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Miss Business Aviation Insider’s Five Most-Memorable Stories? Read Them Online

Jan. 27, 2014

It was just a year ago that Business Aviation Insider launched new digital web and mobile app editions, making it easier than ever before to read NBAA's official Member magazine on computers, smart phones and tablet devices. With many Members now reading the magazine online, it’s easy to tell which stories are getting the most attention.

NBAA's award-winning magazine covers regulatory hot topics, provides operational tips and tools, and offers analysis of the latest issues affecting business aviation. Here are the five most-viewed Business Aviation Insider stories of 2013:

1. Flight Apps: The World at Your FingertipsJuly/August 2013
The iPad has been among the most revolutionary aviation technologies of the last five years. Now with more and more authorities accepting the iPad for enroute charts – as detailed in this cover story, the most-viewed article of 2013 – flight apps are simplifying international trip planning and operations.

2. Lessons Learned From Winter AccidentsSeptember/October 2013
With much of the U.S. hit by a polar vortex this year, followed by even more whiteout conditions, it’s a good thing so many NBAA Members reviewed these examples of accidents that occurred during cold weather.

3. Flying Fundamentals: Upset Recovery TrainingMarch/April 2013
The 5th Annual Safety Issue of Business Aviation Insider examined why experts have called for a renewed focus on deteriorating stick-and-rudder skills, which have been blamed for a number of recent high-profile accidents.

4. Help Wanted: Qualified Pilots and A&Ps November/December 2013
While the pilot shortage has been talked about extensively, it’s failed to materialize for years – until now, say some industry experts. Soon, flight departments “may have to get creative to find and develop people.”

5. Berry Companies' Airplane Builds Business, Helps Customers Build TheirsJuly/August 2013
This Member profile was among last year’s most popular articles. The story explored how a Wichita, KS-based supplier of construction equipment used a Citation Mustang to get customers to job sites and see what the heavy machines can do.

With all these stories, and much more industry news and insight published in Business Aviation Insider last year, it’s easy to see why the magazine is one of the most popular NBAA Member benefits.

Only NBAA Members are eligible for print subscriptions, and only Members can access the full content of each bimonthly issue in digital and mobile app editions.

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