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NBAA, ARINC Partner to Offer Members New APIS Compliance Option

Through a partnership with ARINC Direct Business Aviation Solutions, NBAA is now offering Members a new option for complying with Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Advance Passenger Information System (APIS) requirements.

CBP requires all general aviation and commercial aircraft on international flights to or from the United States to provide passenger manifest and aircraft information prior to departure. APIS data must be transmitted using a CBP-approved electronic system since the information is checked against various federal law enforcement databases.

“NBAA is proud to partner with ARINC Direct Business Aviation Solutions in delivering this low-cost product, which will help NBAA Members easily comply with APIS requirements for all of their flights to and from the U.S.,” says NBAA’s Director of International Operations Bill Stine.

The electronic APIS transmission service offered by NBAA and ARINC Direct Business Aviation Solutions meets all applicable regulatory requirements and has been fully approved by CBP officials. The service provides many value-added features that are not available to operators utilizing the APIS service offered by CBP:

  • Unlike the CBP system, which does not store any passenger information, all crew, passenger and aircraft information is stored on secure servers at ARINC’s facility for use in future APIS transmissions.
  • E-mail confirmation messages from CBP are stored in the user’s account and may be automatically forwarded to multiple e-mail accounts and/or fax machines.
  • The real-time CBP approval status of all APIS transmissions is available to the user.
  • Modifications to previously submitted APIS transmissions can be made easily without having to re-enter all details about the flight and passengers.
  • Members who utilize the service have access to technical support provided by business aviation flight coordinators at the ARINC Direct operations center 24 hours per day, seven days a week.
  • Through a single account, Members can make APIS transmissions for flights operated under either Part 91 or Part 135 of the Federal Aviation Regulations.
  • “ The service provides many value added features that are not available to operators utilizing the APIS service offered by CBP.”

  • Additional features include the ability to accurately calculate U.S. border crossing location using aircraft ground speed, entry date and time (in either local or Zulu time with automatic conversion to the appropriate time zone) and airport identifier.

Members can access this service for a fee of $25 per international flight. This nominal fee includes all the features described above and enables operators to change the details for a specific flight without incurring additional fees. When creating an account, Members will designate a primary administrator who can create accounts for other company personnel at no additional cost.


Visit, or contact the NBAA Operations Service Group at (202) 783-9250 or