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NBAA Responds to Most Recent Attack From the Big Airlines

Contact: Dan Hubbard at (202) 783-9360 or dhubbard@nbaa.org

WASHINGTON, DC, May 21, 2008 – National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) President and CEO Ed Bolen today took the nation's big airlines to task for an e-mail recently sent out by the Air Transport Association (ATA), the airlines' lobbying group, which continues ATA's campaign of distortions about the general aviation (GA) community.

"The ATA's suggestion that GA air traffic at a well-planned weekend event in a single location was somehow problematic is simply laughable," Bolen said. "The fact is, delays are caused by the airlines over-scheduling flights 365 days a year at big city airports all across the country. An official with the Department of Transportation recently provided a clear example of the airlines' over-scheduling practices to Congress by pointing to one airline that scheduled '56 departures in a 15-minute window at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport, about three times the number of planes that the airport has the capacity to handle.'

"It's also disingenuous for the airlines to suggest that general aviation won't contribute to aviation system modernization, when the GA community supports legislation that contains a 65 percent fuel tax increase on GA to help fund the Federal Aviation Administration and transform the aviation system," Bolen continued.

"It's unfortunate that the nation's big airlines have chosen to focus efforts on attacking general aviation, rather than working toward solutions for modernizing our air transportation system, so that it remains the world's largest, safest and most efficient."

To review a copy of the ATA's e-mail, visit web.nbaa.org/public/news/ata.php.

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