize themselves with the FAA’s air traffic procedures NOTAM for the area on those dates. The FAA has released the guidance in conjunction with Super Bowl LI, set for Feb. 5. Reservations will be required at 21 Houston-area airports, and may be obtained through local FBOs.

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Learn How to Work With Your FSDO

The FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) serves as the principal contact point for aircraft operators wishing to interact with the FAA. If there's a question for the FAA about some aspect of operations – a letter of authorization, a pilot-in-command check or RVSM certification, where does one begin? Download the app to read this digital-only feature in Business Aviation Insider.

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