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Business Aviation Challenged by Rising Fuel Costs, Bolen Tells Panel

July 10, 2008 • Washington, DC

NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen today joined aviation industry leaders at the Energy/Air Service Summit in Washington, DC to discuss the impact of rising fuel costs on the industry and explore approaches to cope with the crisis. “This is an important discussion, as these are tough times for all aviation operators,” Bolen said. “For the general aviation community, which has no opportunity for volume discounts, our operators are actually paying twice as much at the pump as the major airlines. A recent informal survey found that 98 percent of our Members have had to make major changes in their operations because of rising fuel costs.”

The Energy/Air Service Summit July 10, 2008
Pictured: Ed Bolen, President & CEO of NBAA

Dr. Thomas Carney and James Mrkacek              Dr. Thomas Carney and James Mrkacek              Dr. Thomas Carney and James Mrkacek
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