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Regional Representation

Career Event a Perfect Kickoff to Regional Forum

When one of the country's newest business aviation organizations – the Northern California Business Aviation Association (NCBAA) – began working with NBAA to plan the Regional Business Aviation Forum held in San Jose, CA last July, NCBAA made sure that education and student involvement were an integral part of the program.

"NCBAA has three basic tenets: mentoring/scholarship, advocacy and safety," said John swaney, NCBAA president and chief pilot at Hewlett-Packard. "Our perspective is that the industry is changing and maturing, and that there is a great need for people to come into the field."

Enter victoria Collom, manager, business development at TWC Aviation, Inc. and NCBAA's energetic mentoring committee co-chairperson. under her guidance, a business aviation careers workshop for students was held the afternoon prior to the Regional Forum.

Nearly 50 college students and recent graduates attended the complimentary session, which featured presentations by NBAA and NBCAA executives, and tours of the aircraft static display at Mineta san Jose International Airport (sJC). Many students also accepted the invitation to attend the next day's Regional Forum.

"There are so many opportunities in business aviation beyond being a pilot," said Collom. "This event actually broadened the students' perception of business aviation." samson Phan, a stanford university student who attended the workshop, agreed: "It introduced me to an entire side of the aerospace industry I barely knew existed. I had some very interesting and valuable conversations at the forum."

With a brand-new $5,000 scholarship to bestow (and more coming), free student memberships, more events being planned and a commitment by member companies to provide student internships, NCBAA is raising the bar on how regional groups can contribute to career development in business aviation.

"Our vision at the regional level is to expand and support this kind of activity," said Dan Burkhart, NBAA's director, regional programs.

Students See Diversity of Business Aviation Careers Up Close

Hunter Villarreal is a junior studying aviation management at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, UT. He's wanted to fly since he was three years old, and now, with 350 hours under his belt, he's working towards his Certified Flight Instructor credential. After college he plans to gain more hours as an instructor, but "eventually I want to fly corporate," he said.

villarreal was one of more than 100 university students who came to NBAA2011 to learn more about working in the industry and take part in the Careers in Business Aviation Day activities that took place throughout the third day of the Convention. Read the story at the NBAA2011 Online News Bureau.

New Resource Promotes Mentoring, Succession Planning

Succession planning is a challenge across most industries today, and business aviation is no exception. (See the "Shoes to Fill" cover story.) That's why NBAA's Corporate Aviation Management Committee has developed the Business and Collegiate Aviation Pipeline Program Guide for the aviation community to use in developing the next generation of business aviation leaders.

First introduced at the Association's 2011 Leadership Conference, this resource provides basic guidance on how NBAA Member Companies, regional business aviation associations, collegiate aviation degree programs and governance bodies can work together to provide mentoring and hands-on learning opportunities for aviation students, creating a pipeline of career opportunity that benefits the entire business aviation industry.

After learning foundational concepts in the university classroom, students can bring those ideas to life within the context of an actual business aviation workplace, through internships, career days and other mentoring opportunities with NBAA Member Companies or regional business aviation groups.

Through regionally based pipeline programs, students can gain the necessary tools to succeed in business aviation careers and become future leaders in the industry. Watch for more information on the Pipeline Program Guide to appear in a future issue of Business Aviation Insider or download the guide now at

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