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NBAA Update #09-02
Monday, January 12, 2009

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Business Aviation News & Issues
NBAA States TARP Language Will Fuel General Aviation Job Losses
NBAA on Friday warned that businesses trying to recover in the current, unforgiving economic climate would be severely impacted by language in a bill to reform the Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP), first passed by Congress last year. The bill will "require divestment of private aircraft or leases," according to Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee Barney Frank (D-4-MA), who introduced the proposal. "Congress may be trying to bolster the economy, but enactment of this provision will put the jobs of tens of thousands of hard-working Americans at risk," NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen said. "This could devastate the small businesses that fuel and service general aviation airplanes, further harm the manufacturers who are already laying off workers and slowing assembly lines, and take away a tool from companies that need general aviation airplanes to operate to and from the thousands of U.S. communities that have little or no scheduled airline service." For more information, visit:

Call to Action: Tell Congress TARP Proposal Will Cost Jobs
Through NBAA's Contact Congress resource, the Association has made available a new letter for Members to voice their concerns about the TARP proposal with their elected officials. "We're asking NBAA Members to immediately alert their elected representatives in Congress about the TARP proposal," said NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen. "If enacted into law, business aviation jobs will be lost across the country, including schedulers, dispatchers, maintenance technicians, pilots, training professionals, insurers, and many other disciplines – all good jobs, performed by good people. Congress needs to be aware of the potential consequences that could result from this proposal." To let your elected officials know of your opposition to the proposal, visit NBAA's Contact Congress resource at:

Bolen Tells TSA: Security Proposal Will Be Destructive if Left Unchanged
At the first of five Large Aircraft Security Program (LASP) public hearings being held this month, NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen last week articulated pressing industry concerns to Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officials, and offered a process for improving the proposal. Reiterating business aviation's leadership role in security enhancements, Bolen predicted that the current version of the LASP would have "unintended and destructive consequences that threaten the well-being of businesses across the U.S." The security approach outlined in the proposal – which is in many ways an overlay of airline security measures onto general aviation – would be unduly burdensome without providing a clear enhancement of security. Learn more and make your voice heard on the proposal at:

NBAA Members Weigh in With Wall Street Journal Blogger on TSA Proposal
Last week, NBAA Members were quick to respond to a Wall Street Journal blogger, whose "Wealth Report" entry missed the broad implications of the TSA's proposed LASP rule, calling it simply "a small price to pay" for "well-heeled" travelers. Following an NBAA alert about the posting, Members weighed in to set the record straight. "The proposed LASP regulations do not improve security, they simply reduce and perhaps eliminate the time savings," one Member noted. The LASP "does nothing to enhance U.S. security...but adds cost and bureaucracy for bureaucracy's sake," another Member observed. Visit the blog at:

TSA Releases List of Airports That Could be Subject to LASP
The TSA has released a list of airports that would be required to implement specific security measures under the proposed LASP. While general aviation airports currently utilize a number of effective security measures, they are not required to comply with a TSA mandated security program. Under the LASP, facilities identified as reliever airports by the Department of Transportation (DOT) or airports served by scheduled or public charter operations would be required to implement a partial security program. Download a PDF with a list of airports selected by TSA:

NBAA Welcomes Lynne Osmus as Acting FAA Administrator
NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen welcomed last week's announcement that Lynne A. Osmus, a 30-year veteran at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), will become acting FAA administrator effective January 20. "Lynne is a consummate professional and an excellent choice," said NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen. "We congratulate her on this appointment, and we look forward to working with her as the Obama administration considers a new FAA administrator." Osmus assumes the role upon the departure of current FAA Acting Administrator Bobby Sturgell. In her tenure at the FAA, Osmus has served as assistant administrator for security and hazardous materials and deputy associate administrator of FAA's Civil Aviation Security Program, among other roles. To review her bio, visit:

NBAA Files Amicus Brief on FAA Revocation Appeal
Last week, NBAA and the National Air Transportation Association jointly filed an amicus brief with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) providing the industry's perspective on an FAA enforcement action against NBAA Member Air Trek. In 2008, the FAA issued an emergency order of revocation against the Part 135 operator. During the hearing with the administrative law judge, the majority of the agency's allegations were dismissed and the revocation was reduced to an indefinite suspension (pending Air Trek's correction of a few items). The FAA appealed to the NTSB, and during the appeal, Air Trek's air carrier certificate will remain suspended. NBAA viewed this appeal as an opportunity to weigh in with the NTSB on the Association's view that this case is indicative of a growing trend of non-cooperation and a lack of good faith on the part of certain offices in the FAA in their exercise of enforcement powers against Part 135 operators. For more information, contact NBAA's Operations Service Group at

NBAA Educates Members About FAA Regulatory Relief Process
A new NBAA resource is available online to educate Members on alternate modes of compliance with FAA regulations. As outlined in the resource, an exemption, waiver or deviation submitted to the FAA may help one obtain relief from certain regulatory provisions. While the process of applying to FAA National Headquarters for an exemption tends to be very formal, the process for waiver and deviation applications is less rigidly structured. The applicant's relationship with the local Flight Standards District Office can help inform the process and outcome of waiver and deviation applications. The new resource was prepared for NBAA by aviation attorneys Aaron Goerlich and Jason Maddux. To learn more, visit:

Pre-departure RAIM Prediction to Be Required Starting in July
The FAA has published General Notice 09001, which contains updated guidance on the pre-departure RAIM prediction required when TSO-C129 global positioning system (GPS) equipment is solely used to satisfy the area navigation (RNAV) requirement to fly U.S. RNAV routes, RNAV STARs and RNAV DPs subject to FAA Advisory Circular 90-100A. Receiver autonomous integrity monitoring (RAIM) technology assesses the integrity of GPS signals and the accuracy of airborne GPS navigation equipment. Until June 30, 2009, pre-departure RAIM prediction is not required for any RNAV route conducted where ATC radar monitoring is provided or the procedure is noted "Radar Required." Effective July 1, operators filing RNAV 1 routes (Q & T), RNAV 1 STARs and RNAV 1 DPs will need to perform a RAIM prediction as part of their preflight planning. For additional information, visit:

New Member Resource Addresses International Aircraft Transactions
A new guide to international aircraft transactions, prepared for NBAA by aviation attorney Keith Swirsky, is now available to NBAA Members. Recent years have seen increased numbers of new and used business jet aircraft being sold to buyers outside the United States. As more used aircraft are exported from the U.S. to other parts of the world, and as manufacturers deliver increasing numbers of new aircraft to customers outside the U.S., the percentage of aircraft in the worldwide business aviation fleet that are non-U.S. registered will continue to increase. It is therefore ever more necessary for U.S. buyers and brokers entering the used aircraft market to expand the scope of their search for suitable used aircraft to include non-U.S. registered aircraft. To access NBAA's new Member resource on this topic, visit:

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Regional News
Inauguration Day Airspace Guidance for DC Area on Jan. 20
Operators are advised that no special traffic management programs (STMPs) are in effect for any Washington, DC-area airports in conjunction with next week's Presidential inauguration. While there will be a temporary flight restriction (TFR) in place on January 20, operators still may travel to and from Washington Dulles (IAD), Baltimore-Washington (BWI) and Manassas (HEF) airports as long as they are on IFR flight plans. Prior permission is required for parking at BWI, but neither IAD nor HEF require reservations. Additionally, IAD's fixed base operators have brought in extra staff and equipment to help with the expected increase in traffic. The FAA will be monitoring traffic throughout the week and implementing the least restrictive tools possible to maintain the best possible traffic flow. As a result, miles-in-trail restrictions and departure spacing delays are more likely to be used than ground stops or ground delay programs. A GAAP will be the lowest priority traffic management initiative. For more information, visit:

Upcoming LASP Hearings to Be Held in Chicago, Burbank and Houston This Month
The TSA continues to hold public hearings on its proposed LASP. The next hearings will be held in Chicago, IL on January 16; Burbank, CA on January 23; and Houston, TX on January 28. For more information, contact NBAA's Doug Carr at To review the specific LASP provisions the TSA is seeking comment on and for further details, visit:

NBAA Seeks Feedback on FAA Test of Reduced Wattage at New York VOLMET Station
The FAA is conducting a test on New York's high frequency volatile meteorological (VOLMET) station, which broadcasts meteorological information to aircraft in flight over the Atlantic Ocean. During the test, which runs until January 26, the wattage of the New York VOLMET station will be reduced from 5,000 watts to 1,000 watts on all four of the VOLMET station's frequencies. General aviation operators flying in the North Atlantic airspace are requested to provide feedback on the signal strength of the broadcast to NBAA using the FAA's VOLMET testing form. Completed forms should be sent to NBAA's Mark Larsen at or faxed to (202) 478-0035. To download the FAA's VOLMET testing form, visit:

New RNAV SID for Teterboro Runway 24 Departures
On January 15, New Jersey's Teterboro Airport (TEB) will begin using the RUUDY ONE RNAV SID for departures on Runway 24. The SID may be assigned by TEB tower to aircraft that indicate "RNAV departure" on their FAA/ICAO flight plan. Pilots are encouraged to review the announcement provided by the Teterboro Users Group concerning the RUUDY ONE RNAV SID, which can be found online at:

Operational Trial of Flex Routes Between Continental U.S. and Hawaii to Begin Jan. 13
An operational trial will commence on January 13 of flexible routes between the continental U.S. and Hawaii. The routes will be published daily and can be found via the international notices to airmen (INOTAM). Use of standard routes to and from Hawaii will remain available as long as they do not conflict with the flex route structure. NBAA's GA Desk recommends that operators flying to/from Hawaii should obtain flex routes for the day of operation and plan flights accordingly. An Oakland Center NOTAM (A5257/08) has been released and contains details on the operational trial. For more information, contact the GA Desk at

New Communications Procedures Issued for Simultaneous Approaches at SFO
On January 15, the FAA will make changes to the communications procedures used during precision runway monitor approaches when simultaneous offset instrument approach operations are in progress at San Francisco International Airport (SFO). Aircraft flying the ILS PRM 28L and LDA PRM 28R approaches will remain in communication with the final radar controller and monitor the PRM frequency until reaching the end of the No Transgression Zone, which is as close as 3.4 nm from the runway threshold. At that time, aircraft will be switched to the tower frequency of 120.5 MHz for both runways. Download the FAA letter to airmen at:

NBAA, Dallas Regional Groups Will Host TSA LASP Comment Workshop, Jan. 13
NBAA, the North Texas Business Aviation Association and the Love Field Pilots Association (LFPA) will hold a workshop addressing concerns about the TSA's LASP on January 13, at Dallas Love Field (DAL). The workshop is intended to help Members develop comments on the proposed regulation plan, which has been met with much concern by the business aviation community. NBAA's Doug Carr will provide opening remarks and answer Members' questions. Additional participating regional groups will include the Friends of Meacham Airport Association, Addison Business Aviation Association and Texas Corporate Aviation Schedulers & Dispatchers. The workshop will be held from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Frontiers of Flight Museum Auditorium on the airport, located at 6911 Lemmon Avenue in Dallas, TX. For more information, contact LFPA's Bob Chrampanis at, or NBAA's Steve Hadley at

Plan Ahead: Rocky Mountain West Aviation Expo in Boise This May
The Idaho Aviation Association and the Idaho Aviation Foundation will host the 7th Annual Rocky Mountain West Aviation Expo in Boise, ID on May 30 and 31. Building on the tradition of the Idaho Aviation Festival, the Expo will have an expanded exhibit hall and additional seminar rooms. It will feature static displays of business, light and experimental aircraft, and live product and service demonstrations will be performed. At this important annual event, attendees will learn about aviation job opportunities and the latest in aviation technology. For more information or to participate, contact the Idaho Business League's Lee Hudson at For more information, contact NBAA's Steve Hadley at

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NBAA Hires Chris Strong as Vice President, Membership Marketing
NBAA has hired association marketing veteran Chris Strong as its new vice president, membership marketing. He officially joined the Association on January 5, and reports to NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen. "Chris comes to NBAA with extensive experience in membership marketing and support, which will be of great benefit to our Association and NBAA's Member Companies," said Bolen. "He is a welcome addition to NBAA's leadership team and a valued asset as we continually work to strengthen the support we provide for the business aviation community." For more information, visit:

Next CAM Exam Registration Deadline Is This Week
The deadline to sign up for the next available Certified Aviation Manager (CAM) Exam is January 15. The test will be offered in a computer-based testing (CBT) format in March 2009 at various locations throughout the country. NBAA will also be offering the CBT version of the CAM Exam in May, July, September and November. One paper version of the exam will be offered on October 19 at the 2009 NBAA Annual Meeting & Convention in Orlando, FL. NBAA introduced computer-based testing for the CAM Exam a year ago to provide applicants greater convenience and flexibility. The CAM credential is considered the highest recognition for business aviation professionals. Through certification, individuals demonstrate their commitment to the safety, security and effective management of business aviation. To learn more, visit:

View 20th Annual Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference Highlights Online This Week
This week from January 13 to 16, the NBAA will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of its Schedulers & Dispatchers (S&D) Conference in Long Beach, CA. As in years past, this event will provide three days of instruction and training specifically focused on the skills that schedulers and dispatchers of every experience level require. The milestone 2009 Conference has several special events planned to mark the 20th anniversary, including the premiere of a commemorative video, the inaugural presentation of the S&D Outstanding Achievement and Leadership Award, a memorabilia display that depicts the typical S&D workspace throughout the decades, a review of S&D profession milestones and an opportunity to purchase an S&D yearbook. For more information, and to register, visit:

Sharon Forbes Wins NBAA's Inaugural Schedulers & Dispatchers Outstanding Achievement & Leadership Award
Sharon Forbes of DuPont Aviation will be the first person to receive NBAA's Schedulers & Dispatchers (S&D) Outstanding Achievement & Leadership Award. Forbes – who is the supervisor of scheduling operations and facility manager for DuPont's FAR Part 91 flight department headquartered in Wilmington, DE – is slated to accept the award during the upcoming NBAA 20th Annual Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference. Created in 2008, the award recognizes individuals who have shared their outstanding business aviation industry expertise, provided extraordinary service, exhibited leadership and made significant contributions to the scheduling and dispatching function. For more information, visit:

2009 Member Directory Updates Due Jan. 23
The 2009 NBAA Directory of Member Companies, Aircraft & Personnel will be printed soon. In order to ensure that all Member information is up-to-date in the printed Directory, NBAA requests that Member Representatives make any necessary changes to their company's Membership record by Friday, January 23. Members may update information through "My NBAA Profile," NBAA's online tool that allows Members to access and make changes to their record. Changes can be made at any time and are immediately reflected in the Online Directory. Membership update forms will not be mailed this year. To make a specific request for a printed form, contact NBAA by January 14 at (800) 394-6222 or To view and update Member profiles now, visit:

Online Registration Now Available for 20th Annual Leadership Conference
Online registration is now available for the NBAA 20th Annual Leadership Conference, to be held from February 18 to 19 at the Doubletree Hotel in New Orleans, LA. Hosted by the Association's Corporate Aviation Management Committee, the NBAA Leadership Conference provides two days of valuable management education and networking opportunities with the industry's most successful leaders. The keynote address will be delivered by famed aircraft designer, visionary and aerospace engineer Burt Rutan, who will address the event's theme for 2009, "Winds of Change," by sharing his latest efforts to inspire creativity and innovation in aviation. For more information and to register online, visit:

Upcoming Scholarship Application Deadlines
Application deadlines for the International Operators Scholarship and the Maintenance Technical Reward and Career Scholarship (TRACS) are just around the corner. For the International Operators Scholarship, all documents, including a completed and signed application form, an essay and at least one letter of recommendation, are due by January 30. Offered by NBAA in partnership with ExxonMobil Aviation and the Avitats, the scholarship benefits business aviation professionals engaged in international operations and can be applied toward any professional development program. Applications for NBAA's Maintenance TRACS, which offers current and aspiring maintenance technicians the opportunity to receive technician training courses for several aircraft models, are due by February 13. For more information and to apply to these and other NBAA scholarships, visit:

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SPDP Course: International Operations
January 13, 2009, Long Beach, CA

PDP Course: Finance and Budget Accounting
January 13, 2009, Long Beach, CA

NBAA 20th Annual Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference
January 14–16, 2009, Long Beach, CA

PDP Course: Capitalize on Human Resources
February 17, 2009, New Orleans, LA

NBAA Leadership Conference
February 18–19, 2009, New Orleans, LA

NBAA Light Business Airplane Exhibition & Conference
March 13–14, 2009, San Diego, CA

36th Annual International Operators Conference
March 30–April 2, 2009, San Diego, CA

PDP Course: Aviation Security
April 3, 2009, San Diego, CA

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