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Focus on Europe

A Message From NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen

Business aviation has continued to mature in Europe during the past decade. Clearly, European companies and individuals in need of efficient, on-demand air transportation have come to understand and appreciate the value of using an aircraft to meet the needs of a global, 24/7 business climate.

Nevertheless, the expansion of business flying in Europe has not come without challenges. Limits on access to airports and airspace, burdensome safety and security regulations, and onerous tax and fee proposals have negatively affected the pace of growth and the ability of operators to fly with maximum efficiency and flexibility.

However, a positive result of the growth of business aviation in the region has been the role of the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE) in providing not just a business aviation marketplace, but also a platform for industry advocacy. While EBACE features the latest aircraft, products and services, it also serves as a venue to address many of the industry’s challenges, providing aviation advocates the opportunity to interact with numerous aviation regulators and other government officials who attend the event.

The following European Special Section highlights the issues facing business aircraft operators that fly in the region today and what NBAA and its sister associations in Europe are doing to meet these challenges.

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