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Anyone who works in business aviation knows that all flight departments are not alike. No mission is identical and every operation faces unique challenges, but this is an industry of pioneers, with a strong tradition of sharing knowledge and best practices.

NBAA wants to know how your company is paving the way for others. Can you help peers in the industry learn what you found out the hard way? Have you developed a new safety procedure for your company or come up with an innovative way to deal with a day-to-day operational challenge?

If so, consider suggesting your company's story as a candidate for publication in Business Aviation Insider, the official Member publication of NBAA. Your company could join the following NBAA Members in being profiled:

Costco Flight Department

At Costco, more than 100 employees have participated in their company flight department's Passenger Aircraft Safety Seminar (PASS), which uses a real smoke machine and includes a mock aircraft evacuation. The seminar combines an informative safety presentation by flight department staff with hands-on demonstrations of safety equipment, such as life vests, inflatable rafts, oxygen masks, fire extinguishers and portable breathing equipment. "The PASS program is voluntary, but we never have a lack of volunteers," said Corky Culver, safety officer for Costco's flight department. "On any given flight, there's at least one passenger on board who's taken the class." Read more about the Costco safety program in Business Aviation Insider.

C&S Wholesale Grocers

Keene, NH-based C&S Wholesale Grocers is one of the largest wholesale food distributors in the country. As the company has grown, serving customers far from major airports, it has relied more and more on business aviation. “We fly into several locations that are not easily supported by airline service, allowing face-to-face meetings with customers and employees,” said Vice President of Aviation Joe Briggs. The company also finds time to fly humanitarian missions, recently carrying a five-month-old home to Virginia on its Hawker 850XP following cancer treatments in Boston. Read the full company profile in Business Aviation Insider.


At dusk on June 18 in Morristown, NJ, a Gulfstream G450 taxied from the ramp onto the active runway. The red-and-white business aircraft lined up at the departure end and, with a roar of its powerful engines, took off on a flight to Paris. Sound like an everyday business flight across the Atlantic? Not this trip. Honeywell made history that day, when the company's transatlantic business-aircraft flight became the first to be powered in part by biofuel. Learn more about the groundbreaking flight using Honeywell's Green Jet Fuel in Business Aviation Insider.

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Share your story, and it could be published in Business Aviation Insider for all to read. Send suggestions to NBAA Managing Editor Amy Hindman at or review past issues of Business Aviation Insider.

Please note: NBAA cannot guarantee publication of all story ideas, and if your company's story proposal is selected, NBAA will produce the article (pre-written stories will not be accepted).

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