Special Advocacy Supplement 2009

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No Plane No Gain Web Site Is Industry's Source for Advocacy Tools, Information

When NBAA and the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) launched the No Plane No Gain campaign, they also launched www.noplanenogain.org as the information, education and communication clearinghouse for the advocacy campaign.

"An initiative like No Plane No Gain needs an in-depth, multimedia web site," said NBAA's Dan Hubbard, senior vice president, communications. "This web site brings together all of the information and resources offered by the campaign in one easy-to-use location."

Hubbard said that there are tens of thousands of companies that rely on general aviation (GA) aircraft to accomplish their goals, grow their businesses and succeed in this challenging economy.

"The No Plane No Gain web site has information for explaining the need for an airplane to CEOs, CFOs and shareholders, but also to news media outlets as well as local and federal elected officials."

“We needed a comprehensive web site to effectively show the true nature of this great American industry. That's exactly what we have in www.noplanenogain.org.”

Senior Vice President, Communications, NBAA

For example, Hubbard noted:

  • The "Issues" section of the web site includes testimonials, studies and detailed facts about the importance of business aviation to the national interest.
  • Through the "Resources" section of the web site, users have access to everything from quick facts about business aviation to detailed studies and surveys showing the proven benefits of operating an aircraft for business reasons. These can be used with elected officials, members of the news media and other key audiences.
  • Likewise for the "Business Profiles" section of the site, which provides a real-world snapshot of how companies of all sizes use their aircraft as an aide to their growth and success.
  • Finally, a "News & Events" section of the site gathers media coverage from across the country that reports on the benefits of business aviation.

"We needed a comprehensive web site to effectively show the true nature of this great American industry," said Hubbard. "That's exactly what we have in www.noplanenogain.org."