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NBAA Update #08-07
Monday, February 18, 2008

NBAA Update is the National Business Aviation Association's weekly e-mail newsletter, providing the latest operational, regulatory and political news for the business aviation community. Subscribe for free or review the archives at Send your comments about NBAA Update to Send address changes to

Business Aviation News & Issues
User Fee Debate Continues, With FAA Funding Extended Through June
The debate on user fees will continue as Congress works to complete multi-year Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reauthorization legislation. FAA funding and taxes originally expired last September, but since that time, Congress has approved a series of short-term extensions while it considers a final bill. With the most recent extension scheduled to expire on February 29, the House and Senate last week passed another extension fully funding the FAA through June 30. NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen commended Congress for providing the FAA with the resources and authority to continue its operations. "But now we urge Congress to pass a final, multi-year reauthorization bill that modernizes our aviation system by building upon the efficient, pay-at-the-pump fuel tax for general aviation," Bolen added. "We look forward to working with Members in the House and Senate to make this a reality in 2008." To tell Congress you support general aviation fuel taxes to help fund the FAA and modernization, visit:

NBAA Challenges Mischaracterization of GA in USA Today Editorial
NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen last week sent a letter to editorial writers at USA Today to call into question the newspaper's negative characterization of general aviation in a recent editorial regarding FAA reauthorization and aviation system modernization. "As NBAA's letter points out, the debate about FAA funding and modernization is important to anyone who flies," Bolen said. "Unfortunately, the editorial included factual errors and a depiction of general aviation that could not be left unaddressed. The paper's letter-submission guidelines require that NBAA not make the letter available until after the paper has published it. However, once the letter is in the public domain, we will share it with Members." To read the USA Today editorial, visit:

House Aviation Panel Reviews Runway Safety Concerns
Last week, a hearing held by the House Aviation Subcommittee focused on runway safety, and actions the FAA and aviation community could take to improve runway safety. The hearing followed a recent report issued by the Government Accountability Office on runway and ramp safety issues. Representatives from the FAA, National Transportation Safety Board, Department of Transportation (DOT) and aviation stakeholder groups outlined efforts to address existing concerns. Subcommittee members urged the FAA to strengthen its focus on runway safety and work to improve safety initiatives, including better incident data collection, new airport and cockpit technologies, airport runway signage and runway/taxiway configurations and markings. The subcommittee also directed the FAA to provide an update every 90 days outlining efforts to improve runway safety. "Safety is at the very foundation of business aviation, and we appreciate the subcomittee's leadership on the issue," said NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen. To review NBAA's runway safety resources, visit:

DOT Releases SIFL Rates for First Half of 2008
The U.S. DOT recently released Standard Industry Fare Level (SIFL) rates for the six-month period from January 1 to June 30. These data are necessary when applying the Internal Revenue Service's aircraft valuation formula to compute values of non-business transportation aboard employer-provided aircraft. The data also are needed to impute the income of the traveling employee, as required by the IRS Rules Section 1.61-21(g). NBAA Members may access the SIFL rates and NBAA's personal use calculator, which assists flight departments with valuation of personal trips, at:

FAA Delays ETOPS Compliance Date to August 13
The compliance date for Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) Part 135 operators to implement FAA's extended operations (ETOPS) guidance and regulations has been delayed 180 days, until August 13. The FAA first published a final rule on January 16, 2007, that broadened ETOPS to include all multiengine turbine aircraft operated under Part 135. The ETOPS rule is applicable when these aircraft, at approved one-engine inoperative cruise speed, are more than 180 minutes flying time from an airport meeting the requirements of Part 135. The compliance date has been delayed to allow operators additional time to develop training procedures and implement safety measures established in the final rule and to allow for publication of an FAA Advisory Circular that will provide comprehensive guidance on ETOPS requirements. For additional information, visit:

New NBAA Resource Discusses Mandatory Retirement Age Rule
Since President Bush signed the Fair Treatment for Experienced Pilots Act (FTEPA) last December, mandatory retirement age rules for pilots have been the subject of national debate. FTEPA makes ineffective FAR 121.383(c) and increases the mandatory retirement age for commercial airline pilots from 60 to 65. Part 91 and 135 operators should note that FAR 121.383(c) and FTEPA only apply to pilots serving in Part 121 operations. Neither FARs nor FTEPA allows Part 91 and 135 operators to establish a mandatory retirement age for pilots. To provide more detailed information on this issue to NBAA Members, an article discussing mandatory pilot retirement age rules in the context of business aircraft operations is available on the NBAA web site. Read the article at:

FAA Issues SAFO Recommending Use of Strategic Lateral Offset Procedure
The FAA has issued a safety alert for operators (SAFO) regarding the use of the strategic lateral offset procedure (SLOP) when outside of U.S. airspace. The SAFO recommends that operators review their standard operating procedures and consider using SLOP in certain situations. The use of SLOP is recommended when operating in a remote non-radar environment, communication with the controlling air traffic agency is lost or a conditional climb clearance has been received. Due to the accuracy of space-based navigation systems, operators can use a one nautical mile lateral offset, as recommend in the SAFO, and still be within permissible limits of the airway system.

FAA Releases InFO on TCAS Functionality Issues
The FAA has released an information for operators (InFO) message to describe various conditions that may result in the lack of functionality of traffic alert and collision avoidance systems (TCAS). In order to ensure that the transponder and TCAS equipment are operating properly, pilots must become familiar with the annunciations currently used to indicate failure or lack of functionality of these components. The InFO message recommends that operators develop aircraft specific procedures and training to maintain pilots familiarity with transponder and TCAS equipment in the aircraft they operate. For additional information, download the InFO notice at:

Corporate Aviation Management Scholarship Recipients Announced
NBAA has announced that four individuals have been selected by the Association's Corporate Aviation Management Committee as recipients of the 2008 Corporate Aviation Management Scholarship. Each scholarship includes a value equivalent to $1,600 to cover expenses associated with attendance at NBAA's 2008 Leadership Conference, taking place on February 27 and 28 in San Antonio, TX. Attendance at this Conference promotes the professional development and leadership skills of individuals seeking careers in flight department management. Read the full press release at:

ABACE Forum Last Week in Hong Kong Was a Success
The ABACE Forum held last week in Hong Kong was an enormous success, with a total of 1,131 people and 29 Exhibitors in attendance. The one-day event, which was held on Thursday, February 14, featured 14 aircraft on Static Display at Hong Kong International Airport and exhibit space at the nearby Hong Kong Business Aviation Centre. Information Sessions featured industry experts discussing airspace and regulatory issues for operating in the Asian region and the challenges and opportunities for establishing business aviation operations in the region.

NBAA Member Profile: Pentad Properties
Many small businesses rely on business aviation to expand their markets and increase their efficiency. Pentad Properties, an NBAA Member Company headquartered in Salt Lake City, is owned by Paul Stafford, who connects with his clients, business partners and government officials with the use of a single-engine, piston-powered airplane. Stafford is a commercial real estate investment specialist based in Missoula, MT. He uses his airplane to extend the reach of his real estate practice as far as Denver, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City and Phoenix. "We're small, but nimble," Stafford said. "I don't know any other brokers that work the way I do and have the reach that I do. The airplane enables me to service a greater region, and it helps increase the volume of my business." The company is profiled in the most recent edition of Business Aviation Insider, NBAA's Member newsletter. To review the profile, visit:

Cutter Aviation

Regional News
Next NBAA Regional Forum Is Coming to San Antonio
NBAA will host its next Regional Forum on March 27 at San Antonio International Airport (SAT) in San Antonio, TX. The event is a one-day learning and networking experience designed to meet the needs of the regional business aviation community, and to provide an introduction to local business leaders interested in learning more about business aviation. The forum will feature a Static Display of Aircraft and dozens of exhibits, and the FAA's Air Traffic Control (ATC) management personnel will be available to answer questions on ATC policies and procedures in the Southwest region. The event also will feature a number of briefings catering specifically toward business aviation in the San Antonio, TX area. To register or learn more, visit:

MA Governor Considers Repeal of Aircraft Parts and Labor Tax Exemption
Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick is considering the repeal of the current aircraft parts and labor tax exemption in an attempt to raise tax revenue. After several years of positive revenue gains from an increase in aircraft registration fees, fuel flow, employment and other indirect tax revenue, a loss in revenue may result with the repeal of the tax exemption. NBAA is coordinating its efforts with the Massachusetts Business Aviation Association and the Massachusetts Airport Managers' Association to educate the Governor on the need to continue with a tax exemption, which will continue to be beneficial to the aviation community and also generate revenue. For more information contact Dean saucier at

Boston Consolidated TRACON Issues Letter to Airmen
The FAA Boston Consolidated Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON) has published Letter to Airmen (LTA) No. 08-1, Practice Instrument Approaches, which details the airports where, traffic permitting, Boston Consolidated TRACON is able to provide instrument flight rules (IFR) separation between an aircraft executing a practice instrument approach and other participating VFR/IFR aircraft. Download LTA08-1 from the NBAA web site at:

NBAA to Offer Two PDP Courses in New Orleans, Mar. 25–28
NBAA will offer two Professional Development Program (PDP) Courses next month at the Embassy Suites Hotel in New Orleans. An NBAA Flight Operations Manual Workshop, "Employing the International Standard – Business Aviation Operations (IS-BAO)", will be offered from March 25 to 26. This interactive workshop will fully prepare attendees to draft an IS-BAO compliant manual, which is often required by insurance companies. Following that workshop, the NBAA Management Fundamentals for Flight Departments Workshop will be offered from March 27 to 28. This workshop provides flight department managers with key information about safe operations, regulatory compliance, budgeting and accounting, vendor selection, personnel management and other issues. For more information, visit:

GSLBAA Will Meet This Month in Chesterfield, MO
The Greater St. Louis Business Aviation Association (GSLBAA) will hold a meeting at 11:30 a.m. on Friday, February 29. The meeting will be held at the Wings of Hope Hangar (SUS) at 18370 Wings of Hope Boulevard in Chesterfield, MO. Dirk Vander Zee, sales director, Cessna Citation, will have a mock-up of the new Cessna Citation Columbus on display from 10:30 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. There is a charge of $15 for members and $20 for non-members to assist GSLBAA with expenses for non-sponsored luncheons. RSVP by 12:00 noon on February 27 to GSLBAA's Bev at For additional information, contact NBAA's Bob Quinn at

Baldwin Aviation

Aviation Group Elects NBAA's Piccione to Board of Directors
The International Aviation Womens Association (IAWA), an international organization for women who hold executive positions across the entire spectrum of the aviation and aerospace industry, has announced its board of directors for 2008. Among the newly elected is NBAA's Lisa Piccione, senior vice president government affairs, who will serve as IAWA's vice president of membership. The association represents several areas of the industry, including airports, commercial and business, education and research, government, law and several others. For more information, visit the IAWA web site at:

New Issue of Maintenance Newsletter Now Online
Members can go online now to review the latest issue of NBAA Quick Turns, the Association's newsletter for maintenance professionals. Review a message from NBAA Maintenance Committee Chairman Jim Janaitis of IBM Flight Operations, as well as an in-depth 2008 Maintenance Management Conference preview and details about other Maintenance Committee and Technical Committee initiatives. This issue began mailing at the start of February, and maintenance professionals within the Membership will receive their issues soon, if they haven't already. Review the issue at:

Don't Miss NBAA Maintenance Management Conference
NBAA's Maintenance Management Conference (MMC) will be held this year from April 15 to 17, in Daytona Beach, FL. The three-day Conference is the only event dedicated to aircraft maintenance and technical operations management for business aviation. The MMC is designed for those who own aircraft or oversee the day-to-day operational activities. It is a resource for single aircraft or large fleet managers seeking to enhance their technical knowledge and skills as well as their understanding of the maintenance management function. For more information, or to register, visit:

NBAA and FSF Again to Co-Host Annual CASS
NBAA and Flight Safety Foundation (FSF) will co-host the upcoming 53rd Annual Corporate Aviation Safety Seminar (CASS) from April 29 to May 1 at the Innisbrook Resort and Golf Club in Palm Harbor, FL. The event provides a forum for discussion and review of safety matters that are the focus of the business aviation community. Three hundred or more representatives of business operators attend the CASS, which features leaders of industry, operators and users, government officials and university researchers. To register, or for more information, visit:

Safety Standdown Europe Is Open for Registration
Registrations are now being accepted for the 2008 Safety Standdown Europe scheduled for Monday, May 19, immediately preceding EBACE2008 at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Geneva, Switzerland. This 2nd Annual Safety Standdown Europe, produced in partnership with Bombardier, NBAA and the European Business Aviation Association, is offered free of charge to registered Attendees. The event will focus on the philosophy of knowledge-based training and personal discipline. Space is limited so be sure to register early. For more information, or to register, visit:

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Upcoming NBAA Events
Regulatory & Operational Hot Topics Forum
February 22, 2008, Fort Lauderdale, FL

PDP Course: Flight Department Finance and Budget Accounting
February 26, 2008, San Antonio, TX

Leadership Conference
February 27–28, 2008, San Antonio, TX

Certified Aviation Manager Exam
February 29, 2008, San Antonio, TX

35th Annual International Operators Conference
March 10–13, 2008, San Antonio, TX

Business Aviation Regional Forum
March 27, 2008, San Antonio, TX

IS-BAO Implementation Workshop
March 28, 2008, San Antonio, TX

Maintenance Management Conference
April 15–17, 2008, Daytona Beach, FL

PDP Course: Managing the Aviation Safety Program
April 18, 2008, Daytona Beach, FL

PDP Course: Technical Operations: Policies and Procedures Manual Development
April 18, 2008, Daytona Beach, FL

Certified Aviation Manager Exam
April 18, 2008, Daytona Beach, FL

Business Aviation Regional Forum
April 24, 2008, Las Vegas, NV

PDP Course: Customer Service
April 25, 2008, Las Vegas, NV

Emergency Response Planning Workshop
April 28–29, 2008, Palm Harbor, FL

53rd Annual Corporate Aviation Safety Seminar
April 29–May 1, 2008, Palm Harbor, FL

2nd Annual Safety Standdown Europe
May 19, 2008, Geneva, Switzerland

8th Annual European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE2008)
May 20–22, 2008, Geneva, Switzerland

Business Aviation Taxes Forum
May 30, 2008, New York, NY

Business Aviation Regional Forum
June 26, 2008, Dayton, OH

13th Annual Flight Attendants Conference
June 27–28, Tucson, AZ

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