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Strengthening Communication for NBAA'S Membership

Living in interesting times, the old saying goes, brings challenges and opportunities.

The saying is certainly proving true for business aviation. Since 9/11, our Member Companies have responded admirably to near-continuous demands to adapt to changing security environments within the United States and internationally. In the coming months, we also will confront attempts by the nation’s major airlines to change the way the Federal Aviation Administration is financed and run so that the carriers pay less to operate in the aviation system and control more of it. In the midst of all this, the National Business Aviation Association will mark its 60th year representing an industry that is undergoing significant growth and technological change.

Good communication is vital in these times so that NBAA and its Member Companies stay ahead of the issues and up to the minute on the changes and requirements needed to operate safely and effectively. As the leading advocate for the business aviation community, NBAA is charged with providing the most up-to-date and useful information to you, our Members. In recognition of this responsibility, NBAA is pleased to offer this new Member newsletter, Business Aviation Insider.

Like other NBAA communications initiatives, I believe this publication provides an opportunity for the Association to strengthen the communication NBAA has with its Members, and to support the Association’s overall goal of continually improving our support for the business aviation community.

The newsletter, which will begin as a quarterly, but increase in frequency over time, is intended to serve as a helpful resource for all NBAA Members, regardless of the size of their business. As such, the publication will touch upon nearly all aspects of our industry, and what NBAA is doing to promote its interests. For instance, Business Aviation Insider will routinely highlight:

  • Operational issues NBAA Members have requested information about.
  • The latest developments that impact industry in the federal policy arena, and NBAA’s work on those issues.
  • Members of Congress who are most knowledgeable about business aviation, and their thoughts on the challenges facing the industry.
  • Products, services and events NBAA makes available as a benefit of Membership.

Business Aviation Insider also will introduce and share the stories of NBAA’s diverse Membership. In the inaugural issue, we take a look at Manitoba Corp., a small, family-owned metal recycling business in upstate New York. Manitoba first used a piston-twin airplane to find business beyond its local area and now uses a turboprop to win new business, maintain client relationships and manage offices located far from its home base.

We hope you will enjoy this new publication, and as always, we welcome your comments and suggestions – just give us a call at 1-800-FYI-NBAA, or send us an e-mail at