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2016 NBAA Update Archives

NBAA Update, 16-52, Dec. 27, 2016
Corporate Angel Network: Still Moving Forward After 35 Years
Year in Review: Top 10 Most-Read Articles on NBAA's Website in 2016
As California Case Shows, For-Sale Aircraft May Be Exempt from Property Tax
NBAA Update, 16-51, Dec. 19, 2016
NBAA Welcomes FAA Cease-and-Desist Order Against SMO Evictions
Podcast: NBAA Continued Advocacy Efforts in 2016
NBAA Welcomes Final Rule on Revised Part 23 Certification Standards
NBAA Update, 16-50, Dec. 12, 2016
NBAA Salutes Astronaut, Aviation Champion John Glenn
Updated NBAA Charter Guide Helps Consumers Avoid Pitfalls
Bolen Discusses ATC Privatization, Other Issues at Long Island Business Aviation Event
NBAA Update, 16-49, Dec. 5, 2016
NBAA Weighs in on Chao Nomination for Transportation Secretary
Free NBAA Webinar Presents In-Depth Look at RNAV System Advancements
European Third-Country Operator Requirement Now in Effect
NBAA Update, 16-48, Nov. 28, 2016
Election's Conclusion Means Return of 'Other VIP TFRs'
NBAA, Others Ask Santa Monica Officials to Withdraw Tie-Down Template
NBAA Recognizes Members for Safe Operations
NBAA Update, 16-47, Nov. 21, 2016
NBAA's Inaugural Security Conference to Raise Bar on Business Aviation Security
NTSB Most-Wanted List Highlights Loss of Control, Other Risks
U.S. Operators Urged to Follow New ICAO Approach-Procedure Naming Standards
NBAA Update, 16-46, Nov. 14, 2016
NBAA Committed to Working With New Administration, Members of Congress
Operators: Learn Proper Flight-Plan Codes Ahead of Domestic IFR Filing Requirement
How Can You Avoid Cybercrime in Business Aircraft Transactions?
NBAA Update, 16-45, Nov. 7, 2016
NBAA TV Video: NBAA-BACE Concludes as a Highly Successful Show
NBAA Lauds Court Decision on East Hampton Airport Restrictions
Podcast: ICAO's Aviation-Carbon Plan Exempts 'Small Emitters' in Business Aviation
NBAA Update, 16-44, Oct. 31, 2016
Don't Miss These Five 'Hidden Gems' at NBAA-BACE
NBAA: Convention to Honor Legacies of Both Arnold Palmer and Bob Hoover
Honeywell Forecast Sees Slower Near-Term Growth
NBAA Update, 16-43, Oct. 24, 2016
Podcast: Meet the Future of Business Aviation at NBAA-BACE
NBAA Webinar: New Runway-Condition Reporting Brings Consistency, Clarity
Point of Impact: City's Actions Force One SMO Restaurant into Closure, Another into Uncertainty
NBAA Update, 16-42, Oct. 17, 2016
Business Aviation Champion Arnold Palmer: In His Own Words
NBAA Calls for FAA to Step Up Efforts to Halt 'Strangulation Strategy' for SMO
FAA Working on Advanced Applications for Performance Based Navigation
NBAA Update #16-41, Oct. 10, 2016
NBAA: 'Small Emitter' Exemption Is Fundamental to ICAO Emissions Plan
New NBAA Survey Highlights Small Flight Departments Concerns
Learn About New Field Condition Reporting at Upcoming NBAA Webinar
NBAA Update, 16-40, Oct. 3, 2016
NBAA Welcomes FAA's Prompt Investigation Into SMO Evictions
Bolen: Enhancing Business Aviation Safety a 'Noble Pursuit'
Aviation Champion Sen. Bill Nelson to Receive NBAA's Highest Honor
NBAA Update, 16-39, Sept. 26, 2016
NBAA Mourns Arnold Palmer's Passing, Dedicates 2016 Convention to Golf Legend, Aviation Champion
NBAA Report Calls for Renewed Emphasis on Pre-Takeoff Flight-Control Checks
NBAA: Samsung Phone Recall Highlights Lithium Battery Concerns
NBAA Update, 16-38, Sept. 19, 2016
At Industry Event, Bolen Reiterates Need for Continued Advocacy Focus
ADS-B Rebate Available Sept. 19 to Owners of Eligible Aircraft
NBAA Provides Comments on FAA's Proposed Airport SMS Requirements
NBAA Update, 16-37, Sept. 12, 2016
Podcast: Clearing Up Misconceptions About Flying to Cuba
FAA Finalizes SoCal Airspace Modernization Project
NBAA-BACE Innovation Zone Will Highlight New Technologies, Philosophies
NBAA Update, 16-36, Sept. 5, 2016
NBAA Continues SMO Advocacy, as City Passes Airport-Closure Resolution
Bolen Encourages Airport Reps: Take a Proactive Role in Industry Advocacy
Political Couple Carville-Matalin to Offer Election-Year Perspectives at NBAA-BACE
NBAA Update, 16-35, Aug. 29, 2016
Verify Your ADS-B Performance with Free FAA Web Tool
NBAA Challenges The Economist's Support for ATC Privatization
Podcast: Part 107 UAS Regulations Take Effect Aug. 29
NBAA Update, 16-34, Aug. 22, 2016
Runway Status Lights Designed to Eliminate Runway Confusion, Improve Safety
NBAA Welcomes FAA's Reaffirmation of Santa Monica's Obligation to Keep Airport Open
CBP Commissioner Gil Kerlikowske to Speak at 2016 NBAA Convention
NBAA Update, 16-33, Aug. 15, 2016
GAO Report Validates NBAA Position on Improper Diversion of Jet-A Taxes
Revised ATC Speed Assignments Aim for More Efficient Airspace Use
Interview for CBP's Global Entry Program at NBAA-BACE
NBAA Update, 16-32, Aug. 8, 2016
'Wright Brothers' Author David McCullough to Address NBAA's Convention
Tax Court Decision Provides Insights into Hobby Loss Rules
No Plane No Gain Themes to be Highlighted at West Virginia Aviation Event
NBAA Update, 16-31, Aug. 1, 2016
Podcast: Tips for Flying Into Rio During the Olympics
FAA Plans to Eliminate 308 VORs
Airports to Implement New Runway Contamination Reporting in October
NBAA Update, 16-30, July 25, 2016
Podcast: NBAA Safety Committee Cultivates Safety Leadership
NBAA's Long-Sought RVSM Rule Changes Take Effect
NBAA Reaches Out to Aviation Community From New Location at AirVenture
NBAA Update, 16-29, July 18, 2016
NBAA Commends Congress for Passage of FAA Funding Extension
Bolen: FAA Extension an Important Milestone, But Much Work to be Done
Podcast: What's the Latest on Drone Policies?
NBAA Update, 16-28, July 11, 2016
NBAA Remarks on FAA Funding Extension Agreement
NBAA Opposes FAA Proposal Regarding Expired Navigation Databases
CBP, TSA Violations Bring Higher Penalties
NBAA Update, 16-27, July 4, 2016
NBAA Responds to State Tax Challenges On Both Sides of the U.S.
NBAA Offers New Business Aircraft Use Policy Guide
PIREPs: Potentially a Matter of Life and Death
NBAA Update, 16-26, June 27, 2016
Wisconsin Town Hall Highlights Widespread Concern Over Privatized ATC
NBAA Welcomes Sensible Regulations for Commercial Small UAS Operations
Bolen Leads Government and Industry Panel on Growing General Aviation in China
NBAA Update, 16-25, June 20, 2016
Bolen Challenges Journal's Claims About ATC Privatization
Podcast: Three Takeaways From Recent Mental-Fitness Recommendations for Pilots
Award-Nominated NBAA Video Anchors Single-Pilot Safety Resources
NBAA Update, 16-24, June 13, 2016
NBAA Joins Call for House to Pass FAA Reauthorization
Aviation Leaders' Panel Again Highlights Concerns Over ATC Privatization
NBAA Receives NTSB Recommendation on Single-Pilot Turbojet Training
NBAA Update, 16-23, June 6, 2016
Bolen's Policy Forum Comments Again Call for Smart, Targeted FAA Bill
Video: Bolen Questions ATC Privatization at 2016 RTCA Symposium
NBAA Offers New Single-Pilot Operator Resources Page
NBAA Update, 16-22, May 30, 2016
Excitement, Enthusiasm and Enduring Value All Characterized EBACE2016
NBAA Offers Guidance on New Department of Labor Overtime Exemption Regulations
NBAA Supports New Privacy Guidelines for Unmanned Aircraft System Operators
NBAA Update, 16-21, May 23, 2016
Regional Session Highlights Importance of Local Efforts in ATC Privatization Debate
NBAA, Others Urge Senate Committee to Oppose VA Flight Training Benefit Caps
NBAA Requests IRS Guidance on Charitable Flights
NBAA Update, 16-20, May 16, 2016
Bolen: Host of Voices Continue Raising ATC-Privatization Concerns
New NBAA Resource Details Advantages of sUAS Flight Department Integration
Tax Case Highlights Risks of Bad Recordkeeping, Hobby Loss
NBAA Update, 16-19, May 9, 2016
Podcast: Flight Management Systems Can Help, or Challenge Single-Pilot Operators
Point of Impact: City Policies Hurting SMO-Based Entrepreneurs, Businesses
Record-Setting NBAA Maintenance Management Conference Paves Way for New Event Format in 2017
NBAA Update, 16-18, May 2, 2016
Bolen Calls for Continued Vigilance on FAA Reauthorization
General Aviation Community Praises FAA Part 23 Rulemaking and Urges Rule Completion in 2016
Podcast: Training Critical to Avoiding Runway Excursions
NBAA Update, 16-17, April 25, 2016
NBAA Hails Passage of Senate FAA Reauthorization Measure
Senate Committee Underscores Continued Opposition to Privatized ATC
Flight Departments Urged to Set Up Pilot Fitness-for-Duty Programs
NBAA Update, 16-16, April 18, 2016
Fifth Shanghai ABACE Highlights Enduring Value of Event, Industry in Asia
AERObridge Seeking Volunteers, Aircraft to Help With Ecuador Earthquake Relief Efforts
Aviation Groups' Letter Supports Federal Approach to UAS Regulation
NBAA Update, 16-15, April 11, 2016
NBAA Encouraged by Micro UAS Aviation Rulemaking Committee Recommendations to FAA
Senate Debates FAA Reauthorization Bill
Dr. Fang Liu, ICAO Secretary General, to Serve as ABACE2016 Keynote Speaker
NBAA Update, 16-14, April 4, 2016
Local Aviation Groups Answer NBAA's Call to Support Senate FAA Reauthorization Bill
FAA, NBAA Recognize Advances, Opportunities to Improve Safety
FAA Extends NBAA's Small Aircraft Exemption
NBAA Update, 16-13, March 28, 2016
NBAA 'Call to Action' Urges Support for Senate FAA Reauthorization Bill
Podcast: Contact Congress Gets NBAA Members' Voices Heard in FAA Reauthorization
Updated Business Aviation Fatigue Management Guide Endorsed by ICAO
NBAA Update, 16-12, March 21, 2016
Senate FAA Bill Advances, With NBAA's Continued Strong Support
NBAA, Other Groups Call for Full Funding of Contract Towers
NBAA, EBAA, Others Sign Multi-Year Agreement to Hold EBACE at Geneva's Palexpo
NBAA Update, 16-11, March 14, 2016
NBAA Endorses Bipartisan Senate FAA Reauthorization Bill
NBAA Safety Committee Announces 2016 Top Safety Focus Areas
Regional Groups Continue to Oppose House ATC Privatization Bill
NBAA Update, 16-10, March 7, 2016
Podcast: Court Battle Over SMO Continues This Week
NBAA Calls FAA UAS Detection Work Good First Step to Protect Manned Aircraft
Upcoming NBAA Roundtable Will Help Regional Leaders Redouble Advocacy Efforts
NBAA Update, 16-09, Feb. 29, 2016
The Battle Against Privatized ATC Continues: Get Involved
Alabama Group Asks Congressional Delegation to Oppose ATC Privatization
Aviation Rulemaking Committee Working on Micro UAS Standards
NBAA Update, 16-08, Feb. 22, 2016
More Regional Groups Express Opposition to Privatized ATC
Some Countries Requiring Mosquito Treatment for Business Aircraft in Wake of Zika Virus
NWS Developing Improved Graphical Forecast Products, Seeking NBAA Member Input
NBAA Update, #16-07, Feb. 15, 2016
House ATC Privatization Bill Advances; NBAA Continues Opposition
Ahead of H.R. 4441 Markup, Bolen Testifies: Bill Is a 'Big Airlines' Power Grab'
Video: See Bolen's House Testimony Opposing H.R. 4441
NBAA Update, #16-06, Feb. 8, 2016
NBAA Issues 'Call to Action' Urging Members to Oppose ATC Privatization Proposal
NBAA Opposes House ATC Privatization Bill
NBAA Commends House Appropriators for Opposing Privatized ATC Funded With User Fees
NBAA Update, #16-05, Feb. 1, 2016
NBAA Welcomes Senate Letter Opposing Privatized ATC Funded by User Fees
NBAA Helps Counter Latest City Effort to Close Santa Monica Airport
Operators Urged to Become Familiar With Data Comm as TEB, HPN Rollouts Approach
NBAA Update, #16-04, Jan. 25, 2016
Editorial: Privatized ATC With User Fees Poses Risks to Communities
Support Business Aviation by Taking Part in FAA's General Aviation Survey
NBAA's 2016 Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference Breaks Records
NBAA Update, #17-03, Jan. 18, 2016
NBAA Members Tell Lawmakers of Concerns Over Privatized ATC Funded With User Fees
Pilot Performance, Data Collection Remain NTSB and NBAA Safety Committee Focus for 2016
New Flight Deck-ATC Data Comm Services Coming to Airports
NBAA Update, #16-03, Jan. 18, 2016
NBAA Members Tell Lawmakers of Concerns Over Privatized ATC Funded With User Fees
Pilot Performance, Data Collection Remain NTSB and NBAA Safety Committee Focus for 2016
New Flight Deck-ATC Data Comm Services Coming to Airports
NBAA Update, #16-02, Jan. 11, 2016
NBAA Counters Pro-ATC Privatization Op-Ed With Facts
IRS Memorandum Has Implications for Like-Kind Exchanges, Federal Tax Planning
FAA Issues Amendment for Part 135 Charter Operators Training Under Part 121
NBAA Update, #16-01, Jan. 4, 2016
Battle on ATC Privatization Funded by User Fees Looms on Capitol Hill
New NBAA Resource Prepares Operators for Local Port of Entry Requirements
NBAA Opens Call for Speakers for NBAA-BACE