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In this Issue: Election's conclusion means return of 'Other VIP TFRs'and more.


NBAA Update
 Nov. 28, 2016 Subscribe to NBAA Update  

Election's Conclusion Means Return of 'Other VIP TFRs'
Following a presidential election, business aircraft operators can expect a series of special temporary flight restrictions (TFRs) related to the activities of the president-elect and vice president-elect. NBAA characterizes these as “Other VIP TFRs,” to distinguish them from the two most common types of VIP TFRs: those related to the movements of the president and vice president. "It is important that operators pay attention to the NBAA website and the contents of the NOTAMs themselves to be absolutely certain they understand the restrictions put in place,” said NBAA Air Traffic Services Project Manager Jim McClay, adding that NBAA is constantly working to reduce the impact of VIP TFRs on business aviation. Learn more.

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NBAA, Others Ask Santa Monica Officials to Withdraw Tie-Down Template
In a recent letter, NBAA and other industry stakeholders urged Santa Monica, CA officials to withdraw a new template agreement for use of specific aircraft “tie-downs” at Santa Monica Municipal Airport (SMO) because it does not comply with the city’s legal obligations. “The terms of the tie-down agreement are in conflict with both federal grant assurance No. 22 and with California real property law,” the letter states. “Accordingly, as currently formulated, the agreement is unenforceable. We strongly urge the city to withdraw the template; consult with counsel and replace it with a legally compliant agreement.” Read the full letter.

NBAA Recognizes Members for Safe Operations
NBAA recently recognized six member companies for more than 50 years of outstanding safe flying, as well as hundreds more companies that have collectively compiled thousands of hours of safe flying. “For more than 60 years, the NBAA Flying Safety Awards have recognized member companies for their exceptional records of accident-free operations,” said NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen. Read more about the NBAA Flying Safety Awards.

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Hong Kong Proves Challenging for Business Aircraft Operators
Business aircraft operators flying into Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) may have a difficult time securing inbound and outbound slots to access the airport. “It’s very challenging to operate in Asia, as changes are occurring all the time,” said Pat Dunn, NBAA’s International Operators Committee Asia regional lead. The challenging situation at HKG is the subject of a free webinar on Nov. 30.

NBAA Announces Inaugural Kern Professionalism Award Recipients
NBAA has recognized 19 recipients of its inaugural Dr. Tony Kern Professionalism in Aviation Award, which honors individuals in the business aviation industry for outstanding professionalism and leadership in support of aviation safety. The award was created to honor Dr. Tony Kern, a cofounder of Convergent Performance, distinguished U.S. Air Force veteran and author of five books on human performance.

Call for Speakers: 2017 NBAA Regional Forums
NBAA is seeking education session speakers for the 2017 Regional Forums, set for Jan. 26 in West Palm Beach, FL; March 23 in Fort Worth, TX and Sept. 7 in Morristown, NJ. Proposals for presentations on topics such as safety and risk management, maintenance and technical issues, airspace and airport access, aircraft and flight operations and more are welcomed. Proposals are due Dec. 2.

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How to Plan Your ADS-B Update?

By Jan. 1, 2020, the majority of aircraft operating domestically in the U.S. will be required to have ADS-B Out capabilities. FAR Part 91.225 outlines the specific airspace requirements, and the regulation applies to most business aircraft. In many cases. an upgrade or replacement of the existing transponder will be needed to make an aircraft ADS-B Out compliant. Learn more in Business Aviation Insider.

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