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Moore Seeks to Give Smaller Operators Bigger Voice on NBAA Board

Scott A. Moore – chief pilot and director of aviation for Luck Stone, a family-owned, 750-employee, Virginia-based supplier of stone construction products – recently was appointed to NBAA’s Board of Directors. The selection of Moore, who would serve a three-year term, is expected to be ratified by a vote of NBAA Members at the Association’s Annual Meeting & Convention in Orlando this October.

Moore, a Certified Aviation Manager, comes to the NBAA Board with more than 6,700 hours in 12 different aircraft, along with 24 years of flight department management and military leadership experience.

In addition to his background in business aviation, he was an accomplished U.S. Air Force pilot, instructor and combat veteran who served in Panama, the Gulf War, Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq. Today, Moore flies Luck Stone’s Beech King Air 350 in support of the company’s stone centers and gravel plants in Virginia, North Carolina and Maryland.

“I will ensure that the many small and mid-size companies in NBAA’s Membership continue to have a strong voice on the Board.”

Chief Pilot and Director of Aviation, Luck Stone

NBAA Board Chairman Jeff Lee commented on the importance of having someone like Moore as part of the Association’s leadership. “NBAA’s Board of Directors has long made it a priority to ensure that the representation on the Board is diverse in terms of geography, size of company and professional expertise,” Lee said. “Scott will bring a wealth of valuable experience to the Board and ensure its continued diversity.”

“I am excited to be on the Board and have the opportunity to use my experience to help address the challenges facing NBAA and the industry,” Moore said. “I will ensure that the many small and mid-size companies in NBAA’s Membership continue to have a strong voice on the Board.”

Moore believes all aircraft operators should advocate for the industry, and both Luck Stone pilots recently met with legislative aides who handle aviation matters for both of their U.S. senators, Jim Webb (D-VA) and Mark Warner (D-VA). The aviators explained the potentially disastrous impact that the Transportation Security Administration’s proposed Large Aircraft Security Program (LASP) could have on NBAA Members.

“We went to see our legislators because we wanted to be directly involved in the LASP debate,” Moore explained. “We were able to provide a much different view of business aviation than the stereotype they had. It was an extremely positive experience, and we definitely gave them an education about the real world of business aviation.”

While Moore plans to continue to advocate for small businesses, both inside and outside the NBAA boardroom, he urges others to get involved, too. “Tell your story so your legislator sees you as the face of business aviation.”

NBAA Board Revises Bylaws

The Association’s Board of Directors recently approved amendments to NBAA’s Bylaws, which clarify qualifications for Board service and representation of NBAA Members on the Association’s Board. The current NBAA Bylaws may be reviewed at