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NBAA Regional Representatives Working with NASAO Officials to Preserve Airports

Aug. 22, 2014

Continued collaboration between NBAA and the National Association of State Aviation Officials (NASAO) on a variety of aviation issues will once again be highlighted at NASAO’s 2014 Annual Convention and Trade Show, to be held Sept. 7 to 9 in Providence, RI. As in years past, all six of NBAA’s regional representatives will be on hand to interact directly with the state aviation directors for their regions and work with them to protect and preserve airports nationwide.

“Every year, attending the annual NASAO conferences is one of our highest priorities,” said Steve Hadley, NBAA director of regional programs and Southwest regional representative. “We make it a point to support NASAO officials by providing them with educational materials, strategies and information to help them in their challenges of developing – and in some cases preserving – access to their communities through their airports.”

NBAA is an annual sponsor of the NASAO event, Hadley said, and this year NBAA has also placed a full-page ad in the NASAO event program to provide contact information and details about NBAA’s regional representative program.

View NBAA’s ad for the NASAO convention. (PDF)

The NASAO conference is attended by the majority of state aviation officials, many of whom head up their state’s aviation department and have responsibility for statewide aviation system plans and airport capital improvement plans and funding. Many states own and operate their own airports.

“The NASAO event is a great opportunity for NBAA’s regional representatives to discuss our role as advocates for business aviation and the work that we do regarding airports, airspace, legislation and many other aviation concerns in every state of the country,” said Hadley.

Established in 1931, NASAO is one of the oldest, continually active aviation advocacy organizations in the U.S.

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