Special Advocacy Supplement 2009

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No Plane No Gain: Advocating for Industry Under a Trusted Banner

By Jeff Lee, Chairman of the Board

As everyone knows, the business aviation community is a diverse industry made up of many different parts. Yet in spite of the differences, our industry is a mutually supportive one.

This has been the case when it comes to the relationship between NBAA and the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA). The two associations have long enjoyed an especially close and effective partnership in addressing shared challenges in Washington and elsewhere, and the business aviation community as a whole has greatly benefitted.

The strong relationship between the two associations is central to No Plane No Gain, a public advocacy campaign recently launched by NBAA and GAMA. Your Board of Directors has been kept apprised of the development of this campaign, and we support its goal of winning understanding for business aviation as essential to our nation’s success.

This initiative, as Ed Bolen said at a launch-day news conference with Pete Bunce of GAMA, is not a re-launch, a refresh or an update of the moniker used by NBAA and GAMA in 1993. It is a new campaign using the trusted industry banner – No Plane No Gain – to meet the challenges of today by using modern technologies to reach the policymakers and opinion leaders whose perceptions about business aviation are critical to the promotion of policies that foster business aviation in the U.S.

The campaign will use today’s distribution channels, including the Internet – from a web site to webinars, podcasts and YouTube – along with traditional print and television advertising, media outreach to print and broadcast news outlets and other proven advocacy techniques to effect a positive change in perceptions.

Like every education campaign, No Plane No Gain will communicate several basic messages:

  • Business aviation provides over 1.2 million highly skilled jobs to the nation’s economy;
  • It provides a lifeline for to small to medium-size cities and towns with little or no airline service;
  • Business aviation is a productivity enhancer for tens of thousands of U.S. businesses of all sizes;
  • And it provides humanitarian aid and emergency relief to communities across the country.

I hope NBAA Members will use the campaign web site, www.noplanenogain.org, and become active supporters of No Plane No Gain with their companies and in their communities.

Your Board of Directors is confident that the actions being taken by your Association and GAMA to support business aviation will be effective, and will combine with NBAA’s other activities and resources discussed in this special supplement, designed to show how NBAA is supporting the industry and giving Member Companies the tools they need during these difficult economic times.