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NBAA Update #10-26
Monday, June 28, 2010

NBAA Update is the National Business Aviation Association's weekly e-newsletter providing a synopsis of the latest operational, regulatory and legislative news for the business aviation community, as well as information about NBAA activities, Member benefits and upcoming industry events. Subscribe for free or review the archives at

John Pistole Confirmed as TSA Administrator
Last Friday, the U.S. Senate confirmed the nomination of John Pistole for the top post at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). His confirmation follows recent hearings on his nomination by the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, and approval from the Commerce Science and Transportation Committee. Pistole's confirmation comes as the TSA considers revisions to the agency's controversial proposed Large Aircraft Security Program. "We look forward to working with Administrator Pistole on security policies for general aviation that harden the industry from threats while preserving the mobility and flexibility that are the industry's hallmarks," said NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen. For questions or more information, contact NBAA's Doug Carr at

Senate Confirms Rosekind, Weener to NTSB
On June 22, the U.S. Senate unanimously confirmed the appointment of Dr. Mark Rosekind and Dr. Earl Weener as members of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). "Dr. Rosekind and Dr. Weener are very knowledgeable about business aviation and each has long been focused on safety, which is the industry's highest priority," NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen said. Read NBAA's press release on the confirmations by visiting:

NBAA Welcomes Legislation Extending ‘Accelerated' Depreciation
Last week Senators Baucus (D-MT) and Grassley (R-IA) introduced S. 3513, which would extend accelerated, or "bonus" depreciation for business purchases, including general aviation aircraft, in 2010. "Bonus depreciation is a proven incentive for businesses to accelerate replacement and purchases of essential equipment, including GA aircraft," said NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen. "We commend Senators Baucus and Grassley for introducing this important legislation." NBAA joined with more than 80 organizations in sending a letter to House and Senate leaders calling for renewal of the policy. Read NBAA's full press release at:

House Begins Work on 2011 DHS/TSA Funding Bill
Last week, the House Homeland Security Appropriations Subcommittee approved a $43.9 billion Homeland Security Department funding measure for FY 2011. Under the funding bill, the TSA would receive over $8 billion for new and ongoing transportation security initiatives, including enhancement of the TSA's Secure Flight watch-list technology, expanded airline passenger and cargo screening initiatives, and purchase of new explosive-detection devices and additional screening personnel. The bill now awaits consideration by the full House Appropriations Committee. For questions or more information, contact NBAA's Dick Doubrava at

FAA Conducting Survey on Icing
Decision Research is working with icing experts at the Federal Aviation Association (FAA) Technical Center and NASA to help the FAA plan for development of new icing training products tailored to the needs of Part 91 and Part 135 operators. Pilots are encouraged to participate in an online questionnaire assessing their operational icing knowledge. Participants are eligible to enter a drawing for an Apple iPad. To participate in the survey, visit:

FCC Rule Could Ban 121.5 MHz ELTs
On June 15, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released notice of a rule that would prohibit the manufacture, sales or use of emergency locator transmitters (ELT) that transmit on 121.5 MHz. Although industry stakeholders and other government agencies were not included in the process for considering the change, NBAA representatives met with FAA officials to discuss the situation and determine what remedies are available. The final rule has not been published in the Federal Register, meaning that the 60-day clock for implementation has not yet begun. For more information, visit:

Change to Runway-Crossing Instructions Effective June 30
Starting June 30, air traffic controllers will be required to issue explicit instructions to cross or hold short of each runway that intersects a taxi route. Instructions to cross a runway will be issued one at a time, and instructions to cross multiple runways will no longer be issued. Aircraft must have crossed the previous runway before another runway crossing is issued. This new procedure applies to any runway including inactive or closed runways. For more information, visit:

FAA Issues Two Avionics-Related InFOs
The FAA has issued two information for operators (InFOs) notices related to avionics issues. InFO 10007 recommends that operators and maintenance technicians voluntarily report equipment malfunctions, failures or other safety issues associated with glass-cockpit display systems to FAA's Service Difficulty Reporting web site. The second notice, InFO 10008, alerts pilots to the potential for inadvertently changing correct settings in avionics or other systems equipped with concentrically centered controls (knobs). Reports from pilots and manufacturers indicate that unwanted selections using these controls are occurring with some frequency. For more information, review the InFO notices at:

NBAA, Others Providing Industry Voice on Avgas Replacement
NBAA welcomed a recent decision by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) granting an extension to the comment period for its advance notice of proposed rulemaking calling for industry input on alternatives to avgas (100 low lead) for aircraft. The extension comes as representatives with NBAA and other general aviation organizations met recently with policymakers in Congress and at the FAA on the issue, and conducted a webinar press briefing for aviation reporters. NBAA is part of a coalition of stakeholders that is pressing for an approach to avgas alternatives that addresses concerns about cost, availability and ease of production. For more information, visit:

Online Registration for NBAA2010 Now Live
Online registration is now available for Attendees, Exhibitors and members of the press wanting to attend NBAA's 63rd Annual Meeting & Convention (NBAA2010), to be held from October 19 to 21 in Atlanta, GA. The event, titled "Where Business Aviation Powers Business," will offer education sessions, exhibits, a Static Display of Aircraft and valuable networking opportunities. These and other benefits are brought together in one place, providing efficiencies and savings for Member Companies. For information about attending, exhibiting, advertising, housing and more, visit:

Baldwin Aviation

Business Aviation at Work on Gulf Oil Spill Cleanup
Business aviation is uniquely equipped to support crisis-relief efforts – a fact highlighted in the work being done by business aircraft operators to assist in efforts to clean up the recent BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Circling the Gulf in a Raytheon King Air, pilots direct smaller Air Tractor planes to spray Corexit over oil spills to lessen the oil's impact on the environment. The Air Tractors make effective "spot treatment" of heavy oil slicks possible for the first time, with the King Airs guiding them to those slicks. To read a web article about business aviation efforts in the Gulf, visit:

Industry to Be Represented at GA Security Forum
NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen will be among the policy leaders gathering to discuss the status of the TSA's proposed Large Aircraft Security Program, the general aviation airport vulnerability assessment conducted by the Department of Homeland Security and other security priorities for the industry, at the 2010 General Aviation Issues and Security Conference, to be held from June 29 to July 1, in Morristown, NJ. For more information, contact NBAA's Lisa Piccione at

Ohio Association Meeting at Aviation Hall of Fame, July 16
The Ohio Regional Business Aviation Association (ORBAA) will hold a luncheon meeting on Friday, July 16 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the National Aviation Hall of Fame (NAHF) located inside the National Museum of the United States Air Force in Dayton, OH. The meeting will include a panel discussion and chance for attendees to later tour the United States Air Force Museum. There is a charge of $20 for the luncheon, with net proceeds to be donated to NAHF. RSVP to ORBAA's RoyceAnn Martin at by Friday, July 9, or for more information contact NBAA's Bob Quinn at

Michigan Association Supports Scholarships
The Michigan Business Aviation Association (MBAA) will hold its annual Memorial Golf Classic supporting aviation scholarships on Monday, July 19 at Lyon Oaks Golf & Banquet Center, Wixom, MI. Registration will take place at 9:00 a.m., with a shotgun start at 10:00 a.m. The event will conclude with a 19th Hole reception and dinner at 5:00 p.m. For additional information contact NBAA's Bob Quinn at or visit:

No Plane No Gain

Podcast: Navigating New NTSB Accident Reporting Methods
As technology changes, so do the methods for reporting accidents and incidents to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). In this week's edition of the NBAA Flight Plan podcast, NBAA Operations Service Group Program Manager Scott O'Brien talks about incidents the NTSB wants to hear more about, including glass-cockpit display flickering, or problems with airborne collision avoidance systems. Subscribe to the NBAA Flight Plan podcast through Apple's iTunes, or listen anytime on NBAA's web site by visiting:

SMS Introduction Workshop Coming to Denver, July 27–29
In a joint partnership with ARGUS, NBAA will host a two-and-one-half-day Safety Management System (SMS) Workshop in Denver, CO from July 27 to 29. Through interactive presentations and group exercises, attendees will be provided with details on the safety benefits and business case for developing an SMS. Guidance will be provided on how to utilize the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) SMS Toolkit, which takes operators through the complete implementation process. For more information and to register online, visit:

Industry Gives Back to Local Community During NBAA2010
This year, NBAA will host a "build" to benefit the Brookhaven Boys & Girls Club, located near DeKalb Peachtree Airport, the site of the NBAA2010 Static Display of Aircraft. The build will include a number of projects, including construction of a new playground; refurbishment of a teen center's basketball court and outdoor volleyball courts; general maintenance and painting; construction of an outdoor classroom; and more. The NBAA2010 Local Committee has worked to identify donors for this effort, and is now searching for 300 volunteers, including task leaders, to help this one-day project succeed. Volunteers can register online when registering for NBAA2010; direct questions to NBAA's Maureen Cameron at Further details will be posted soon at:

S&D Achievement & Leadership Award Nominations Open
Do you know a scheduling or dispatching professional who has demonstrated a continuous history of extraordinary participation in, or support of, scheduling and dispatching functions? You are encouraged to submit nominations for the NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers Outstanding Achievement and Leadership Award to be presented on February 9, 2011 at the NBAA 22nd Annual Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference in Savannah, GA. Nominations will be accepted starting August 31. For more information, including nomination requirements and forms, visit:

NBAA Announces Flight Attendants/Flight Technicians Scholarship Recipients
On Saturday, June 26, the NBAA Flight Attendants Committee recognized 40 scholarship recipients during the Association's 15th Annual Flight Attendants/Flight Technicians Conference, which drew over 100 business aviation professionals to San Diego, CA. The NBAA Flight Attendants/Flight Technicians Scholarship is administered by NBAA and monetary awards will be used for professional development and training. For a full list of recipients and sponsors, visit:

NBAA 63rd Annual Meeting & Convention (NBAA2010)

Contractual Considerations in Aviation Insurance Webinar
July 15, 2010, at 2:00 p.m. EDT

Introduction to SMS Workshop
July 27–29, 2010, Denver, CO

Business Aviation Regional Forum
August 18, 2010, Chicago, IL

14th Annual Safety Standdown USA
October 4–7, 2010, Wichita, KS

PDP Course: Capitalize on Human Resources
October 17, 2010, Atlanta, GA

19th Annual Tax, Regulatory & Risk Management Conference
October 17–18, 2010, Atlanta, GA

PDP Course: Flight Operations Manual Workshop
October 17–18, 2010, Atlanta, GA

PDP Course: Emergency Response Planning Workshop
October 17–18, 2010, Atlanta, GA

PDP Course: Human Factors
October 17–18, 2010, Atlanta, GA

PDP Course: Customer Service Programs
October 18, 2010, Atlanta, GA

63rd Annual Meeting & Convention (NBAA2010)
October 19–21, 2010, Atlanta, GA

PDP Course: Management Fundamentals for Flight Departments Workshop
October 22–23, 2010, Atlanta, GA

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