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Member Alert: Be Aware of Scams Related to NBAA Events

Jan. 2, 2014

With the new year underway, exhibitors are gearing up for NBAA's two international events: the Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition (ABACE2014) in April and the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE2014) in May.

But Association officials are warning exhibitors not to be taken in by rogue housing companies, unofficial show publications, or florists and other vendors saying they are working on behalf of NBAA, when that is not the case.

"There are always unscrupulous companies looking for ways to make money off our events and our exhibitors," explained Kathleen Blouin, senior vice president, conventions & forums. "Only specific companies are official partners with NBAA on our shows, and exhibitors should be careful to only work with those sanctioned groups."

If an exhibitor receives a call or email from a company claiming to be officially connected with ABACE or EBACE, or any of NBAA's events, Blouin recommends exhibitors check the Association's event website for details, or call NBAA to double check if a company is legitimate.

Conventions and other events are not the only way in which scammers may try to deceive NBAA Members. Recently, there have been several reported instances of Members receiving phone calls from someone hinting at some relationship to the Association and asking for money.

In one instance, a Member received a call from someone claiming to be the NBAA treasurer. In another instance, a Member received a call from someone claiming to be on an NBAA committee.

"In all likelihood these are random and unconnected solicitations, but if something sounds odd or too good to be true, or a Member is unsure if the caller is really representing the Association, we urge Members to call NBAA and check with us if something is legitimate or not," said NBAA's Chief Financial Officer Marc Freeman.

Anyone with questions or concerns may contact NBAA at (202) 783-9000 or info@nbaa.org.