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Meet NBAA’s New Western Regional Representative, Stacy Howard

When aviation interests in the state of Nevada joined forces about 10 years ago to try and get a state aviation trust fund established, Stacy Howard played a key role in convincing state legislators that such a fund made economic sense for the state, as well as for the aviation community. Howard – who at the time was western regional representative for the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) – worked in concert with Nevada’s diverse aviation community and helped represent its interests to state legislators, who eventually passed a bill establishing the trust fund in 2003.

Howard, who now serves as NBAA’s newest regional representative, covering Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada and New Mexico for the Association, considers the legislation that created the Nevada aviation trust fund one of her most important accomplishments in a career devoted to aviation advocacy.

“With its one-time commitment of $500,000 to the aviation trust fund, the state of Nevada was able to leverage nearly $20 million in federal funds for airport development and improvement projects,” said Howard.

Howard’s 16 years of aviation advocacy work in the West – she often worked closely with recently retired NBAA Western Region representative Dan Burkhart – make her ideally suited to represent the interests of business aviation in states such as California, where aircraft are an essential component of the transportation system, but airport access continues to be threatened. She often worked closely with recently retired Dan Burkhart, NBAA’s former western regional representative.

“Stacy brings a great deal of legislative and airport experience to NBAA, which makes her well-qualified to continue NBAA’s vigilance and involvement at airports like Santa Monica and Van Nuys, where challenges to airport access and airspace issues continue,” said NBAA Regional Programs Director Steve Hadley.

Howard also serves as president of the Aviation Safety Advisory Group of Arizona (ASAG), a group that represents diverse aviation interests and works closely with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) coordinating safety seminars, publishing safety information and sponsoring safety awards. A 2,700-plus-hour commercial and multi-engine instrument-rated pilot, Howard bases her Beechcraft V35 Bonanza at Falcon Field Airport (FFZ) near Mesa, AZ.

As a member of the Phoenix Airspace Users Workgroup, Howard is also proud of her efforts that have led to improved airspace routes for all users at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport (IWA). “We’ve been able to come up with new flight patterns and operating procedures for business aircraft, light general aviation aircraft, flight schools and other users of the airport,” said Howard, noting that AZA had been having airspace issues because of the variety of aircraft that use the facility. “We worked closely with the Mesa control tower, Phoenix TRACON and airport users to reduce traffic conflicts to the benefit of all users.”

Prior to her work with AOPA, Howard served as placement director for Rice Aviation in Phoenix, providing job placement services for aircraft technician (A&P) students and graduates. She has also served as a licensed aviation insurance agent.

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