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NBAA Update #09-47
Monday, November 23, 2009

NBAA Update is the National Business Aviation Association's weekly e-newsletter providing a synopsis of the latest operational, regulatory and legislative news for the business aviation community, as well as information about NBAA activities, Member benefits and upcoming industry events. Subscribe for free or review the archives at

NBAA Highlights Industry's Challenges at House Roundtable
At a roundtable meeting held by House lawmakers last week to gather aviation policy guidance, NBAA Director, Government Affairs Dick Doubrava reminded policymakers of the economic challenges facing business aviation and of the industry's sustained commitment to supporting efforts to modernize the nation's aviation system. Earlier this year, NBAA joined other aviation groups in signing a letter to House leaders calling for robust funding for aviation modernization, noting: "Use of General Fund revenues for FAA costs recognizes that all Americans materially benefit from a safe and efficient air transportation system, regardless of whether or not they ever board an aircraft." To review the letter, visit:

Association Welcomes Committee Focused on Future of Aviation
NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen welcomed the formation of a new Federal Advisory Committee focusing on the future of aviation. Department of Transportation (DOT) Secretary Ray LaHood announced the stakeholder committee at a DOT conference held last week to focus on aviation planning. In remarks he made at the conference, Bolen reiterated the business aviation community's ongoing support for aviation system modernization. "NBAA welcomes the creation of this committee, which demonstrates Secretary LaHood's commitment to hear from people in the industry when aviation policies are considered," Bolen said. "We look forward to supporting the committee's work to inform aviation policymaking." To learn more, contact NBAA's Dick Doubrava at

Letter Challenges Paper's Sensationalism on Business Aviation Emissions
NBAA responded quickly to a New York Times story from last week maintaining that "private jet companies generate very high emissions per passenger." Association President and CEO Ed Bolen said in a letter to the newspaper's editors: "Your story seemed more focused on sensationalism about emissions from small business airplanes than airing the facts… In truth, emissions from any type of aviation account for only 2 percent of all carbon emissions, with emissions from business aviation making up one-half of 1 percent of global emissions." Review the letter at:

NBAA Releases Guidance on Security Proposal for Aircraft Repair Stations
Last week, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) published a notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) that would affect aircraft repair stations certificated under FAR Part 145. The proposed regulations would establish requirements for repair stations to adopt and implement a standard security program and to comply with security directives issued by the TSA. The proposed regulations would also provide procedures for the TSA to notify repair stations of any deficiencies in their security programs, and to determine whether a particular repair station presents an immediate risk to security. The TSA has provided 60 days for public comments on the proposal, which are due by January 19. View NBAA's analysis of the proposed rule at:

FAA Investigation Highlights Importance of Pilot Communication With ATC
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is updating its training and procedures for controllers dealing with instances in which aircraft operators provide "No Radio" contact (referred to as NORDO aircraft). The updated guidance comes in response to the recent Northwest Airlines flightcrew that overflew its destination and was out of radio contact with air traffic control (ATC). The NBAA GA Desk, which routinely assists ATC in establishing communications with NORDO aircraft, reports the primary cause for loss of communication is a missed frequency change. Pilots are strongly encouraged to ensure that they are on the correct frequency at all times. For more information, contact NBAA's Bob Lamond at

Deadline Approaching to Obtain Plastic Replacement Pilot Certificates
According to the FAA, paper-based airman certificates will expire on March 31, 2010. Expired certificates will prevent pilots from exercising their privileges, with the exception of temporary or student pilot certificates. Before the expiration date, pilots are required to obtain new, plastic-based airman certificate replacements for a $2 charge. In response to privacy concerns, an option has been made available for removing social security numbers from the new certificates. For more information or to submit a replacement certificate request online, visit:

FAA SAFO Recommends Thrust Reverser Training for Learjet 60 Pilots
As a result of a fatal crash in 2008 involving a runway overrun by a Learjet 60, the FAA has issued a safety alert for operators (SAFO) highlighting the need for additional flightcrew training to recognize inadvertent thrust reverser stowage. In the 2008 accident, a squat switch was damaged on the landing gear, which prevented the thrust reversers from being deployed when they were commanded, resulting in an inability of the aircraft to stop. The recommended training provides guidance to flightcrews that might encounter similar circumstances during takeoff or landing. For more information and to read the SAFO, visit:

Toronto International Implements New Nighttime Flight Restrictions
The Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) implemented a new Night Flight Restriction Program (NFRP) on November 1. All Stage 3 or Stage 4 aircraft not operating on a scheduled and repetitive basis are required to request permission to operate during the restricted hours between 12:30 a.m. and 6:30 a.m. by contacting the GTAA Resource Management Unit on the day of operation at (416) 776-3480 or (800) 267-7568. Operations of Stage 2 aircraft are not permitted from 12:00 midnight to 7:00 a.m. The Canadian Business Aviation Association has planned a meeting with airport authorities to request that a fair and equitable allocation of slots be made available to business aviation. View the NFRP at:

Vancouver International Hosts Winter Olympics Briefing This Thursday
Planners of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games will hold a briefing this Thursday, November 26 at Vancouver International Airport (YVR) for operators intending to fly to the games. The briefing will be presented by the Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit and Federal Aviation Technical Working Group at the Landmark East Facility on the airport from 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. The planning groups will present operational guidance for using Vancouver area airports during the 2010 Winter Olympics. For more information, visit:

Protect Your Medical Certificate With NBAA and Virtual Flight Surgeons
NBAA has partnered with Virtual Flight Surgeons, Inc. (VFS) to offer Members an exclusive 10 percent discount on the company's Complete Aeromedical Services Program (CASP). CASP is a suite of tools and services for pilots to ensure their FAA medical certificates are protected, including confidential e-mail and phone consultations with VFS physicians; case preparation support for FAA waiver advocacy; and certificate renewal submission and reporting. NBAA Member Companies can also take advantage of CASP's corporate flight physiology and medical procedure reviews. The 10 percent discount off the annual per-pilot fee is available to NBAA Member Companies. For more information, contact VFS at or 1-866-AERO-MED, or visit:

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NBAA Opposes Access Restrictions at CA Airports
Last week, NBAA renewed the Association's commitment to continue fighting for access to airports in California after three of the state's elected officials announced plans to introduce legislation for mandatory nighttime curfews at Burbank (BUR) and Van Nuys (VNY) airports. The lawmakers' announcement comes on the heels of a recent ruling from the FAA against a curfew proposed by Burbank's Airport Authority. "NBAA and its Members recognize the importance of ensuring safe and efficient operations at local airports," said Steve Brown, NBAA senior vice president of operations & administration. "That having been said, Burbank and Van Nuys are part of a national network of airports where proposed access restrictions are subject to provisions of the Airport Noise and Capacity Act of 1990 and Federal Aviation Regulation Part 161. The nation's airport network cannot be subject to a ‘patchwork quilt' of different standards." To review NBAA's advocacy on behalf of airports in California and elsewhere, visit:

Podcast: An On-The-Ground Perspective About Access at BUR
The FAA's recent denial of a proposed ban on nighttime operations at Bob Hope Airport (BUR) in Burbank, CA is "a watershed moment to preserve business aviation access to the airport," according to Bob Rodine, a business aviation consultant. Rodine shares his perspective in this edition of the NBAA Flight Plan podcast. Subscribe to the podcasts through Apple's iTunes web site and receive them automatically, or listen through NBAA's web site, at:

Required Reroutes Southbound Out of NY During Thanksgiving Holiday
With the onset of the Thanksgiving Day holiday, traffic of all kinds is expected to increase in the greater New York region. To help accommodate the increased aviation traffic, a number of required reroutes are expected this week for southbound traffic out of the area. The U.S. military has, once again, released airspace off of the Virginia and North Carolina coasts for this holiday, which will allow the opening of additional routes. Operators should monitor the advisories issued by the FAA's Air Traffic Control System Command Center each day to receive information on which routes will be in use. NBAA's GA Desk staff will also forward this information to Members on a daily basis via the Airspace Alerts Air Mail list. Direct questions to the NBAA GA Desk at or subscribe to NBAA's Airspace Alerts at:

Greater Washington Reception to Be Held Dec. 4
Members of the business aviation community in the metropolitan Washington, DC area are invited to attend the Greater Washington Business Aviation Association's (GWBAA's) Annual Holiday Reception, which will be held on December 4 at 5:00 p.m. at the Landmark Aviation FBO on Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD). To RSVP, contact GWBAA President Paige Kroner at, or for more information, contact NBAA's Harry Houckes at

NBAA Members Recognized for Quiet Flights at White Plains
Seventeen NBAA Members were among the more than 30 based aircraft operators who recently received noise-abatement awards for quiet flying 2007 and 2008 from Westchester County Airport (HPN) in White Plains, NY. AIM Aviation, IBM, Interlaken Capital Aviation Services, Lower Cross Capital, Parkview Holdings, Pepsico, PMI Global Services, Air Frantz, D&F Partners, Delaney Aviation, Fayair, Rabbit Hill, Imperial Transport, RMJ Aviation, NY Power Authority, Richard Foreman and R.T. Vanderbilt were among the operators recognized for their 100 percent compliance with the New York metropolitan area airport's midnight to 6:30 a.m. curfew and high-range noise event limit of 93 dBA. In addition, PMI Global Services won an award for having the lowest average sound level for a based jet fleet in 2008. For more information regarding the noise-abatement program at HPN, visit:

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Featured Member Benefit: NBAA eAPIS Compliance Resource
NBAA has partnered with ARINC Direct Business Aviation Solutions to offer Members a new option for complying with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) electronic Advance Passenger Information System (eAPIS) requirements. The new eAPIS transmission service is available through a simple online tool that allows Members to easily submit, modify and store APIS data for future use. CBP has fully approved the new NBAA transmission service and it meets all applicable regulatory requirements. To learn more about this service, visit:

November NBAA Exhibitor Update Now Available
The November issue of the NBAA Exhibitor Update has mailed to subscribers and is now available for viewing on NBAA's web site. Issue highlights include announcements about 2010 events such as the 21st Annual Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference and Business Aviation Regional Forum series; details on the attendance and results of the NBAA 62nd Annual Meeting & Convention last month; and various other announcements. To view the November issue or to subscribe to NBAA Exhibitor Update, visit:

NBAA Announces Call for Speakers at 2010 Regional Forums
NBAA is pleased to announce its call for speakers for education sessions at the Association's 2010 Regional Forums. Proposals for presentations on topics such as safety and risk management, maintenance and technical issues, airspace and airport access, aircraft and flight operations, aviation management, aircraft ownership and career and leadership development are welcomed. Proposals are due to NBAA by December 7. For more information and to view the call for speakers form, visit:

NBAA Thanksgiving Holiday Office Closure
In observance of the Thanksgiving Day holiday, NBAA's offices will be closed from Wednesday, November 25, to Friday, November 27. The Association's offices will reopen at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, November 30.

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Business Aviation Regional Forum
January 14, 2010, Houston, TX

21st Annual Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference
January 27–29, 2010, San Antonio, TX

18th Annual Leadership Conference
February 24–25, 2010, San Diego, CA

Business Aviation Regional Forum
March 11, 2010, Van Nuys, CA

37th Annual International Operators Conference
March 29–April 1, 2010, New Orleans, LA

25th Annual Maintenance Management Conference
April 6–8, 2010, San Diego, CA

10th Annual European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE2010)
May 4–6, 2010, Geneva, Switzerland

55th Annual Corporate Aviation Safety Seminar
May 11–13, 2010, Tucson, AZ

Business Aviation Regional Forum
June 10, 2010, Teterboro, NJ

15th Annual Flight Attendants Conference
June 24–26, 2010, San Diego, CA

Business Aviation Regional Forum
September 9, 2010, Chicago, IL

19th Annual Tax, Regulatory & Risk Management Conference
October 17–18, 2010, Atlanta, GA

63rd Annual Meeting & Convention (NBAA2010)
October 19–21, 2010, Atlanta, GA

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