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Mobile App Version 2 Now Available

Sept. 1, 2016

Version 2.0 of NBAA's Business Aviation Insider mobile app makes it easier than ever before for busy business aviation professionals to access the magazine no matter where they are.

Optimized for iOS and Android tablets, the app provides a beautifully designed and engaging digital edition of the magazine with even more NBAA content for users to explore. Readers will find eye-catching photo galleries, interactive graphics and links to other NBAA publications and resources online.

The free iOS app may be downloaded from the Apple Store, and an Android version is available in the Google Play Store. A smartphone version of the app is not yet available but is coming soon, in fall 2016.


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For more information, visit the mobile app support page. To share feedback about the Business Aviation Insider mobile app, or to report technical difficulties, contact NBAA at