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Did You Know? NBAA Revenues Are Reinvested in the Industry

Ever wonder how NBAA revenues are utilized? The simple answer is that all NBAA revenues – whether from events, dues, or any other source – are invested back into the industry, helping NBAA fulfill its mission of fostering business aviation and serving its Members with excellence.

"Our Members may not think about NBAA being a non-profit organization, but that non-profit status is fundamental to our service to the business aviation community," said Connie Penne, NBAA vice president, membership. "NBAA provides something for everyone in our diverse Membership – we’re here to help business aviation succeed."

The Association’s benefits and services give organizations and individual professionals the tools they need to help understand operational, technical, legislative and regulatory issues; make themselves heard by government at all levels; improve their management skills; network with peers; get involved with their local and national business aviation communities; advance their careers; and implement best practices to achieve operational excellence.

One of the most-valued benefits of NBAA Membership is representation of the industry before Congress and government agencies. NBAA works to make sure that regulators and legislators hear business aviation’s voice on policy matters affecting Association Members. NBAA also provides a way for Members to give direct input to federal lawmakers through the online Contact Congress resource. And NBAA regional representatives monitor local government and regulatory developments.

Promotion of safety is primary for NBAA and its Members, and two annual NBAA events – a Safety Standdown (conducted in association with Bombardier, the FAA and NTSB) and the Corporate Aviation Safety Seminar (co-hosted by Flight Safety Foundation) – promote best practices in accident prevention.

Another popular benefit is the technical and operational support that Members receive from the Association. Only Members have access to NBAA’s Operations Service Group, which provides phone and e-mail access to the latest information on operational matters. Additionally, many Members receive daily operational guidance from the NBAA GA Desk. Located at the FAA Air Traffic Control System Command Center near Washington, DC, the GA Desk provides up-to-the-minute information to help operators navigate efficiently in the National Airspace System.

NBAA Members likewise value the management guidance the Association provides, from events such as NBAA's Leadership Conference to a variety of NBAA publications, including the Management Guide, Flight Department Essentials, Compensation & Benchmark Survey and Journal of Business Aviation – helping companies of all sizes operate successfully.

NBAA provides a host of education and career development opportunities through its Certified Aviation Manager Program, Professional Development Program, Seminar Program and On-Demand Education Program. The Association offers numerous networking opportunities for Members as well. Besides the Annual Meeting & Convention, major events include the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition, the Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition and a number of Business Aviation Regional Forums held across the United States.

As another benefit of Membership, NBAA last year introduced the publication you are holding – Business Aviation Insider. This quarterly newsletter explores all the latest trends and issues facing the industry and continually updates Members on NBAA’s comprehensive and industry-focused products and services. Still more information and resources are provided through NBAA’s web site,, and online publications such as the Association’s weekly e-mail news bulletin, NBAA Update.

NBAA’s professional staff continually looks to expand program offerings and develop new benefits to enhance the Membership experience and ensure that Members are receiving maximum value for their dues. If you have an idea for a product or service that you think would benefit your company or the industry, please e-mail Connie Penne at today.

NBAA Restructures Member Dues

Following extensive research and Member feedback, NBAA recently announced that for the first time in over five years, the Association is increasing dues and changing the Membership dues structure to simplify the process, making it easier to join or renew. The change is effective January 1, 2008, and will be reflected in the 2008 Member renewal notice.

With the user fee battle at the forefront, and the costs to provide benefits and services to our Members rising with inflation, this is a necessary step to maintain the level of excellence Members have come to know and trust from NBAA.

Through the years, NBAA has managed to keep dues low – consistently lower than other aviation trade associations. To that end, it was crucial to keep this increase as low as possible, to help minimize the impact on the Membership.

In addition to the e-mail announcement sent last month, Members were mailed a personal letter from NBAA President and CEO Ed Bo len. This letter included the Member’s actual new dues amount.