Media Backgrounders

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Media Backgrounders

The National Business Aviation Association makes available resources that give reporters the facts to help inform news coverage of the industry and put news-making events in the proper context. The "backgrounders" below can also serve as effective reference documents for helping Association Members explain and simplify often complex information about business aviation and the diverse composite of companies included in the industry.

Top Media Questions (And NBAA's Answers) About Business Aviation
January 3, 2013
NBAA routinely fields inquiries from representatives with news organizations and other individuals about what business aviation is and how it is used in the U.S. To clear up a number of misperceptions, NBAA has provided the questions most often asked of the Association, with responses that lay out the facts to explain how business aviation helps companies of all sizes remain nimble, competitive and successful, especially in a difficult economic climate. Learn more.
Maintaining Shareholder Value Through Turbulent Times: The S&P 500 During the Great Recession 2007 – 2012
This study, conducted by NEXA Advisors, determined that companies and other entities of all sizes that utilize business aviation consistently outperform organizations that don't – even in tough economic times.
Download the study (3 MB, PDF)
Government Use of Aircraft: A Taxpayer Value Perspective
This study, conducted by NEXA Advisors, shows that local, state and federal government use of business aircraft increases agency or departmental efficiency and provides significant taxpayer value. The 2012 study finds that "government use of aircraft provides taxpayer value by providing public safety and security, supporting more efficient, effective government, protecting public health and welfare, facilitating economic growth, improving tax dollar efficiency, promoting good government relations, and improving compliance."
Download the study (2.1 MB, PDF)
Business Aviation: An Enterprise Value Perspective - Small and Medium Size Enterprises
October 19, 2010
This study, conducted by NEXA Advisors, examined whether the use of business aircraft provided benefits to small and medium businesses, measured in terms of shareholder and enterprise value. NEXA Advisors applied the same methodologies in its first volume "Business Aviation: An Enterprise Value Perspective," published in 2009. With this study, NEXA has extended its sample size to examine small and medium enterprises that used business aviation to better compete and grow their businesses. The analysis showed that small and medium companies in America that used business aviation consistently outperformed nonusers.
Download the study (3.7 MB, PDF)
The Real World of Business Aviation: A Survey of Companies Using General Aviation Aircraft
October 15, 2009
This survey, conducted for GAMA and NBAA by Harris Interactive, concludes that typical company in the business aviation community is a small or mid-sized business flying a single aircraft that is used by a broad mix of employees to make business trips utilizing community airports, often with little or no airline service.
Download the study (544KB, PDF)
Business Aviation: An Enterprise Value Perspective
September 24, 2009
This study, conducted by NEXA Advisors, shows that by a host of measurements, companies using business aviation outperform those without aircraft. According to the study, business aircraft users had a dominant presence, on average of 92 percent, among the most innovative, most admired, best brands, and best places to work, as well as dominating the list of companies strongest in corporate governance and responsibility. The report also finds that business aviation alone is the only asset capable of accelerating strategic transactions and therefore providing a competitive edge to top-performing companies.
Download the study (4MB, PDF)
Why Companies Utilize Business Aviation
December 2, 2008
Business experts, civic leaders from small and mid-sized towns and others have long known that business aviation is fundamental to the economic development of communities that lack robust commercial service. It is also a key part of our nation’s manufacturing base. Business aviation is a vital link in the nation’s transportation system and a primary engine of our economy. Learn more.

Studies Commissioned by NBAA