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CASS, Safety Standdowns Promote Safety Best Practices

Business aviation continues to have an outstanding safety record, but to maintain that record requires vigilance and dedication on the part of the entire community. That is why, year after year, the Association offers Members multiple opportunities to enhance training, develop best practices and learn new ways to enhance their operational safety.

For example, NBAA is partnering once again with the Flight Safety Foundation (FSF) to conduct the 54th Annual Corporate Aviation Safety Seminar (CASS) in Orlando, FL, from April 20 to 23. CASS has long been considered the cornerstone event for business aviation safety education. This premier forum enables the discussion and exchange of safety information for business aviation operators.

CASS's educational seminars will examine and illuminate new safety developments in business aviation, with each presentation delivering specific information that can be applied directly to business aircraft operations. Seminars will cover topics ranging from performance-based navigation and creating a safety culture within your company to how the industry can address the aviation personnel shortage.

"CASS goes beyond the safety training required by the FAA, exposing the business aviation community to issues that go far beyond flight simulator training or other topics covered by FAA-mandatory training," says NBAA's Doug Carr, vice president, safety, security & regulation. "The training topics CASS covers are as important as those at a mandatory flight training program.

But it's these kinds of additional in-depth training efforts that have helped build the incredible safety record of the business aviation community."

This year's CASS event also will feature, starting on April 20, an NBAA Emergency Response Planning Workshop presented by The VanAllen Group. This two-day interactive workshop will provide business aircraft operators with critical knowledge about the entire emergency-response process and how they can ensure the best possible outcome, in case the worst should happen.

As NBAA has done for a number of years, the Association will partner with Bombardier in 2009 to bookend the year with safety training opportunities during two Safety Standdown events.

Bombardier created the Safety Standdown 12 years ago to help change the way business aviation operators think about safety. Since eight out of 10 aviation accidents are caused by human failure, the Safety Standdown provides skill-based and knowledge-based training directly related to human performance. It is not aircraft or manufacturer specific, but instead is designed to create positive changes in behavior and business aviation cultural norms.

“ These kinds of additional in-depth training efforts have helped build the incredible safety record of the business aviation community. ”

Vice President, Safety, Security & Regulation, NBAA

NBAA and the Federal Aviation Administration first partnered with Bombardier in 2006 on the Safety Standdowns, and in 2007, the National Transportation Safety Board and the European Business Aviation Association joined the partnership. The seminar is free of charge and is a non-marketing event.

This year's first Safety Standdown will be a one-day event held in conjunction with EBACE2009, in Geneva on Monday, May 11. This is the second European Safety Standdown to be conducted in Geneva as part of EBACE, and it includes key elements of the annual Standdown in the U.S.

The second event will be the original three-day Bombardier U.S. Safety Standdown, which will take place in Wichita, KS, from September 28 to October 1.