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NBAA Launches New Air Mail Listserv Dedicated to Safety

NBAA Members have long valued the many Air Mail e-mail discussion lists created for collaboration and communication on topics of importance to business aviation. Now, NBAA is pleased to announce the launch of a new Air Mail listserv exclusively focused on safety.

Certainly safety, as a top priority of both Members and NBAA, is discussed in the context of the current Air Mail listservs. But with the launch of the Safety Air Mail list, for the first time, a single comprehensive listserv will be devoted to any topic relating to safety best practices.

Like many of NBAA’s most effective offerings for Members, the idea for the Safety Air Mail list actually came from the industry itself. Bill McBride and Joe Bryan of Home Depot Aviation came to NBAA with the idea.

"As I attended safety seminars across the U.S., it was clear that everyone had the same questions and concerns regarding the safety of their company’s flight operations," says Joe Bryan, aviation safety captain for Home Depot. "Having one safety resource where people could get those answers and access best practices and best thinking seemed to be a really good idea. Since no two programs or departments are alike, this list will provide business aviators an opportunity to have a dialogue with their peers about what works for them, ask questions and determine how to apply best practices to their own operations."

“This Air Mail list will help the NBAA web site become even more valuable to every flight department, enabling more Members to engage on these critical issues. ”

Senior Director, Flight Operations, Home Depot

"As the International Civil Aviation Organization and others mandate safety management systems (SMSs), the timing is perfect to launch the Safety Air Mail list," says Bill McBride, senior director of flight operations for Home Depot. "This Air Mail list will help the NBAA web site become even more valuable to every flight department, enabling more Members to engage on these critical issues."

The Safety Air Mail list will assist Members with such ongoing safety topics as aircraft icing, Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidelines, runway and hangar safety at specific airports and SMS implementation. When new safety issues arise, the listserv will be a valuable resource for discussing, debating and developing strong solutions for the industry.

Members will be able to work together to address real-worl safety questions, share experiences and obtain educated and honest answers from colleagues. Within this focused discussion, people new to the industry can post questions and concerns, and more-experienced flight professionals can offer their expertise.

"Since safety issues span so many different audiences, it makes sense to have these discussions all in one place, where all business aviation professionals can have access to safety resources," says NBAA’s Jason Wolf, director, Internet communications. "But the Safety Air Mail list will only be as good as Member usage makes it. We hope Members will step up and help make this list a valuable resource for the business aviation community."