2007 Press Releases

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Dec. 5, 2007
NBAA Welcomes Sen. Hutchison as New Aviation Subcommittee Ranking Member
Dec. 3, 2007
NBAA Releases 2008 Calendar of Events, Professional Development Offerings
Oct. 29, 2007
NBAA Announces New Schedulers Professional Development Program Courses
Oct. 10, 2007
NBAA Comments on Recent FAA Charter Certificate Action
Oct. 3, 2007
NBAA2007 Is 'Enormously Successful Show'; Good News On and Off Convention Floor
Sept. 27, 2007
NBAA Announces New Board Officers; Jeffrey W. Lee Is Chairman
Sept. 27, 2007
Five Directors Elected to NBAA Board During Association's 60th Annual Meeting
Sept. 26, 2007
NBAA's Steve Brown Tells Congress: Airline Delays Are a 'Self-Inflicted Wound'
Sept. 25, 2007
NBAA Opening Session Celebrates Past, Present, Future of General Aviation
Sept. 25, 2007
NBAA Announces 2007 Recipients of Five Scholarships That Promote Collegiate Business Aviation Instruction
Sept. 25, 2007
NBAA Announces First David W. Ewald Journalism Scholarship Recipient
Sept. 25, 2007
NBAA Announces the Alan H. Conklin Business Aviation Management Scholarship
Sept. 25, 2007
New Speaker for NBAA Security Session: DHS's Rottman to Discuss U.S. Security Priorities
Sept. 25, 2007
Aviation Legends Present First-Time Author With Combs Gates Award During NBAA Convention
Sept. 25, 2007
NBAA Announces 2007 Journalism Award Recipients
Sept. 24, 2007
NBAA 11th Annual Chairman's Charity Classic Raises More Than $40,000 for NBAA Charities
Sept. 22, 2007
Commemorative Flight Arrives at NBAA Convention in Atlanta
Sept. 21, 2007
NBAA Lauds Finance Committee Action on FAA Modernization Bill
Sept. 21, 2007
Media Alert: NBAA 60th Annual Meeting & Convention, September 22–29
Sept. 20, 2007
NBAA Commends House of Representatives for Passing 'NextGen' Bill
Sept. 19, 2007
Media Alert: Commemorative Flight to Land at Atlanta's DeKalb-Peachtree Airport
Sept. 18, 2007
NBAA Welcomes House Leaders' Continued Rejection of User Fees
Sept. 14, 2007
Veterans Airlift Command to Receive NBAA Al Ueltschi Award for Humanitarian Leadership
Sept. 5, 2007
NBAA to Honor Rick Hale, Richard Shine With American Spirit Awards
Aug. 29, 2007
NBAA to Honor Flying Safety Award Recipients at 60th Annual Meeting & Convention
Aug. 1, 2007
NBAA Member Rick Hale Tells House Subcommittee: Support Aviation System Modernization Using Fuel Tax
July 19, 2007
NBAA Member Richard Shine Outlines Pitfalls of User Fees Before Senate Committee
July 13, 2007
NBAA to Honor Bryan Moss With Meritorious Service Award, Pat Epps With Doswell Award
July 2, 2007
NBAA Announces Recipients of 2007 Flight Attendants/Flight Technicians Scholarship
June 28, 2007
NBAA Lauds House Leaders' Rejection of Aviation User Fees
June 18, 2007
CAM Program to Offer New Computer-Based Certification Exam
June 13, 2007
NBAA Convention to Feature Flight Representing Past, Present and Future of Aviation
June 12, 2007
NBAA Annual Meeting & Convention Ranks in the Top 10 of U.S. Trade Shows
June 4, 2007
Reminder to Editors: NBAA Gold Wing Award Applications Due July 15
June 4, 2007
New Online Version of NBAA Member Directory Now Available
June 1, 2007
EBACE2007 Tops Records as Strongest-Ever European Business Aviation Event
May 31, 2007
NBAA to Open 2007 Convention to Students and Local Business Aviation Community for Georgia's 'Aviation Day'
May 18, 2007
NBAA's Convention to Include Construction of Aviation-Themed Playground Near Fulton County Airport
May 17, 2007
NBAA Announces Journalism Scholarship Honoring Dave Ewald
May 16, 2007
Senate Commerce Committee Splits on Aviation User Fee Vote
May 15, 2007
NBAA Applauds Nelson/Sununu Amendment Striking User Fees From Senate FAA Reauthorization Bill
May 14, 2007
NBAA's Donald A. Baldwin Sr. Business Aviation Management Scholarship Open for Applications
May 14, 2007
NBAA Announces Promotions for Four Staff Members
May 14, 2007
NBAA Announces Newly Approved Professional Development Program (PDP) Courses
May 11, 2007
NBAA, Flight Safety Foundation Denounce Brazilian Police Investigators Charging Legacy Pilots in '06 Mid-Air Collision
May 8, 2007
Judith Moreton and Mark Wilson to Be Honored With EBACE2007 European Business Aviation Awards
May 4, 2007
Dates Secured From 2008 to 2012 for European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition
May 3, 2007
NBAA Opposes User Fees in Senate FAA Funding Proposal
May 3, 2007
NBAA Recognizes Seven Certified Aviation Managers
April 30, 2007
EBACE2007 Poised to Set Records
April 26, 2007
Corporate Angel Network Recognizes Westchester County, NY at NBAA Regional Forum
April 26, 2007
NBAA to Relocate 2008 Annual Meeting & Convention
April 23, 2007
NBAA's New Online Advocacy Center Helps Industry Voice Opposition to Big Airlines' FAA User Fee Proposal
April 19, 2007
Corporate Angel Network to Recognize Westchester County, NY at NBAA Regional Forum
April 9, 2007
NBAA Continues Focus on Safety With Release of New Training Aid for Approach-and-Landing Accident Reduction (ALAR)
April 4, 2007
Bolen Promotes Modernization of Air Traffic System
April 2, 2007
NBAA Announces Maintenance Technical Reward and Career Scholarship (TRACS) Recipients
March 30, 2007
EBACE2007 Opening General Session Features Dr. Bertrand Piccard
March 26, 2007
NBAA Announces Atlanta Local Committee for 60th Annual Meeting & Convention
March 26, 2007
NBAA Silk Scarf Award Given to Harold Curtis
March 26, 2007
NBAA Announces Recipient of 2007 ExxonMobil Aviation and the Avitats International Operators Scholarship
March 21, 2007
NBAA: Small Businesses, Small Towns, Rural Areas Lose Under FAA Plan
March 15, 2007
NBAA's Bolen Promotes Aviation System Modernization Through Proven Funding Methods
March 13, 2007
NBAA Says Airline-Backed FAA Proposal Threatens Jobs, Access, Economic Growth
March 8, 2007
NBAA Calls Upon Congress to Reject Ruinous User Fees, Tax Hikes in Big Airlines' FAA Funding Plan
March 6, 2007
Call for Nominations: 2007 European Business Aviation Award
March 5, 2007
NBAA Releases Updated Oceanic Flying Operations and Procedures Manual
March 1, 2007
NBAA Urges Centennial Airport Users to Oppose Nearby Housing Plan
Feb. 21, 2007
NBAA Announces the Donald A. Baldwin Sr. Business Aviation Management Scholarship
Feb. 14, 2007
NBAA Calls Proposed FAA Budget a 'Sweetheart Deal' for the Big Airlines
Feb. 5, 2007
NBAA Announces Seven Recipients of 2007 Corporate Aviation Management Scholarship
Feb. 5, 2007
NBAA Says It's Official: Bush Administration Budget Includes 'Toxic Mix' of User Fees, Huge Tax Increases for General Aviation
Jan. 31, 2007
Bolen Troubled by Recent Blakey Comments on Aviation System Funding
Jan. 25, 2007
Attendee Enthusiasm Drives Schedulers & Dispatchers to New Level
Jan. 23, 2007
NBAA Recognizes 18 Individuals for Achievement in Schedulers Professional Development Program (SPDP)
Jan. 23, 2007
NBAA Announces Recipients of 2007 Schedulers & Dispatchers Training Scholarships
Jan. 23, 2007
NBAA Announces Recipients of 2007 Schedulers & Dispatchers Scholarships
Jan. 23, 2007
NBAA Announces Recipient of 2007 Shell Canada Schedulers & Dispatchers Scholarship
Jan. 8, 2007
NBAA Releases New Edition of Management Guide
Jan. 3, 2007
Latin American Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition (LABACE2007) Dates Announced