Special Advocacy Supplement 2009

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No Plane No Gain Forcefully Advocating for Business Aviation

Click to visit www.NoPlaneNoGain.orgFrom the day the No Plane No Gain (NPNG) campaign was launched in mid-February, the industry advocacy program has gained momentum in underscoring the importance of business aviation to America's policymakers and opinion leaders.

Since its inception, the campaign's messages have appeared in dozens of major national and regional newspapers, on cable TV news programs on FOX and CNBC and on radio networks including National Public Radio.

No Plane No Gain's 30-second TV ad has appeared on Sunday public affairs shows watched by policymakers, including national buys for ABC's This Week With George Stephanopoulos and FOX News Sunday, as well as airings on NBC's Face the Nation and CBS's Meet the Press in targeted media markets.

The campaign's print ad has appeared in national newspapers, like the Wall Street Journal and USA Today, and also in periodicals targeted specifically to Capitol Hill audiences, like Roll Call, The Hill and Politico.

No Plane No Gain also is taking full advantage of the changing ways people receive and process information today, including use of social media such as YouTube and Twitter – the campaign has a dedicated YouTube channel, and No Plane No Gain "tweets" messages out through its Twitter feed each day (the feed drew 100 followers two weeks after going live and has been growing since).

In addition, NBAA Members, along with others across business aviation, are helping put forward the real face of business aviation by contributing stories of how their companies use their airplanes to remain successful, even in a turbulent economy.

In fact, NBAA recently hosted a three part webinar series devoted to helping Members articulate the value of business aviation to their organizations and stakeholders, including the media. (Details on the "Business Case for Business Aviation" webinar series can be found here.) "The contributions of business aviation to our nation's employment, commerce, competitiveness and health are profound but not always well understood," said GAMA President and CEO Pete Bunce when NPNG was announced during GAMA's Annual Industry Review and Market Outlook Briefing in Washington.

“No Plane No Gain underscores why business aviation is critical to companies fighting to succeed in a difficult market.”

President and CEO, NBAA

Bunce said that NPNG is a "multimedia educational campaign to get the word out that business aviation is working for America. It is responsible for well over one million manufacturing and service jobs, and is one of the few industries that contributes positively to our nation's balance of trade. It is also serving as a lifeline for communities all across the country that are seeing scheduled airline service being reduced or eliminated."

NBAA's President and CEO Ed Bolen agreed, noting that the campaign is needed because it comes "at a time when we are facing almost unprecedented economic challenges. U.S. businesses need tools that will help them enhance productivity, maximize flexibility and maintain strong communications."

"No Plane No Gain underscores why business aviation is critical to tens of thousands of cost-conscious companies fighting to succeed in a difficult market," Bolen said. "It also is reminding people of the relief efforts and humanitarian assistance that is only possible through this mode of transportation."

Backed by dedicated financial resources from NBAA and GAMA, the campaign also is supporting studies and surveys to further illustrate the value of business aviation based on current, quantifiable data compiled by respected sources.

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