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President's Perspective

As Congress Changes, NBAA's Advocacy Emphasis Remains

By Ed Bolen

Ed BolenLast November's mid-term elections launched a thousand conversations about what the results might mean for the business aviation community on a range of issues. As 2011 gets underway, and a new Congress convenes, there are some things we know for certain.

First, post-election changes, which are a fact of life in Washington, have shifted control of the House of Representatives to the Republicans, and narrowed the majority for Democrats in the Senate. Second, the elections have changed the leadership and makeup of the industry supporters included in the House General Aviation Caucus.

As we look to the New Year, NBAA is prepared to navigate these and other changing circumstances, because we remain committed to working with everyone in Congress – returning and new members, committee chairs and ranking members, and congressional staff – on policies that promote the industry's interests.

For example, we'll continue to promote proposals that help fund modernization of the nation's aviation system through fuel taxes, rather than new user fees. We'll continue our efforts to enhance security while facilitating the mobility and flexibility that are the hallmarks of business aviation. We'll closely monitor proposals related to aircraft fuel and emissions.

And, we'll continue to champion effective safety policies and best practices.

Central to these advocacy efforts will be our ongoing work to ensure Congress understands the value that business aviation provides to companies and communities throughout the United States, and to citizens, who reap economic benefits from business aviation every day and rely on this most nimble of transportation modes in times of emergencies.

These facts – which form the core message of the No Plane No Gain (NPNG) advocacy campaign NBAA jointly sponsors with the General Aviation Manufacturers Association – make clear to Washington policymakers that business aviation is essential in America today. The NPNG anniversary supplement that accompanies this issue details the enormous successes of the campaign to date.

As NBAA continues working to ensure that Congress is aware of the industry's value and priorities, we'll be counting on you, our Members, to also make your voices heard in Washington.

One simple way to reach out to your elected officials is through the use of NBAA's Contact Congress resource. This online tool can be accessed at, and it includes an introduction letter we encourage you to send to your senators and representative, especially any newly elected ones.

Of course, even as NBAA advocates for your interests in Washington, the Association will also continue to support the everyday needs of your flight operation. This issue of Business Aviation Insider, with its focus on financial-management issues, is one example of that support.

In this edition, you'll find articles about tax policy changes that could impact your bottom line, tips for navigating the current aircraft marketplace and fuel-saving strategies that can save you money.

In the coming year, NBAA looks forward to helping you, our Members, address the challenges we face, in Washington and beyond.

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