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NBAA Member-Only Card Is Just One of Many Benefits Offered

Member cards given to every NBAA Member Company Representative now are being offered to others in their organizations who would like to have direct access to all the benefits of NBAA Membership.

By now, every NBAA Member Rep should have a special letter containing an additional Member card to distribute, and a phone number is included to order additional Member cards if needed.

“We decided to offer additional Member cards after it became apparent at meetings, and in other interactions with the business aviation community, that many people did not know their companies were NBAA Members,” said Aimee Kaufman, NBAA’s director of Membership Marketing.

“As a result, these key people in flight operations were not taking advantage of the many benefits they receive as NBAA Members – from access to professional development programs to assistance in every aspect of business flight operations and management.”

The card comes with the Company’s NBAA Member ID number, name of the Member Representative, and it explains how to use NBAA’s web site to customize a personal log-in and begin enjoying the full benefits of being part of an NBAA Member Company.

The many advantages of Membership include:

  • Access to the NBAA Online Member Directory – the most comprehensive source of business aviation resources in the industry.
  • Year-round business networking and professional-development opportunities – NBAA has a full schedule of regional meetings, forums and seminars across the country
  • Air Mail – one of the most valued benefits of Membership is this Members-only email listserv that gives you a real-time way to keep in touch 24/7, and keep up with the latest news from fellow aviation professionals nationwide.
  • Business Aviation Insider – All NBAA Members receive a copy of Business Aviation Insider, the Association’s official bi-monthly Member publication with the latest industry trends, news and information on operational, safety, security and other best practices, as well as the work by the Association to represent its Membership.
  • NBAA Operations Service Group – A team of specialists is available when you needed a quick, authoritative answer to a question about flying or managing your aircraft.
  • Opportunity to exhibit at the NBAA Annual Meeting & Convention.