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NBAA2009: A Critical Part of Your Business Strategy

The people and companies in business aviation are weathering one of the worst economic storms anyone has ever seen. That's why more than ever, NBAA's 62nd Annual Meeting & Convention (NBAA2009) – taking place on October 20 through 22 – will focus on helping Attendees and Exhibitors survive and thrive in these uncertain times.

For Attendees, the products and services on display will help flight departments do more with less, so they can be more efficient, productive and valuable to their companies. Education Sessions will provide the information Attendees need to stay on top of the pressing challenges facing their businesses. And, as always, the event will provide an unrivaled networking opportunity for industry peers to share information and keep in touch.

For the Exhibitors, the Convention will provide a premier venue for putting their products and services in front of thousands of customers in one place, at one time. It's also an occasion to show the strength and resilience of the many diverse companies that make up the business aviation industry.

Clearly, even in these tough times, NBAA's Annual Meeting & Convention is the one event that remains a must-have on the calendar and in the marketing plan. To learn more, visit www.nbaa.org/2009.