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NBAA Update #10-40
Monday, October 04, 2010

NBAA Update is the National Business Aviation Association's weekly e-newsletter providing a synopsis of the latest operational, regulatory and legislative news for the business aviation community, as well as information about NBAA activities, Member benefits and upcoming industry events. Subscribe for free or review the archives at

Get the Essentials on 'Single Pilot – Safely' at LBA Conference
From bad weather to self-induced pressure, single pilots face complex events every day. In a highly interactive session to be part of the 2010 NBAA/AOPA Light Business Airplane (LBA) Conference, national aviation safety expert Bruce Landsberg will use actual air traffic control tapes to reconstruct an accident involving a single pilot in a small business aircraft. Landsberg, a pilot of more than 40 years, is president of the AOPA Foundation and an award-winning expert on pilot safety. This important session will take place as part of the NBAA 63rd Annual Meeting & Convention (NBAA2010), on Tuesday, October 19, from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Learn more about this program at:

Woerth Confirmed to Represent United States to ICAO
NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen welcomed the confirmation of Duane Woerth as U.S. representative to the United Nations International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) last week. "He has a strong background in aviation and is well-equipped to represent the United States in matters relating to global aviation priorities such as safety, security and environmental stewardship," Bolen said. Thirteen aviation associations, including NBAA, urged Senate leaders to confirm Woerth. Review NBAA's efforts to advocate for Woerth's nomination and a host of other aviation issues at:

Podcast: How Can Bonus Depreciation Affect Your Business?
President Obama last week signed into law legislation, which includes a provision for "bonus" depreciation, to accelerate cost recovery of strategic business purchases this year, including business aircraft. In this week's episode of the NBAA Flight Plan podcast, Ed Kammerer, aviation finance expert, talks about how companies take advantage of bonus depreciation for avionics upgrades, tugs and equipment, newly manufactured aircraft and more business tools. Subscribe to NBAA Flight Plan on Apple's iTunes and receive episodes automatically, or listen any time at:

Congress Expands Section 179 Expensing Amounts to $500,000
The Small Business Jobs Act of 2010, which included the "bonus" depreciation measure, significantly increases limits on the amounts of capital expenditures that may be deducted as current expenses in 2010 and 2011. Under the new Section 179 rules, a taxpayer is permitted to deduct up to $500,000 of the cost of a capital asset as a current expense. However, the Section 179 benefit is valuable only to taxpayers with limited capital acquisitions. An article prepared by NBAA Tax Committee Chair Ed Kammerer offers NBAA Members with practical considerations for taking advantage of the new Section 179 rules. Read more about this online at:

Aircraft Re-registration Begins This Week
Federal Aviation Association (FAA) aircraft re-registration is now underway as part of the FAA's new final rule, which represents a major change to aircraft registration law. As part of this new law, all civil aircraft registered before October 1, 2010, must be re-registered over a three-year period based on a schedule established in the final rule. The expiration date and required re-registration period are determined by the month in which the current certificate of registration was issued. Operators will use a new form, AC 8050-1A, to complete the re-registration process. Operators who encounter any problems should contact NBAA's Operations Service Group at For more information, visit:

You Can Ask Congress to Complete FAA Reauthorization
After recently passing a 16th extension of funding for FAA programs, Congress continues debating a final FAA reauthorization package. The general aviation community supports the reauthorization bills introduced in the House and Senate, which do not include user fees, but instead build upon the proven, efficient fuel tax for general aviation to help fund aviation system modernization. You can send a letter using NBAA's Contact Congress resource to urge your elected officials to complete a final FAA reauthorization bill before adjournment at the end of this year. A final bill "will enable the agency to do the critical long-range planning, and make the long- range investments in airport infrastructure and technology that are needed to modernize and expand the aviation system," the letter states. "The time to enact a strong multi-year reauthorization bill is now." To send your letter to Congress, visit:

NBAA Webinar Features Political Experts on Race to Control Congress
Republican and Democratic political experts debated the impact of this year's midterm elections in a recent NBAA webinar now available to Members as a free download. The webinar featured Ralph Reed and Julian Epstein, Republican and Democratic strategists, who debated how the results of this year's midterm elections will be decided by the strength of each party's get-out-the-vote effort. Reed is the chairman and CEO for Century Strategies, former Republican Party chairman for Georgia and the first executive director of the Christian Coalition. Epstein is CEO of LMG, Inc., a former aide to the House Judiciary Committee and chief Democratic counsel for the impeachment proceeding against President Bill Clinton. Learn more at:

FAA Chief Counsel Grizzle to Address NBAA Tax Conference
David Grizzle, FAA chief counsel, will give the keynote address at the Association's Tax, Regulatory & Risk Management Conference, October 17 to 18 in Atlanta, GA. "As the FAA's chief counsel, David Grizzle has a particular insight into where the agency is headed in the next several years," said NBAA's Mike Nichols, vice president, operations, education & economics. "His perspective on FAA policy and rulemaking initiatives, and on how FAA offices interface with users, will be very valuable to this community." Review the full press release at:

Business Flying Reimbursement Rules Covered at LBA Conference
When private or commercially rated pilots own a light jet for business, and want to fly themselves to a meeting to represent their company, what can the company give either type of pilot for this flight? "The whole issue of flight reimbursement is something many pilots haven't thought much about," says Eli Mansour, a commercially rated pilot and head of the aviation practice at Luce Forward Hamilton & Scripps. "The rules can be complicated." Helping owner-operators using their aircraft for business navigate Federal Aviation Rules (FARs) on flight reimbursement is the aim of the seminar led by Mansour and other aviation law experts at the Light Business Airplane Conference taking place as part of NBAA2010, on Wednesday, October 20, from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Learn more at:

Baldwin Aviation

Maryland Recognizes Value of Business Aviation
NBAA applauds Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley (D-MD) for declaring September 2010 as "General Aviation and Community Airport Month." NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen noted that general aviation, of which business aviation is a part, contributes more than $2 billion to the Maryland economy. For more information and to read the proclamation, visit:

New Jersey Group Honors State Legislators
The New Jersey Aviation association (NJAA) recently held its annual Excellence in Aviation awards luncheon, and this year recognized two New Jersey legislators who have been instrumental in advancing general aviation in the state, including the Honorable John Russo, Sr. Esq., an avid general aviation pilot who served in the New Jersey Senate for 18 years, and was instrumental in passing several laws enhancing aviation within the state. Senator Diane Allen received the Legislator of the Year Award for over 15 years of staunch support for general aviation. FAA Eastern Region Administrator Carmine Gallo was the guest speaker and Henry Ogrodzinski, president of the National Association of State Airport Officials, presented the keynote address. For more information, visit:

Aircraft Noise Considerations for Atlanta Airports During NBAA2010
The Fulton County (FTY) and Peachtree DeKalb (PDK) airport managers have asked that pilots operating to/from either airport for the upcoming NBAA Convention in Atlanta to reference to obtain complete detailed information on noise abatement procedures, curfews, airport diagrams, preferential runways, pattern altitudes, run-up areas, noise monitoring and more. Both airports have highly noise-sensitive communities around them, and operator help in maintaining good relationships with those communities is appreciated. The PDK information is online now and FTY is expected to have its information posted soon. Contact NBAA's Bob Lamond for more information at

DC-Area Fundraiser Postponed Due to Weather
Due to heavy rains, the Greater Washington Business Aviation Association (GWBAA) was forced to postpone the 6th Annual Golf Tournament and fundraiser, initially scheduled for September 30. The event is being rescheduled to a later date and will be announced on the GWBAA web site. For more information, or to learn about other GWBAA events, contact NBAA's Harry Houckes at or visit:

FAA Will Host Seattle-Area Customer Forum, Nov. 4
The FAA and the Port of Seattle will host the Seattle Area Customer Forum on November 4 at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) Central Auditorium from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Presentations are expected by ANM Runway Safety, Seattle Tower and TRACON as well as the Port of Seattle. For more information and directions to the event, visit:

Gulfstream G450: Let the Journey Begin

NBAA Co-Hosts Bombardier Safety Standdown This Week in Wichita
Held in partnership with NBAA, the FAA and National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), this year's 14th Annual Bombardier Safety Standdown is being held from October 4 to 7 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Wichita, KS. As one of the leading business aviation safety events, the Safety Standdown will feature two days of optional workshops and two days of general sessions focusing on establishing benchmarks for professional ethics. For more information, visit:

Dividend Available for NBAA's Worker Compensation Insurance Program
In a letter from Ed Bolen to the Membership, NBAA announced that companies participating in the NBAA Workers' Compensation Insurance Program, underwritten by Phoenix Aviation Managers and administered by NationAir Aviation Insurance, will have the opportunity to earn a cash dividend for a significant portion of their annual premiums – up to 25 percent based on loss experience. The dividend will apply to all current insureds and to every company that has participated since the program's inception. In addition, due to the outstanding loss experience of the group since its inception, the program is able to offer the dividend benefit retroactively to newly participating companies as well. To review the full announcement letter, visit:

NBAA2010 Networking Opportunities Include New Coffee Socials
As a way to reach out to non-Members and new Members alike, NBAA will host its first-ever coffee socials during NBAA2010 at Headquarters Booth #7303 on the exhibit floor. These networking events will provide an opportunity for professionals to meet with industry peers and NBAA representatives, as well as learn how NBAA Membership benefits can make businesses more successful. After each coffee social, participants will be invited to have a commemorative photo taken and enter to win prizes. The Non-Member Coffee Social will take place on October 19 at 11:00 a.m. and the New Member Coffee Social will take place on October 20, at 10:00 a.m. For more information, visit:

Silk Scarf Award Recipient Enhanced Safety in New York Airspace
Leo Prusak, manager of LaGuardia Airport (LGA) tower, recently was awarded the NBAA Silk Scarf Award at a customer forum held at the FAA eastern region headquarters. Prusak has helped enhance the safety and efficiency of business aircraft operations and airports within the New York City metro area. In an effort to honor outstanding business aviation community members and inspire future aviators, the NBAA Silk Scarf Award is given to individuals for special contributions to the business aviation community during their careers. Learn more about the award and previous winners at:

NBAA 63rd Annual Meeting & Convention (NBAA2010)

14th Annual Safety Standdown USA
October 4–7, 2010, Wichita, KS

14th Annual Chairman's Charity Classic
October 17, 2010, Atlanta, GA

PDP Course: Capitalize on Human Resources
October 17, 2010, Atlanta, GA

19th Annual Tax, Regulatory & Risk Management Conference
October 17–18, 2010, Atlanta, GA

PDP Course: Flight Operations Manual Workshop
October 17–18, 2010, Atlanta, GA

PDP Course: Emergency Response Planning Workshop
October 17–18, 2010, Atlanta, GA

PDP Course: Human Factors
October 17–18, 2010, Atlanta, GA

PDP Course: Customer Service Programs
October 18, 2010, Atlanta, GA

2nd Annual Single-Pilot Safety Standdown
October 18, 2010, Atlanta, GA

NBAA/AOPA Light Business Airplane Conference
October 19–20, 2010, Atlanta, GA

63rd Annual Meeting & Convention (NBAA2010)
October 19–21, 2010, Atlanta, GA

PDP Course: Management Fundamentals for Flight Departments Workshop
October 22–23, 2010, Atlanta, GA

CBAA/NBAA Cross-Border Issues Conference
November 17–18, 2010, Montreal, Canada

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