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NBAA Continues Membership Certificate Program

Time and time again, NBAA hears from its Members how much they value their membership plaques and certificates. Therefore, the Association once again is proud to announce that new certificates will be issued this month.

For many years, NBAA sent out plaques and certificates to its Members annually. The plaque is a permanent display, which each year can be updated with the new, re-issued certificate of membership. While this program was on hiatus for a few years, NBAA revived this popular benefit in August 2007, at the request of Members.

Once again this year, NBAA is proud to continue this program, which is a great way for the Association to acknowledge and demonstrate its appreciation to Members for their continued support, and all they do to make the business aviation industry stronger.

“For our Members, we know that displaying the NBAA plaque helps show your colleagues, customers and communities, the credibility and professionalism you bring to your work, through our shared commitment to safety, compliance and education,” said NBAA’s Aimee Kaufman, director of membership marketing.

“In the coming year, NBAA will play a significant role in addressing aviation safety, modernization of the ATC system, energy and economic challenges, as well as many other important issues for the industry,” Kaufman added. “This plaque will continue to demonstrate that as an NBAA Member, you are a partner in these critical efforts for our nation’s economy and infrastructure.”

Members who haven’t already received their certificate in the mail can expect to receive an updated NBAA membership certificate soon. New Members will receive both the plaque and certificate. Those who wish to order additional plaques and certificates for others in a company can refer to the certificate packet for information on how to order, or go to