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Upcoming Events

Schedulers Planning 'Top Gun' Conference

The 23rd Annual Schedulers & Dispatchers (S&D) Conference will be held January 15 to 18, 2012, in San Diego, CA, a noted military town and home of the U.S. Navy's Top Gun school for elite fighter pilots. Consequently, planners of the event have adopted a Top Gun theme, and during the conference, S&D Committee members will be easily identified by their aviator glasses and dog tags.

The Opening General Session also will have a military theme. The featured speaker will be former military aviator Brian Shul, who will discuss how schedulers and dispatchers can take lessons learned in the armed services and apply them to their workplace. Also, organizers are planning an evening networking event on the U.S.S. Midway, the aircraft carrier that served for nearly 50 years and now is a floating museum in San Diego harbor.

The initial night of the conference will follow the traditional format, kicking off with the First-Time Attendee meeting, which will include formal recognition of S&D scholarship award winners, followed by the Welcome Reception.

As usual, the next three days will offer educational opportunities for beginners to advanced aviation professionals and rated to meet all levels of NBAA's Standards of Excellence in Business Aviation (SEBA).

Six of the 32 education sessions have been selected specifically to help the scheduler/dispatcher focus on safety management systems to comply with the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations training requirements for flight departments. Attendees can receive proof of attendance recognition for attending one or more of these sessions, as long as they pre-register to participate during the conference registration process. Learm more about proof of attendance recognition.

As in past years, the Dispatch Recurrent Training class and Schedulers Professional Development Program courses will be offered on Saturday and Sunday prior to the opening day of the conference. Registration is now open.

Professional Development

Credentialing Expert Talks CAM

Earning NBAA's Certified Aviation Manager (CAM) credential is a challenging but straightforward process: After qualifying with a combination of education and work experience, candidates must pass the 175-question CAM exam. Yet developing and administering the CAM program is anything but simple: It's scientific, rigorous and done to exacting international standards.

"There's a set of standards for how a professional credential should be developed and maintained," said Dr. Lee Schroeder, president and founder of Schroeder Measurement Technologies (SMT). "These standards, which are set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) and other bodies, ensure that credentialing programs are sound and fair."

SMT has administered the CAM exam since 2007. The company also helps NBAA develop and maintain the CAM program. Schroeder not only has 30 years experience in test design and administration, he's a pilot himself. A King Air C90 owner/operator, he flies several times a month for SMT business and for another computer-based testing company he runs. In developing a professional credential, the first step SMT helps organizations like NBAA through is conducting a job analysis. In 2008, NBAA worked with SMT to conduct a job analysis for aviation managers.

"If you're going to develop a credentialing program, the first thing you need to do is find out what elements of knowledge, skill and ability are essential to competence in that industry," explained Schroeder. Current aviation managers said that what they needed to know to do their jobs falls into five areas: leadership, human resources, operations, technical and facilities services, and business management.

The next step is test development. This process is also led by current CAMs. For example, a question about business management might ask about preparing a flight department budget, while a question on technical and facilities services might focus on standard practices for maintenance management.

"Exam questions are then reviewed by experts in the field – in this case, CAMs," said Schroeder. "The CAM exam seems to require an appropriate level of experience, education and knowledge. We'd be concerned if everyone failed or everyone passed."

According to Schroeder, this guarantees the fairness of the credentialing program. "NBAA has followed all the right procedures to ensure the CAM is an appropriate professional standard."

Congratulations, NBAA Award Recipients

Member Benefits

Aeromedical Program Helps Keep Members Healthy – and Legal

NBAA has partnered with Aviation Medicine Advisory Service (formerly Virtual Flight Surgeons, Inc.) to establish the Complete Aeromedical Services Program (CASP).

Based on the key principles of increasing aviation safety and enhancing flightcrew health, CASP taps the expertise of the aeromedical specialists at Aviation Medicine Advisory Service (AMAS), who work as a team to provide flight department managers with valuable tools to keep employees healthy and legal.

NBAA Members are eligible for a 10 percent discount on CASP, which offers comprehensive, unlimited services for an annual per-pilot fee. CASP benefits include access to an e-mail or telephone consultation with an AMAS team physician at any time; help with FAA waiver advocacy and case preparation; FAA follow-up reports and renewal submissions; a 40 percent discount on pre-existing disqualifying medical conditions; corporate flight physiology and medical procedure reviews; and a quarterly electronic aeromedical newsletter.

Aviation Medicine Advisory Service serves a wide range of clients from the individual pilot to corporate flight departments to aviation associations, and provides a full-time team of board-certified aerospace medicine physicians with a wealth of commercial and military aviation medicine experience. AMAS does not perform physical exams nor act as aviation medical examiners (AMEs), which allows the physicians to provide confidential service.

Member Companies can take advantage of this service on a three-year contract for an annual per-pilot fee, using code SAVE 10 to enjoy the 10 percent NBAA Member savings.

Events and Scholarships

NBAA offers a variety of educational, networking and professional development events. For links to full details about these and other upcoming Association events, visit

NBAA also offers numerous scholarships to promote professional development and business aviation careers for all positions within the flight department. Review scholarship descriptions and download applications at

January 2012

January 14–15
SPDP and PDP Course: Emergency Response and Family Assistance Planning for Business Aviation • San Diego, CA
January 14–15
SPDP and PDP Course: Dispatch Recurrent Training • San Diego, CA
January 15
SPDP Course: International Operations • San Diego, CA
January 15
SPDP and PDP Course: Achieve Leadership Success by Setting Strategic Goals • San Diego, CA
January 15–18
23rd Annual Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference • San Diego, CA

February 2012

February 2
Business Aviation Regional Forum • Lakefront Airport (NEW) • New Orleans, LA
February 9–10
Business Aircraft Registration Conference • Delray Beach, FL
February 22–23
20th Annual Leadership Conference • San Diego, CA
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